Monday, December 15, 2014

I lost my phone!!!!

Horror upon Horrors! I was running to the bus stop with the boys last week, umbrella in one hand keys and gloves in another. I had put my phone in my coat pocket so I wouldn't lose it and what happens I lose it!!!!! I looked up and down that wet street, where is my phone? How could I have lost it so quickly? It just disappeared! I couldn't find it anywhere!

Losing your phone is like having your arm dislocated from your shoulder, you feel soooo disconnected. You can't talk to anyone. For your friends and family it's like your missing. Your face could be on the side of a milk carton. Where is my mother,daughter, friend? I ran back to my house and found two old blackberrys without the chargers of course. I then tried to use my ipad and email everyone but not everyone checks their messages, so I was still missing in action. So I went to work and called the two numbers I remembered, (ok three, mom,bff and brother) because you know once you have a number in your phone you don't remember the actual number. Ultimately I was able to find a charger for that old black berry and now I'm back in business! Moral of the story, next time let the kid miss the bus! lol!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Be Blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving Pooka Family!  This is my favorite holiday; not only because of the food but it’s the one time that I purposely stop and reflect upon God’s blessings.  HE has blessed us with the gift of life, love, family and friends.  Through trials and tribulations we are still here this 11th month of the year!  Although my heart is heavy with the verdict in Ferguson I am still humbled by God’s blessings and know that with these blessings comes responsibility.  Although I am not out there on the front line marching with my people, I am a supporter of the cause – the dream is still alive and we have a responsibility because change has not come for EVERYONE yet.  So I will continue to support whether it is financially thru Color of Change or on the front line. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Five Love Languages!

Greetings Family!
Well my hubby and I recently started a couple’s book club with some of our friends.  We were trying to get together to do something different besides eating and drinking….a foodie’s first choice for social outings!  We rotate male/female as far as book selection so we read a variety of genres…book club word people lol!  We recently read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  (Shout out to Brenda for being an amazing facilitator!)    Well, let me tell you how profound it was!  It is not that these were concepts or ideas that we are not aware of.  It was that it made you think about and identify you and your partner’s love language.  Your love language loosely defined is what you need to “receive” from your partner to feel loved.  We all know that it doesn’t always take the same thing for everyone.  The book makes you realize that the love language you are giving your partner is not always the language they need to receive!  Obvious, yet profound at the same time.  The book outlines the five languages as:

Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Act of Service
Physical Touch
Most often, each person has a different love language than their partner.  Also most assume they know their partners language or think it is the same as theirs and they have no idea! So the husband’s language is acts of service ( again what he wants to receive!) and assumes his wife’s must be the same when all she wants is quality time instead of him doing the dishes.  Or the wife gives her husband the loveliest gifts and can’t understand why he doesn’t appreciate them but all he wants to receive for her is praise and not gifts because his love language is words of affirmation.  All of the couples are married for different amounts of time and all of us had aha moments!  From not knowing their own love language, to assuming the wrong language of their partner.  It was a most eye opening book club meeting family!  And the best part was that no one went home with an attitude….you know how we do lol!  Everyone really got it…amazing!  So in conclusion read this book with your partner.  You will be glad you did!  Keep you posted on our next book.
Peace Family!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When enough is enough

As I sat reading the story of London McCabe the 6 year old with autism who's mother threw him off an Oregon bridge. I can't help but think about the terror he must have been in. Yes, there are different degrees of Autism and London was unable to express himself in many different ways. But I am sure he must of felt something when his mother picked him up and dropped him off of the side of the bridge. His mother Jillian McCabe is on some type of medication (not sure what) and was apparently having problems coping herself. I can't even begin to understand her feelings in that she felt this was going to be the only way out of her problem. Or how about Gigi Jordan who was just found guilty of manslaughter for feeding drugs to her autistic 8 year old son, Jude Mirra.

With the mid-term elections over  there were a lot of re-elections and new faces. I hope that the American people will make them realized that there is far more work to be done and they are accountable for some of the solutions to the problems that plague our society:  Mental Illness is REAL people and we need to be doing something about it.

April Reeves-Mathis

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dear Teachers.......

Dear Ms./Mr. Teacher,

                                    Thank you for teaching _______everyday because he/she is learning a lot and you are viewed as an authority on all things. There is one thing that I would like to bring to your attention that I wish we could change. Projects, yes do it at home school projects. Over a period  of ten years, I have made everything from a map of the world to a dinosaurs foot print. I have made costumes for a five minute speech (which was really only one minute long!) I have drawn, glued, stapled, plastered, play doghed, painted and run out to the store in the middle of the night to  make a project look like we spent weeks on them. Now it could just be me, or maybe its my kids, but my boys are not the most hands on when it comes to creating works of art for school. I have spent plenty of nights sending them off to bed, exclaiming what a wonderful job they did on a project, only to have to tear it down and build it back up again. I can't help it, I know they are supposed to do it themselves but when I see the pieces falling off and words spelled wrong I just can't stop from fixing it!

Case in point, last night Wesley reminds me, that he has to have a shield by tomorrow, (yes tomorrow) Ok, so we go scrounging around our house looking for cardboad and whatever else we can get our hands on to make this happen. So we get the cardboard and I don't know what he is drawing  on it, I'm like let me draw it, then we have to cut it out, (let me cut it out), until we have a reasonable facsimile of a shield. Then we have to cover it with foil and then,cut out his initials from an old Happy Birthday banner and add some pictures. Simple right?  Wrong! Glue is all over the paper, he's cutting letters out wrong,pictures are hanging off the shield. I'm like just go to bed so I can get this project done! So he finally goes to bed, I stay up late to finish his project (which by the way looks great!) He gets up and exclaims that he did a great job, then leaves for school without it! So I run back home get the shield run back to the bus stop as the bus pulls up, he gets the shield and all is well. I smile as I limp back home, yes we got it done, but I would be ok if I never had to do another project again!

Monday, October 13, 2014

My BFF Oprah! #lifeyouwanttour

Well pooka family, by now you’ve all seen my photo with my new BFF, Oprah!  I also want to say that I may have to stop writing quickly if Oprah calls or needs me, so be prepared!  

2 weeks ago I had an amazing experience.  I was able to attend the Oprahs, LIFE YOU WANT weekend and it was AMAZING!!  I was blessed with a VIP opportunity to the weekend and it was more than I could imagine.  The Life you want tour was 2 days, Friday evening was day 1 and this was Oprahs night!  It was 2 hours of her telling her story and sharing her journey.  She was so transparent and forthcoming.  I had a 5th row seat, close enough to see the sweat on her brow!  As I’m staring at her mouth wide open, in walks Steadman and sits only 2 rows in front of us!  Really! 2 rows behind Steadman, I must be family!  The touching thing this was, that Oprah stopped in her tracks and said, “Steadmans here!”  She was actually excited and at that moment she seemed just like any one of our girlfriends excited to see her guy.  She proceeded to chat with him, like we werent even there and she smiled and giggled a bit too!  Wow, Oprah is just as goofy as the rest of us, I thought!  Once she was content with her Steadman chat, she started telling stories about him and how he is in her life and just the fact that she chose to share that with us,, said volumes about her.  

The next 2 hours went by fast, her telling stories and sharing.  I can say that she is totally AUTHENTIC, she really wanted us to get it.  She wanted us to know that we can live the life we want, the life we are supposed to have.  She said, You can’t live my life but you can live the best life that you’re supposed to live.  It was very powerful.  The entire weekend was filled with wonderful anecdotes and positive affirmations about how to live your best life. 

Once she was finished on friday, my group was ushered to another room where we had dinner and champagne, (Yup, I’m fancy) The group was small, maybe about 150 people and then casually, Oprah walks in!  She starting talking to us and hoping that we knew the importance of the weekend and getting our Best Life on!  I just couldn’t believe that she was just right there, chatting with us!  She told us that she was going to take a picture with each one of us and that the picture should symbolize the shift that will happen during the weekend.  I was soooo excited, as I waited for my picture, I just kept thinking about how cool I was going to be and what I was going to say when I talked to her.  I definitely wanted to talk about President Obama and her school in Africa, maybe some womens rights issues or some popular investment opportunities, the possibilities for our conversation were endless.  As I rounded the corner and entered the room, she turned and looked at me, as I walked towards her she said, “I love your dress!” Well people that’s when all my cool went right out the window and I screamed, OPRAH!!! Yup, just like that, I screamed her name and went in for a crazy bear hug!  Why wasn’t I saying all of my planned conversation points, when was I going to ask her about our mutual friend, Michelle Obama?  Well as you see in the picture, her name was about all I got out, the funny thing is, I was hugging her across her shoulders and she took my wrist and held it down in front of us and said, “you want to get a good picture!”  To which I replied, “OPRAH!!!!”  So if you look in the picture, you actually can see Oprah holding my wrist down with her hand, so I don’t tackle her, LOL!  So much for coooooool Dawn! 

It’s all good though family because in those few moments me and O bonded (thats right, I call her O, thats what BFF’s do!) I’m sure she’s going to be calling me soon and I know for a fact that I’ll be getting a dinner invite next time she and Steady(why are you shocked, thats what I call him because we’re friends too!) are in town!

My Next blog post, I plan to share the powerful affirmations I received during day 2, so stay tuned!

Wait.... that might be her calling??   Gotta go, Bye Pooka family, Bye!

hey steadman!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Career Woman Turned Mom

Morning Pooka Family!  Hope everyone is staying warm during these first few days of autumn!  Today I realized that I have transitioned from career woman to mom!  You would think I would have known that by now considering Taiye is 5 yrs old but I guess part of me was still holding out on giving that part of my life up (for now).  This realization came when I looked at my calendar and realized that this month I have a lot of “Taiye activities” scheduled.  I have to bake a cake for her school fundraiser, I signed up to be a parent volunteer in her classroom, I have to organize her playdate crew for a day at the farm to pick pumpkins, I promised her I’d make her Halloween costume this year and I have to take her to her new musical theater class.  Wow!!! My calendar no longer revolves around me.  My calendar used to be consumed with business trips, getting my hair done, going to the gym, planning date night, and hanging out with the girls.  Complete 360 now!!!  However, I am going to have to try and maintain some kind of balance because I need to focus on me time too but as every mother out there knows, it’s not as easy as one thinks!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Run, Dawn, Run!

Hi Pooka Family!  I know it’s been a while but I’m back :-)  I just wanted to share my latest passion....RUNNING!! Yes, family, I have become a RUNNER!  Now I have to admit that I have never liked to run, not in school, not for the bus, not even to get out of the way of oncoming cars, running just wasn’t my thing.  But this summer I decided to just start walking!  The weather was so beautiful and I found a nice route around my house.  It actually became my morning meditation time and I began to look forward to it.  
So there I was comfortably walking in the mornings, when I felt a swoosh of air as a group of senior ladies jogged by me!  I was impressed and a bit...embarrassed!  I had all of my gear on, running sneakers, matching T, arm band for my phone, I looked the part but every morning the grandmas were whisking by me! Well, the next morning I was ready for em’.  I saw them in the distance and started a small trot, as they ran by me, I waved and RAN past them, that’s right NANAs I’m running too, lol!!  Once they were out of sight I was going to stop and realized that I could actually go a little farther and Pooka family that’s how my running began (yes, to outrun the grandmas) It doesn’t make a difference what the motivation is as long as we do it :-)  Since then I’ve begun a mix of running and then brisk walking.  I have been able to run longer distance and walk for shorter periods and my goal is to RUN 5 miles.  I have to say when I tell people that I’m running it’s actually Running which turns into jogging, goes into walking then dragging myself around the block and then its praying that I can actually make it home, but that’s really long so when people ask I just say I RUN!    Now my running story gets so much better, a few weeks ago I was contacted by former Olympic medalist Joetta Clark Diggs!  She has a foundation and every year hosts a Legend Banquet where she honors Legends in track and field.  Well guess what people, she honored me!  I KNOW!!  I was so surprised when her office called, I assumed she had seen me running around my neighborhood and had seen the olympic, gazelle like stride I had!  With pride I told her assistant that I would be honored to be a LEGEND to which she replied, yes this is the first year we are honoring NON ATHLETES, you, Miss Fitch are a Business Legend!
I thought to myself, “WHAT?!!!  But I’m a RUNNER/WALKER/DRAGGER/PRAYER!!!”

So people, I’ve actually made it into some athletic olympic circles for, business!  But guess what I got?  My own Olympic Baton, I bet you won’t see anybody running around the neighborhood with that!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

1st Day of School!

Morning Pooka Family! Welcome to September and the first day of school!
This is a significant milestone for me as a mother because Taiye will start
Kindergarten! I am proud to state that we both managed this momentous
occasion very well! She was very excited leading up to this day. Over the
weekend she laid out all her clothes for the week, she finished writing in
her summer journal and she woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed with a huge
smile on her face. I am prayerful that every day going forward will be
just as positive and peaceful!
Blessings to you and yours Pooka family!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Drill Sergeant Duties!

While doing some research at work the other day I ran across this description of a Drill Sergeant As I sat reading it, I was stunned that it mirrored my life and probably the lives of almost every mother in the world. P.S. You can add your own examples!

" A Drill Sergeant is a symbol of excellence in initial entry training: Meaning as your mother I've been through all of this so you should  really listen to my advice!
Is an expert in all warrior tasks: Tie the top of the garbage bag when you take it out so you don't spill it. 
Battle drills: This is what you do, when confronted by _______________(fill in the blank)
 Lives the Army values: Just because Tommy's mother lets him do that, doesn't mean I'm going to let you do that.
Exemplifies the Warrior Ethos: I will always place the mission first, I will always do whats best for our family.
I will never accept defeat: You can pass this class, I will give/get you the help you need.
I will never quit: I will never give up on YOU.
I will never leave a fallen comrade: I will never leave you.
and most importantly is the epitome of the Army as a profession." This is the most important job I will ever have in my life so I will do my best to get it right.

 As a drill sergeant you are responsible for coaching, counseling and mentoring  troops as you transform them from civilians to combat ready soldiers. As a mother you are responsible for coaching, counseling and mentoring your children as you transform them into responsible adults. What you do will impact them for the rest of their lives. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ready for my close up!

Greetings family! Hope everyone is enjoying summer. Think about the past east coast winter and get out there and cherish every day. I was able to live one of my foodie fantasies by being on the Dr. Oz show during this summer!  He did a segment on making healthy BBQ choices. The experience was so much fun!  I met Dr. Oz on the way to makeup...very handsome! They selected my wardrobe, rehearsed my segment and out onto the stage I went. I was soooo nervous family. But once the segment started and I said my lines and the audience thought I was funny.....I think I found my calling lol. My segment was probably all of 4 minutes but that was all I needed. I don't think Oprah has to worry or Dr Oz even though I told him to watch my Afro when he was putting an apron over my head!  It did make me realize that I definitely want to explore my foodie path. I am not sure where it will lead but it is very exciting. I recently created an Instagram account...yes that's right...the Pookalita who is not on Facebook. My Instagram account though will be all about food specifically brunch....a favorite meal of mine. Still finding my way but hope you will check me out at @letshavebrunch. I need friends lol! Stay tuned as I travel on my food adventure. Never know where you might see me next. Happy eating!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Less than 30 days left!

Morning Pooka Family!!!  Guess what?  There are less than 30 days left in the “summer of 2014”!  Can you believe it?  This summer is almost over!  So, what are you going to do to make this a memorable summer?  I’ve been inspired by my Uncle Joe and Aunt Marlene who recently came to visit with us from Tucson, AZ.  They are the epitome of people who enjoy life!  Uncle Joe puts together an itinerary of where they are going and what they are going to do and they do it!  They’ve traveled from California to Corsica (a little island off of France), from Atlanta to Antigua and points in between.  He put on their itinerary that they were going to visit the Today Show while they were in NY and guess what, they got on with Al Roker!  I’ve been here for over 20 years and not once have I visited the plaza with Matt and Al. So today, I’m challenging my Pooka sisters that we make the most of these last days of summer.  I’m going to plan something for us to do every week so that we remember our summer of 2014!  You should too Pooka family!! Enjoy your last days of summer!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Stick

Hi Pooka family! So last week I was downtown and parked in a parking lot.  I went for a drink with friends (organic drinks?! of course :-0 ) After a fun evening I went to get my car and head home.  I had pre-paid and I just needed to put my ticket in and wait for the stick to go up.  I did that and when I went to move forward the stick closed really fast!  I just sat there thinking, am I being pranked?!  I chuckled a little then decided to head out again, BUT, I had already put my ticket in, now the lot was closed and I had no ticket to get out!! I thought about all of those action flicks I’d seen and contemplated driving through the stick! (I had visions of fast and furious in my head)  I pressed the button but I was looking at the empty booth knowing no one was there!  I thought about calling 911 so the police could come and shoot the stick or the fire department so they could set the stick on fire and rescue me!  I sat there for about 20 minutes with no idea what to do, now I feel like the stick was taunting me! I actually drove around the lot to see if there were gaps in the gate that I could .....truck through?  I was getting desperate.  During one of my laps around the lot, I pulled up to the booth and saw a very small sign, “In case of emergency call....”  I quickly dialed the number and a person answered, “Hi this is John...”   Now I’m screaming, I’m stuck in your lot, the stick came down, blah blah blah!  I awaited Johns reply, figuring he would tell me where the magic button was to lift the stick but do you know what John told me?  That I had to wait for him to get there and that he didn’t live far! Really!? Is that what you do when the stick comes down on you?! Wait for John to get out of bed?!  Well, it was not the Fireman fantasy rescue I had planned on but John arrived, bed hair and all and let me out!!

To the stick I say.....”We will meet again....”

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I told you so!

So recently I took my boys to the park and they wanted to bring their scooters. I said ok, because I  was coming with them, I usually don't let them take them if I'm not with them because I feel that they will leave them or somebody will take them. So of course as soon as we get to the playground they drop their scooters and run off to the swings. I go and sit down with the scooters and before I could get comfortable a little boy walks up to me and asks me can he ride a scooter. I thought for a second and then said yes, just stay in the playground. I mean what could happen? I was there its not like he was going to run off with the scooter, when he so politely asked to borrow it. So the little boy starts riding the scooter around the playground of course my youngest sees this and goes tearing after the little boy, "Get off of my scooter!" I say to Wes "Its okay mommy said he could ride it, I'm right here." Wes is steaming but he lets it go and goes back to play. Meanwhile the little boy is riding all over the playground, making bigger and bigger circles moving further and further away. So I'm watching him close and he shoots out of the other side of the playground moving like a train. I'm like @#%$! I know this kid is not stealing the scooter from me! Just as I get up to chase after him, he zooms back in, and circles the playground again. I call out to him " Don't go out of the playground." In a stern mommy voice, which he doesn't acknowledge. "I'm watching you," I think to myself and as I am he zooms out of the playground again and keeps going! So now I gotta get up and run after this kid without letting my kids see me!  I run over to the other side of the playground and out I'm about to go into a full sprint when the little boy comes zooming back almost getting past me but I stop him and I'm like "Ok you are done, off the scooter." Next thing I know Wes is next to me like what happened? I say "Nothing" just time to go home. I can't be running after people,we will not be bringing scooters to the park anymore.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All things Pooka!

Morning Pooka Famliy!  I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.its getting hot in here!!!  First off we want to thank everyone for coming out and celebrating our grand opening in Newark!  We were so happy to see so many familiar faces and so many new faces as well.  We are extremely blessed to have such a loyal following.  Please continue to spread the word about Pooka!  We are excited for what God has in store (no pun intended) for us at this new location.  We're starting off on the right foot with Dawn's appearance on AspireTV.  If you didn't catch it on Monday, please check it out on our YouTube page.  We have also brought back our noon day workshops.  Come by during 12-1PM and have a light lunch and learn to make a new product each week!  We have so many ideas for this new location but we need you to make it happen so please continue to support and spread the word about Pooka!!!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Pooka Grand Opening week! Savenger Hunt #pookamania

Remembering Maya

This is a tribute to a great woman we all knew of and loved. Lets take a look back at her life,thank you Maya for your love and sharing your words with us.

Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Ann Johnson in St. Louis, Mo. Angelou attended high school in San Francisco, and studied dance and drama. At the age of 14, she dropped out of school and became the city's first African-American, female street car conductor. She later graduated and gave birth to her son, Guy, soon after.

In 1954 and 1955, Angelou toured Europe with the opera production Porgy and BessIn 1960, Angelou moved to Cairo, Egypt, to become the editor of an English-language weekly newspaper. The following year, she moved to Ghana and taught at the University of Ghana's School of Music and Drama.

Angelou read and studied voraciously, mastering several languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and the West African language Fanti While in Ghana, Angelou met Malcolm X and, in 1964, returned to America with him to help form his Organization of African American Unity.

Shortly after Malcolm X's assassination in 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. asked Angelou to serve as northern coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Angelou was devastated when King was assassinated in 1968. She wrote a poem entitled Abundant Hope for the 2011 dedication of the MLK Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Angelou's most famous work described her early life in Long Beach, St. Louis and Stamps, Ark. In one scene in the book, Angelou describes her rape by her mother's boyfriend at the age of 7. The man was murdered by Angelou's uncles. Angelou felt responsible for the death, and she was mute for five years.

In all, Angelou produced more than 30 best-selling works of fiction and non-fiction.Angelou appeared in the television adaptation of Alex Haley's Roots and in John Singleton's Poetic Justice.n 2000, Angelou received the Presidential Medal of Arts and, in 2008, the Lincoln Medal. In 2010, President Obama awarded Angelou with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Angelou has also won three Grammy Awards for her spoken-word albums.

Some of my favorite Maya quotes:

"I am a Woman Phenomenally, Phenomenal Woman that's me.
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them."
"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated."

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Time!

Greetings Family!!  I think we can say that summer is finally here!!  Amen! After an unforgiving winter I cherish all the days of summer.  No matter how hot or humid or muggy…I am grateful.  I was driving to the train station this week and noticed the kids walking to school.  They were getting in those last days before summer vacation.  It just made me think how fortunate they are.  They have their whole summer off!  Oh how youth is wasted on the young.  I really get what that means now that I am not a youth lol!  A whole summer off!  Can you even imagine family?  We could sleep late every day, hang at the beach or pool, and read all those books you never have a chance to read.   I would travel or simply take walks in my neighborhood.  I guess I could finally give away the clothes and shoes I no longer need and really clean my closet.  I could volunteer at a hospital or shelter to help however I could.  I would finally create my backyard oasis…you remember that don’t you family!  I would re-learn Spanish  (whatever Dawn!) and learn French.  I would visit museums and attend every free art and music event in New York and New Jersey.  I would work my way through the wine trail at the vineyards in New Jersey.  I would have picnics with my husband.  I would take a cooking class and invite everyone to my oasis to sample my homework!   Or…I could simply sit on my front porch all day long. So family, as we head into summer remember when,  and try to fit some of those things into your schedule.  But I guess if we could really live on summer vacation we wouldn’t have a schedule.  Enjoy your summer family!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Welcome to summer!

Morning Pooka Family!! Welcome to summer!  The season of graduations, dance recitals and bugs!!!  As I get older.20 yrs old to be exact (if Dawn is 24, April is 30 and Donna is 32 then 20 sounds about right for me) I'm learning that I can be a little OCD about bugs and Mother's Natures other creatures!  I've told you about the groundhog that lives in my backyard under our shed.  She has really made herself at home and now I know why.  Evidently she was under the shed this winter having babies because now I see 2 little ones making theirself at home in the backyard!  Since its summer and Taiye is spending more time in the backyard I got a little concerned about them being there so I googled to see if they are harmful and what to do to get rid of them.  I discovered that they are not harmful or said differently, not an animal that would approach you or attack.  They come out during the day, eat the grass and berries and then go back home at night to sleep.  Okay, I think I can deal with that for now but if I get tired of seeing them in my yard I need to go and buy some fox urine and spray it in the area and then they will retreat and find another place to live.  Where exactly am I supposed to buy fox urine???
My next nature's annoyance that have invaded my domain are ants!!! I wake up the other morning and find them in my kitchen cabinet! Ugh!!! Okay, I can handle this, so I get my flashlight and study where they are coming from and trace their route to some cracks in windowsill/splashboard.  I get my silicon gun and seal up all the holes (or so I thought).  The next morning I wake up and find they've found another entrance; where, I have no idea!  So I google it to find alternative remedies for ants extermination because I don't want to use store bought ants sprays since they are harmful to the water supply and the environment and I just don't want my kitchen cabinets smelling like ant spray. Good ole' Google gives me 12 ways to get rid of them naturally the first being vinegar water. Well family, I'm spraying vinegar all over my kitchen and windowsills.  I can't say that I've reached success yet because I still see them but I have 11 other ways to try and get rid of them.  I'll keep you posted on how this effort pans out family.  Until next time..Peace and Blessings!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I was offered some last minute FREE tix to see Aladdin on Broadway, now normally my couch would have had a secure hold on me BUT it's SOD so I got up and went!!!! Great time! Stay tuned,  I'm planning a SOD happening every week!  When was the last time you saw a play? 

Ps SOD=summer of dawn,  I probably didn't need to tell you that. ....

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello Paris!!

Greetings Pooka Family!!
Hope all is well. This year is moving by so quickly.  Can you believe it is almost Memorial Day Weekend…the official start of summer!  This usually marks the beginning of travel season for most.  This is a special year for me.  I celebrated a special birthday.  Well let’s see.. April’s birthday just passed and she claimed 30, Dawn, celebrating summer of Dawn claimed 24??...ok really Dawn.  Tricia can jump in the middle of these numbers when her birthday comes in November.  Since I am the eldest of all 4 of the Pookalitas I will claim 32…yes that works for me lol!  Any way I wanted to do something really special in honor of “32”.  I decided to go to Paris!!!!  I had never been to Europe and Paris was on my bucket list.  My sister Bev also turned “32” and organized a group of 8 on a Paris foodie lover’s extravaganza!! (Thanks to Eileen and Alan our wonderful travel agents!)  It was the most amazing trip of a life time!!  We were there for 5 short days and really took advantage of every second. We did a shopping tour, a wine tasting, and ate at authentic Parisian bistros. A major highlight was the inspiring black Paris tour!   It highlighted the contributions of black Americans (I know about Josephine Baker but they truly worshipped her at a whole other level!) and black Parisians that contributed to what Paris is today.  We had an authentic meal in the Paris hood…yes there is a hood in Paris with beauty and hair shops on both corners!! We celebrated Bev’s actual birthday in a fab restaurant next to our hotel, with a meal that was as beautiful as it was delicious!  We went to an amazing Paris jazz club where the band playing was from Ohio lol!  They were happy to see their fellow Americans in the house.  A true highlight, my foodie fanatics, was taking a French cooking class.  So are you truly seeing the theme here!  We met a French chef in her historic French apartment that she shared with her chef husband.  She got her basket and we headed to the open market. Loved it!! I was living the cooking channel!  We sampled cheeses and fruits and olives, we learned how to pick the best fresh chicken and we took in all that is the French market.  We then headed back to the apartment where we prepared a 5 star meal!! 

Family, we had wine and cheese every day and at LEAST two croissants lol!  Every single person we met was so helpful and so friendly.  We navigated the Metro better than the NYC subway system.  I was so struck by the beauty and magnificence of Paris.  It was above and beyond what I could have imagined as we strolled through the streets and the Champs Elysees….hi Louis Vuitton!  We spent our last night at the famed Le Grande Colbert which is the restaurant featured in the movie As Good as it Gets with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.  We dined on their most famous roasted chicken and raised our glasses of French wine to one of the most memorable trips of our life time!!  Au revoir Paris!  I am truly in love and will return to you one day soon!!  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hi Pooka family!  It’s been a minute!  So much going on, opening the new store has been a real learning lesson, but I now know it’s GOING TO BE GREAT!!!  I just wanted to share my newest revelation, I know, I know, I have one every week :-)  As I get older (24 yrs old this’s my blog and I can say what I want!)  I begin to really try to figure out my life, my passion, my purpose things like that.  I have to admit I’ve always wondered what GOD had planned for me as far as marriage and children.  There have been times, while laying on my couch, eating cereal (with soymilk of course) that I wonder can I be a mom?  will the kids be able to sit on the couch with me and partake in a cereal dinner?  Can I share my life with someone and will that mean sharing the couch?!  With the other pookalitas having either a husband or children or both, I’ve often wondered, what about me?  I have no husband and no children, then last week it hit me! I HAVE NO HUSBAND AND NO CHILDREN!!! What am I doing?  Glass half full!  Now, I’m not saying that I don’t ever want these things but right now I LOVE MY FREEDOM! Instead of looking at it as a negative I began to see the positive and thats when the “Summer of Dawn”  was born!! This summer I’m going to do everything I want to do because I have no responsibilities to another human being, lol!!  I am very excited, I am going to try new things, go new places, go places by myself and experience LIFE!!!  I’ve always wanted to play the drums so......Yup get ready for essex counties newest rock drummer!  I’m going to take some painting classes and bone up on my creative side, I’m going to travel, hmmmm....maybe Tibet! (or maybe hoboken, travel is travel, people!!)   I am so looking forward to this summer, so If you’ve got something great to do, ASK ME! I’ll go, cause that’s what you do in.....THE SUMMER OF DAWN!  

ps my friends and family told me they will break my fingers off If I air quote “Summer of Dawn” anymore, lol!!  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

On the road again!

Morning Pooka Family!
Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather! This week I'm working in Portland Oregon! I'm enjoying the weather out here and my break from my normal routine in Jersey.  Prior to having Taiye, I would travel frequently for work but since then I rarely get to do much business travel.  I do miss being on the road sometimes but not as much as I miss my baby!!! I'm so blessed to have my sisters April, Dawn, Donna and Carlene to watch over my baby and check in on her while I'm gone. 
Have a blessed week Pooka Family! I'll see ya soon at the boutique!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Its my Birthday!

Friday is my birthday! Yeah! No I'm not going to tell you what year this one is, but if you want to say Happy 30th! I'm with you! What to do, what to do? I feel like I've had a hundred birthdays! I remember when I was in elementary/highschool and my birthday would come around, all I wanted my parents to do was to give me a big party, sleepovers, new clothes and money to buy whatever I wanted. When I got a  older all I wanted was money and to be able to go out with my friends. Once I became an adult, I was able to do my birthdays the way I wanted, trips to exotic locations, designer handbags,dinners, shows, spa treatments. I feel like I've done a lot but now I need to do something different, something that will last a lot longer than the month of May. Yes it could be age people, but this birthday I'm on a quest for higher understanding. I'm ready to delve deep into the human condition and discover the meaning of life. To grow more spiritually, mentally and physically. And I'm gonna start.......right after the party......heheheheh Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother Nature

Morning Pooka Family!  Approximately 1 month ago I wrote my blog on Spring!  I was excited that we made it through the winter, I was looking forward to planting some flowers, seeing the groundhog in my backyard, and just welcoming the warm weather.  Well today family, April 16, 2014 I stepped outside of my house and saw snow and ice on my car window shield!  WTH!!!  Did I just step back in time?  IT IS FREEZING OUTSIDE!!  I could do nothing but laugh at the marvels of Mother Nature.  I guess we all know who's in control!  Stay warm family!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Give me a reason.

The boys and I were eating dinner the other day and my oldest was telling me how someone in his class got caught with their cell phone on. The student explained to the teacher that he was texting a message to another classmate about homework. Of course both students got in trouble for having their phones on. I laughed and asked" How come they just didn't pass a note?" Both of my kids looked at me like I was crazy. " Pass a note?" "Yeah" I said, write the message on a piece of paper and then pass it to the person, without the teacher knowing. " Why would they do that?" asked my youngest, "they should just use the phone like they did." " Well they are not supposed to do that in class," " But you can pass notes in class?" Me " No your not supposed to do that either, it just seems easier." My kids didn't think so. "Ma those were the old days, nobody passes notes around." said my oldest. Fine I said, "Another reason not to get you a phone." Lol, just like the good ole' days parent, I will turn it around on you in a second!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Acts of Kindness!

Greetings Family!  Hope everyone is keeping warm.  I wouldn't think I would send that wish by looking at the calendar but Mother Nature has another plan in mind.  Because of this we are still dressing the, hat and gloves.  Which leads me to my actual blog topic today.  Yesterday I left my gloves on the train. My expensive leather gloves that I was so proud of not losing during this long winter.  I thought I almost made it ...and then yesterday the train took off with my gloves!  I got on the train this morning and asked the conductor if he had seen them.  He face said...are you really asking me this...but his mouth said.... check lost and found.  Now I thought that was a lost cause but I checked anyway.  The woman behind the counter was very pleasant.  I told her about my lovely gloves and the train that I caught the morning before.  She left her desk to check...and she came back with my gloves!!!  It was my birthday all over again!!  Family this was such a big deal for me!!  I was so appreciative that someone took the time to take my gloves to lost and found.  Most people would have left the gloves or taken the gloves...just keeping it real.  This made my day and changed me as well.  I have been praying for that person all morning, that they receive something they need today and that they continue to have many blessings.  So I will continue to pay it forward and will always turn things in to the lost and found.  It can make a huge difference to the person even if it seems a minor thing in your world.  It can truly make someone's day.  That's what it did for me!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Morning Pooka Family!!! Guess what?  We made it through the winter.  Thursday is the first day of Spring!!! YAY!  Yes, the weather doesn't quite feel spring-like but I'm optimistic that a change is coming soon.  I can't wait to get out there and plant some flowers..wait a minute, I don't like gardening. Okay, well then I can't wait to get out there and watch my neighbor plant her flowers or ask Grandma to come over and plant some flowers with Taiye.  Spring also brings about the constant sneezing and high pollen count which affect allergies; the dogs pooping on the grass and owners not doing the responsible thing by picking it up, the groundhog in my backyard living under my shed who comes out and digs holes all along our back fence; the raking of the leaves, the mowing of the lawn, etc., etc., etc.  But you know what, with all that said its better than another 10" snowfall.  Yes, I am looking forward to Spring!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You look FABULOUS!!!

Hi Pooka family!  I wanted to start this post off today with a compliment!  And you know what? you do look fabulous!  I've been trying something new and that's GIVING COMPLIMENTS! Now, I always give compliments but I've been trying to give at least 4 a day to random strangers!  It is so powerful! We see people every day and think, "that looks great on her" or "nice hair cut" or "he smells greeeeeat!"  SO...why not tell people.  I've been on a mission with my new compliment experiment, I've been in the supermarket, the bakery or just walking down the street and If I see someone who catches my eye, I compliment that person.  It's the funniest thing to watch their reaction, people are so surprised to be noticed and especially by a stranger.  It's always a look of surprise and then a huge smile.  I have to admit, it may be a little selfish because doing this makes ME feel good! After they smile, I smile and keep on my way!  It has really turned my day around when I've been having a rough one.  So I challenge you to try this compliment experiment and lift someones day!  DISCLAIMER: Don't be too aggressive or you may be labeled as the creepy, odd, happy person around your neighborhood, LOL!

p.s. I LOOOOOVE your outfit today!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 years old!

Hey Pooka Family!  Okay, you'll have to indulge me with being a little emotional with my blog this baby will be 5 years old in 18 days!!!!  I can't believe this little person who was in my belly is now preparing to attend kindergarten in the fall! We are truly blessed to have her in our lives.  I thank God every day for her.  No truer statement that I've ever heard is, "the days seem long but the years go by quickly!" Every time I look at her I'm amazed at how quickly she has gotten to this point in her life.  So Pooka family, as I sit here typing this blog and listening to her sing the songs from the Frozen soundtrack for the umpteenth time, I smile and pray that God will continue to watch over her as she grows into what He has in store for her life. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why I like Snow Days!

We have been slammed with a lot of SNOW DAYS lately, it seems like every other week there is a SNOW DAY, WEEK, or MONTH!  It can be very depressing stuck in the house week after week, but for me it's like a mini vacation! I mean when do you ever have a day where you don't have to do anything at all? You don't have to go to work! Yah! Spouse and kids are home from school! (Ok,so we can't get everything) but still we don't have to get dressed, we can wear our pajamas ALL DAY, we can eat everything we want(chips,cookies,cake,burgers and fries with a ton of cheese on them) because all diets and restrictions are off on a SNOW DAY! We can watch television till our eyes fall out of our heads, because it's a SNOW DAY! We can play loud music and dance around being silly because it's a SNOW DAY! We can all take a nap on the couch together because it's a SNOW DAY!

So the next time there is a SNOW DAY, say YES to your mini-vacation!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Enter the Pooka Passion Contest!

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Morning Pooka Family!!!'s here!!! 2014!  I am excited about the New Year and all the new possibilities it brings!  God has so much in store for all of us!  For the past 3 years your Pookalitas have started off the new year with the Daniel Fast.  It is a challenging yet revealing experience for us.  Today is the last day of our fast and we are thankful and humbled by what God has brought us through.  We encourage everyone to stay faithful throughout this year because it will undoubtedly bring us challenges to endure.  But remember, if He brings you to it, He will see you through it.  Dreams+Faith+Work=Destiny!

Be Blessed!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

We are all looking forward to the New Year,we have many exciting blessings coming our way and we are sure you do too! You know we believe our Dreams + Faith + Work = Destiny, and we wanted to share our prayers and plans for 2014!

Be obedient to God's teachings; discipline in my endeavors and tolerant with my tongue.

God help me to boldly walk in your word, be a better mother, daughter,sister,friend and co-worker. Have financial Freedom. Meet my soulmate.

God's vision for my life instead of my own, Positive direction in all things concerning my health my marriage my finances and my spirit and To live my purpose so I never work a day in my life!

This year I plan to embrace and meditate every day on Proverbs 3, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will make your paths straight!”  I am excited to see where we will be led this year!