Monday, December 15, 2014

I lost my phone!!!!

Horror upon Horrors! I was running to the bus stop with the boys last week, umbrella in one hand keys and gloves in another. I had put my phone in my coat pocket so I wouldn't lose it and what happens I lose it!!!!! I looked up and down that wet street, where is my phone? How could I have lost it so quickly? It just disappeared! I couldn't find it anywhere!

Losing your phone is like having your arm dislocated from your shoulder, you feel soooo disconnected. You can't talk to anyone. For your friends and family it's like your missing. Your face could be on the side of a milk carton. Where is my mother,daughter, friend? I ran back to my house and found two old blackberrys without the chargers of course. I then tried to use my ipad and email everyone but not everyone checks their messages, so I was still missing in action. So I went to work and called the two numbers I remembered, (ok three, mom,bff and brother) because you know once you have a number in your phone you don't remember the actual number. Ultimately I was able to find a charger for that old black berry and now I'm back in business! Moral of the story, next time let the kid miss the bus! lol!

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