Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Run, Dawn, Run!

Hi Pooka Family!  I know it’s been a while but I’m back :-)  I just wanted to share my latest passion....RUNNING!! Yes, family, I have become a RUNNER!  Now I have to admit that I have never liked to run, not in school, not for the bus, not even to get out of the way of oncoming cars, running just wasn’t my thing.  But this summer I decided to just start walking!  The weather was so beautiful and I found a nice route around my house.  It actually became my morning meditation time and I began to look forward to it.  
So there I was comfortably walking in the mornings, when I felt a swoosh of air as a group of senior ladies jogged by me!  I was impressed and a bit...embarrassed!  I had all of my gear on, running sneakers, matching T, arm band for my phone, I looked the part but every morning the grandmas were whisking by me! Well, the next morning I was ready for em’.  I saw them in the distance and started a small trot, as they ran by me, I waved and RAN past them, that’s right NANAs I’m running too, lol!!  Once they were out of sight I was going to stop and realized that I could actually go a little farther and Pooka family that’s how my running began (yes, to outrun the grandmas) It doesn’t make a difference what the motivation is as long as we do it :-)  Since then I’ve begun a mix of running and then brisk walking.  I have been able to run longer distance and walk for shorter periods and my goal is to RUN 5 miles.  I have to say when I tell people that I’m running it’s actually Running which turns into jogging, goes into walking then dragging myself around the block and then its praying that I can actually make it home, but that’s really long so when people ask I just say I RUN!    Now my running story gets so much better, a few weeks ago I was contacted by former Olympic medalist Joetta Clark Diggs!  She has a foundation and every year hosts a Legend Banquet where she honors Legends in track and field.  Well guess what people, she honored me!  I KNOW!!  I was so surprised when her office called, I assumed she had seen me running around my neighborhood and had seen the olympic, gazelle like stride I had!  With pride I told her assistant that I would be honored to be a LEGEND to which she replied, yes this is the first year we are honoring NON ATHLETES, you, Miss Fitch are a Business Legend!
I thought to myself, “WHAT?!!!  But I’m a RUNNER/WALKER/DRAGGER/PRAYER!!!”

So people, I’ve actually made it into some athletic olympic circles for,.....my business!  But guess what I got?  My own Olympic Baton, I bet you won’t see anybody running around the neighborhood with that!!

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