Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We're in Black Enterprise!

Well the blessings keep flowing!

We are in the November issue of Black Enterprise.

We got a call a month or two ago and they said they were coming for a photo shoot! We are really trying to stretch this 15 minutes of fame into at least 20 minutes :-)

We're gearing up for the holidays and getting very busy. This weekend we're having a Pooka Team at the Walk for a Cause in Newark. Make sure to check back here for some pics.

Look out for our new Pomegranate scent for the holiday and just a little tid bit, it's going to be a candle! So for all of you who have asked "when are you going to make candles?" FINALLY!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Open House!!

It's been very busy and we love it!

We just finished some great events. PNC Art Center, Circle of Sisters and For Sisters Only in Atlanta! The Atlanta event was done by our Pooka Atlanta Team, we'll have some pictures soon.

This weekend you're invited to our new Pooka warehouse for a grand opening open house! Whew, that was a mouthful :-) Drop by Saturday the 29th, anytime between 10:00am and 4:00pm and check out our new place, we'll have a lot of fun. Hope to see you there! If you're out of town don't feel left out, if you call in and place an order during those times we'll send you a free body oil with purchase!!!!!

Our new address is: 364 Glenwood Avenue3rd. FlEast Orange, NJ, 07017, 973-954-2471

We're still in Manufacturers Village just around the corner! When you make the right on Franklin, make the first quick left into the front of the building, go straight... you can park anywhere on the left or keep going around the building and park on the back side. Come into the doors between the 2 buildings and we're on the 3rd fl.!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Let's Catch Up

The Holidays are coming!!

Yes, I know you do not want to hear that when you're trying to get one more week out of those flip flops! Things are really starting to blossom (only took 6 years!) First, let me catch you up to speed fast so we can start chatting a little more regularly.

We've moved! We got a bigger warehouse and we are going to do some fun stuff. Besides our regular store hours, we're going to have some spa nights, book signings(that'd be me), exclusive events for our biggest customers, we've got soooo much planned so stay tuned.

Our first event will be our Grand Re-Opening Party! Keep checking the blog so I can give you all of the details, okay here is one little one it's on the 29th of Sept., but no more until later!

My Newest Blessing...

Well, its been a long time and I promise that I am going to start sharing more with you!

We've been busy and that's a good thing. The girls are doing well, April is rebuilding and growing since her loss, but we know that GOD is good and will take care of her! Donna and Tricia are happy brides and me...that's another entry :-) I do have an important announcement... (no, it's not a baby!) I wrote a book! I'm so excited! I wanted to share my Pooka Journey and experiences along the way so I wrote it down and believe it or not it's a book!

If you want more info or would like to order the book visit http://www.movingthroughopeneddoors.com/

Monday, April 9, 2007

We're Going To Be On TV!!!

Well, it’s been a long winter season. We've gone through so many milestones in our lives all in the past 6 months! While trying to get ourselves together and gear up for the spring season we received a call from the Weekend Today Show!! What a Blessing!! They were doing a story on Women who started their own businesses and they picked Pooka to do a segment! We are still amazed :-)

They shot the piece on Wednesday the 4th of April. It was a long, wonderful day. We started early getting ready for their arrival. They arrived at about 9am and began setting up, so many lights and cameras, we were feeling a little nervous!

After their set-up, they interviewed us and showed us making products, it was awesome, we truly got our 15 minutes of fame and then some! After a lunch break and a little more shooting, we journeyed to Whole Foods in West Orange and they shot us doing a Pooka demo. We had so much fun, GOD has just blessed us so much. They let us know that the show will air this Saturday, April 14th on NBC's Weekend Today Show.

Hope you all join in and catch a glimpse of us making some Pooka! If you're in the local area, we're going to be watching at our favorite restaurant Indigo Smoke, come on by and watch with us. We're going to have a continental breakfast, give away some prizes and sell some Pooka!

Hope to see you there!