Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hi Pooka family!  It’s been a minute!  So much going on, opening the new store has been a real learning lesson, but I now know it’s GOING TO BE GREAT!!!  I just wanted to share my newest revelation, I know, I know, I have one every week :-)  As I get older (24 yrs old this yr...it’s my blog and I can say what I want!)  I begin to really try to figure out my life, my passion, my purpose things like that.  I have to admit I’ve always wondered what GOD had planned for me as far as marriage and children.  There have been times, while laying on my couch, eating cereal (with soymilk of course) that I wonder can I be a mom?  will the kids be able to sit on the couch with me and partake in a cereal dinner?  Can I share my life with someone and will that mean sharing the couch?!  With the other pookalitas having either a husband or children or both, I’ve often wondered, what about me?  I have no husband and no children, then last week it hit me! I HAVE NO HUSBAND AND NO CHILDREN!!! What am I doing?  Glass half full!  Now, I’m not saying that I don’t ever want these things but right now I LOVE MY FREEDOM! Instead of looking at it as a negative I began to see the positive and thats when the “Summer of Dawn”  was born!! This summer I’m going to do everything I want to do because I have no responsibilities to another human being, lol!!  I am very excited, I am going to try new things, go new places, go places by myself and experience LIFE!!!  I’ve always wanted to play the drums so......Yup get ready for essex counties newest rock drummer!  I’m going to take some painting classes and bone up on my creative side, I’m going to travel, hmmmm....maybe Tibet! (or maybe hoboken, travel is travel, people!!)   I am so looking forward to this summer, so If you’ve got something great to do, ASK ME! I’ll go, cause that’s what you do in.....THE SUMMER OF DAWN!  

ps my friends and family told me they will break my fingers off If I air quote “Summer of Dawn” anymore, lol!!  


  1. That sounds exciting!
    Blog about your adventures! I would love to see what you take on and get some ideas of stuff for my own life!
    I am sure you will encourage other women on your journey of "Summer of Dawn"!
    Happy Summering! :-)

  2. Thanks Tonya!! I'll keep you posted!