Friday, June 13, 2014

Welcome to summer!

Morning Pooka Family!! Welcome to summer!  The season of graduations, dance recitals and bugs!!!  As I get older.20 yrs old to be exact (if Dawn is 24, April is 30 and Donna is 32 then 20 sounds about right for me) I'm learning that I can be a little OCD about bugs and Mother's Natures other creatures!  I've told you about the groundhog that lives in my backyard under our shed.  She has really made herself at home and now I know why.  Evidently she was under the shed this winter having babies because now I see 2 little ones making theirself at home in the backyard!  Since its summer and Taiye is spending more time in the backyard I got a little concerned about them being there so I googled to see if they are harmful and what to do to get rid of them.  I discovered that they are not harmful or said differently, not an animal that would approach you or attack.  They come out during the day, eat the grass and berries and then go back home at night to sleep.  Okay, I think I can deal with that for now but if I get tired of seeing them in my yard I need to go and buy some fox urine and spray it in the area and then they will retreat and find another place to live.  Where exactly am I supposed to buy fox urine???
My next nature's annoyance that have invaded my domain are ants!!! I wake up the other morning and find them in my kitchen cabinet! Ugh!!! Okay, I can handle this, so I get my flashlight and study where they are coming from and trace their route to some cracks in windowsill/splashboard.  I get my silicon gun and seal up all the holes (or so I thought).  The next morning I wake up and find they've found another entrance; where, I have no idea!  So I google it to find alternative remedies for ants extermination because I don't want to use store bought ants sprays since they are harmful to the water supply and the environment and I just don't want my kitchen cabinets smelling like ant spray. Good ole' Google gives me 12 ways to get rid of them naturally the first being vinegar water. Well family, I'm spraying vinegar all over my kitchen and windowsills.  I can't say that I've reached success yet because I still see them but I have 11 other ways to try and get rid of them.  I'll keep you posted on how this effort pans out family.  Until next time..Peace and Blessings!

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