Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Ladies I would just like to shed a little light on something, if you decide to work out and you work out hard, make sure you have enough money for surgery because after you lose the weight your gonna need it! I've been working out pretty steady for about the last two years, I didn't really notice any change in my body or my clothes. My 8's still fit and my legs didn't look any different then when I started but then about 3 months ago I started running and woosh! it was all gone! Yes I lost my boobies! They just ran off my body! I had also dropped two sizes (yep I'm a 6 now) and while that is all fine and well I want my boobies back! For me its almost like I lost an arm or a leg, I had to go out and buy new clothes and bras (No I'm not telling the size!) and while some people would say,"Oh thats still plenty big", its not to me. They were very much a part of me and now I feel lost without them. Yes I tried the push-ups,the push together,the pads, even tieing them together with a string but to no avail! So you will not find me running outside anymore or taking extra cardio classes, nope! I'll be at home on the couch eating icecream waiting for them to come back! LOL!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Fathers Day, Big Guy!!!

Happy Fathers Day!! 
In honor of my dad and all that he does (and let me tell you its not easy being Poppa Pooka), here is my blog tribute of my favorite dad blogs!

Thanks for always being my NUMBER ONE VALENTINE and buying me Sugar Free Gluten Free Chocolates for Valentines day! 

Thanks for WATCHING MY CAR when I’m on vacation and even though you didn’t remember where I parked it, I knew it was safe.

Thanks for making sure all of your kids know your STUMP speech and being understanding when I violated rule #1 and RAN OUT OF GAS!

and Thanks for still letting me be THE KID and taking me on vacation even though I’m _____yrs old!!!

Love ya Dad!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ready, Set....wait a Minute!

Greetings Pooka family! My sisters and I are always looking to live a healthy lifestyle. You know eating right, being stress free and exercising. I mentioned to Tricia that I thought I might want to start running. A form of exercise I have not tried yet. Now I have never liked running except if someone was chasing me....but you never know! Tricia who actually listened when I made this latest announcement found a local two mile walk/run for us to enter and we signed up. We were really excited...ok not really but we decided to go anyway. I pulled up very early at Tricia's house the morning of the race. Someone jumped in the car wearing a white mask and I thought I was being robbed! I realized then it was Tricia. She had covered her face in sunscreen! No sun was getting on her Pooka family! We as serious runners were not down for sun burn. Tricia also had a nap sack containing energy bars, and fruit. I am sure there were baby wipes in the bottom of that bag but I didn't ask. All good racers need a Mommy...thanks Tricia! After she ran back in to get water we were on our way. When we got there we were actually excited! This was a real race Pooka family!! We gave our names and received our T-shirt, our official race number to pin on our shirt, and the reflective tag for our sneakers which I couldn't figure out how to put on. This is when that Mommy comes in handy....again thanks Tricia! We checked out the map of our route and headed outside to warm up with the other runners. Well we didn't actually warm up because we noticed the snack table. We did at least make healthy choices because runners do need energy people. It was now time to head to the start line. We were hyped!! The sun was shining, the music was playing and the organizers were pumping the crowd. Proceeds from the race went toward families in need so it was all good. It was time!! Ready, Set...wait a minute.....Tricia and I had decided that we were going to do the walk part of the walk/run since it was our first race. Ok did the walkers line up somewhere else? Were we supposed to wear a different T-shirt so the real runners wouldn't knock us down? I guess we could have found this out if we were not so busy getting snacks! Everything was going wrong. The morning dew was starting to settle in my hair and my Afro was getting bigger by the minute. Tricia's sunscreen started to run down her face. What was happening Pooka family! Well it was to late to figure it out. The runners started to take off and in a panic so did me and Tricia! We ran like frightened children or like someone was chasing us because they were!! This was not what we signed up for. Tricia was staring at me looking like her baby girl with a " help me Mommy" look on her face. I knew I had to do something and quick! I knew at this pace we would pass out before we got to the corner. I frantically searched the crowd looking for someone in charge! I spotted a man on the sidewalk wearing a number but eating a bagel. Good enough. You with the bagel I screamed....Is this the right race for the walkers! Are we in the right place!! Look at my Afro! HELP US!!!!! Relax said the man with the bagel. You're in the right race. Just stop running. Oh......just stop running. We didn't think that was in the rules. We then noticed plenty of other people......walking! After Tricia and I laughed until we couldn't breath we continued walking our race. We had a wonderful time and finished our two miles in thirty seven minutes! We made some new friends... Hi.......Go Bloomfield! We crossed the finish line to cheers and completed our first race! We are not ready for the New York City marathon but maybe next year. Just hope they don't have good snacks!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going Natural

Greetings Pooka Family! I greet you on this BEAUTIFUL day as we enter into the month of June! Okay family, so here’s the thing….like many of us (woman), I’ve made the decision to go chemical free with my hair. I have not had a perm in close to 3 years. However, I’m finding it challenging trying to decide what will be my new style for the summer. I usually go to the doobie shop and get a wash and blow-out but this past weekend I walked into the doobie shop on the Friday before Memorial Day and I just stopped and looked around me. There were at least 25 women sitting and waiting. Some were sitting under the hot dryers others were sitting waiting to be rolled. Well family, I turned around, put my little $20 back in my pocket and walked right out that door. At that point, I made the decision; I can’t sit up in here another summer afternoon! So now I’m faced with the challenge of deciding how I’m going to wear my hair if I’m not going to continue to do the blow out. Now family, you know us (Pookalitas); Dawn and I rock the European hair styles (straight blow out with bangs); Donna and April rock the Afro-centric styles (braids and afro). But now, I’m leaving Dawn behind and I’m going over to team Afro-centric! Donna said that she would do my hair in a style that is both cute and I can manage without going to the doobie shop every week. Now I know this is a process and it will take some time to fully transition into a style that fits me and my hair type so the next time you see me family, please be kind if my hair has not made the full transition yet.

Enjoy your summer Pooka Family!