Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I share..because....I love you!

Well people this blog is VERY personal to me!! I am only sharing an embarassing moment because I love my Pooka family and know they won’t judge me! and I have to share some lessons to maybe help someone else..... goes............

As you all know we have opened our new Pooka Boutique! It’s been a tough time trying to get everything up and running! Since we’ve opened in Sept we had no phones due to the Verizon strike and backlog of service. We finally got our phones up and running but it was at no small sacrifice! I was on the phone with verizon for days, trying to get the techs out, then dealing with them sending the wrong tech and a such! Finally after much frustration I called and spoke to a woman who said she would resolve the problem. I stayed on the phone with this woman for 45 minutes and when she finally got some answers she said that I’d have to wait to speak to someone in another department, so.......I waited another 30 minutes!! I had now been on the phone with verizon for over an hour. Finally she came back and said that I needed to wait more, I told her to just transfer me over the the department where I could CANCEL the service and while transferring me, she disconnected me!! I was enraged so I called back and told my story to another woman, who was shocked at the wait and promised she’d take care of it! So since I was on my cell phone, I waited at pooka on the phone with her for another 30 minutes, then I decided to just drive home, so still on the phone with her I went to the grocery store and picked up dinner and drove home, now I’ve been on the phone over an hour and a half. Finally when I get home and still on the phone with her, she lets me know that the department that I need is still not answering her! Its has now been almost 2 hours on the phone! I ask her to call me back when she’s reached someone but she says that they are not authorized to make outgoing calls! Okay so now that i’ve been on the phone for over 2 hours there is no way i’m hanging up without fixing this problem. I have to admit the woman on the phone was as disgusted as I was and very nice. So finally she says, “Ms fitch, I just spoke to the department that will make the appt. for a tech to come out they said it would be another half hour wait to make the appointment!!!” she says, “But, just put the phone down and I’ll hang on with you. Do what you need to do and I’ll scream out when they are ready”. I was impressed, that was nice of her, so I put the phone down and put it on speaker phone and start making my dinner. Now, hold on people, this is where I need your...understanding! Let me give you some background info, It had been a LONG day, I was tired, I had black bean soup for lunch. Another 30 minutes passed and I totally forgot that she was on speaker phone in my kitchen, so as I’m preparing my dinner and in the privacy of my own home.......................lets just say, I, “released” some wind and not from my mouth!! Yup, the most embarrasing moment ever! As I pooted the soft breeze (that makes it sound so much prettier) I realized I was on speaker phone, I froze and in the quiet of my kitchen I heard a tiny giggle come from my cell phone!! I WAS MORTIFIED!!! I couldn’t even say anything, I just ran into the other room and hid!! DAMN YOU VERIZON!!! When I gathered myself and went back into the kitchen thats when i noticed the MUTE button on my phone!(learn all of the features of your phone people) At that point it had been 3 and a half hours on the phone and she announced that she had made the appointment and then she hung up, never mentioning my wind escapage! Here are the lessons I learned:

Choose AT&T, Cable or 2 tin cans with a string tied between them for phone/internet!

Don’t eat Beans for lunch and then put yourself on speaker phone!

Learn where your mute button is!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Older!

Greetings Pooka Family! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful October weather! Here in NJ we’ve had some 80? October days and some 60? days and I am not complaining one bit!

So recently we celebrated Dawn’s birthday and next month we will celebrate mine. We each react differently when our birthday’s come around so of course it sparked another one of our many discussions - if we could, what age would we like to return to i.e. high school or our 20’s or 30’s? As each of our responses varied, this got me thinking about our future and getting older. We usually joke about our age but then I began to think seriously. What will our lives be like when we reach our parents’ age? Will we be as active as some of them are with trips to Atlantic City, Senior Line Dance Classes and active participation in our respective churches? Will our destinies have taken us outside of Jersey to another state or even another country? Or will William, Wesley and Taiye have checked us into some Senior Living facility and have gone on with their lives! LOL!!! Whatever our senior years hold for us, there is one thing we all agree and that is what we do now will affect how healthy and happy our senior living will be. With that said, we all made a renewed focus on eating right, exercise and reducing the level of stress in our lives today. As our bodies and minds grow older, we are not able to readily adapt to the evolutionary change as we could in our younger years. Therefore, it is imperative that we keep our minds strong with thinking exercises like crossword puzzles, suduko and game shows like Jeopardy and of course reading books; and keep our bodies limber with exercise and healthy eating. We look at our parents and think about how proud we are that they are embracing their age with how they have chosen to live their lives and we hope that we can emulate the example they provide by simply living gracefully!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Customer Appreciation Day!

We just want to say "Thanks!" 11 years and you all have given us so much love and support! Drop by the Pooka Boutique, this Saturday, October 15 so we can show the love!!! Check out all of the fun we have in store for you!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our favorite Pooka Products!

What are your Favorite Pooka Products!!!?

Well I LOVE every Pooka product, LOL!! Actually I definitely have my favorites, I love the fresh sugah whipped cream its a staple for me and something about the coconut scrub makes me feel exhilirated when I use it and my new love is the deodorant powder, I use it everywhere and I feel so Au Natural!

My new fav is cocoa baby, I love the consistancy its great for me, hubby and Taiye! This is my all year round staple foot butter, great for your feet, headaches, muscle aches. Can’t forget my guava polish, I feel brand new everytime I use it!

I am all about the Papaya Orange, maybe its my move to sunny NC, but that Papaya Orange Oil and gel get my day going everymorning! I put the Guava Butter on wes and his teachers love it, amazingly enough Will, my oldest is starting to go to Caliente Man Butter!! My little man!!!

Hmmmm.......I’m going to have to say pomegranate polish, I love anything pomegranate!, The papaya butter is also a favorite its nice and soft, perfect for anytime of year and of course my hair butter, how else would I keep my fab fro maintained!

What are your favorite Pooka Products?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pooka Pink Party!

Join us this Saturday, Oct. 8 at the Pooka Boutique for our Pooka Pink Party!

Pooka Pink Party!
This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Join the Pookalitas at the Pooka Boutique this
Saturday, October 8 and THINK PINK!
We all know someone who has been affected by
Breast cancer. We need to educate ourselves and others.
This Saturday for every purchase you make we’ll add a foot butter to our Pooka Pink Basket! At the end of the day we‘ll donate our basket to a Cancer Treatment Center.

Stop by for some Pooka Pink Cupcakes
and relax in our Pooka Pink Lounge
Shareyour stories, inspire and educate someone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gender or Race???

Greetings Family! Hope all is well. I was talking with my sisters and just reflecting on life as we often do. I made the comment that I felt especially favored that God made me a woman of color! I am proud of the skin I am in!! I would never change the color of my skin or the gender of my body. It then led us to a deeper conversation which posed the question….Are you a black woman or a woman who is black??? So fellow Pooka family, I pose to you the same question. I know that you, our family, are made up of many different nationalities. I also know that our Pooka family contains many men! So do you define yourself by your race or origin, by your gender or maybe you are just from Jersey! Interesting discussion to have and I would love to hear your thoughts. Oh me…….I am a black woman!
Didn’t you see my fro!

Peace Family

Wind Down Wednesdays!

Make sure to drop by and unwind after a long hard day at our Wind Down Wednesday! Every Wednesday at the Pooka Boutique, just sit and relax for a moment. We'll supply the Herbal Teas and the Lavender, you just bring you! We started just for the teachers but we got so many people that needed to "unwind" that we've made it open to everyone!

Every Wednesday
Pooka Boutique
15 South Essex Ave.
Orange, NJ

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Butter Up Sale!

Well everyone Fall is here! We all know the great benefits of shea butter, so lets do all we can to keep our skin moisturized before the weather gets colder! Take advantage of the Butter Up sale, its extended til today!

Click to get some!!

Thanks Madame Noire!

Madame Noire did a great story on us! What a blessing! Check it out!