Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Fun!

Hey everybody!
Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by our Holiday Party, we had a great time! We look forward to a prosperous, safe and blessed New Years.

If you know of any New Years Eve parties, we are loads of fun.........hahahah!

The Pookalitas

Monday, December 1, 2008

Too nice for your own good!

The names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent.

Recently a friend of mine "Pam" I'll call her, told me about a date she went on over the weekend. Now " Pam " is an intelligent, beautiful woman who has a great job, her own home and two nice sons. She doesn't need a man to take care of her, she just wants someone to possibly share her life with. So in her search for companionship she decides to try on-line dating. She joins Orange people and proceeds to meet this is where it gets interesting! She meets this guy (we'll call him Stan)who seems like a nice guy (don't they all seem nice in the beginning?) they converse on line for a while then decided to go on a date.
It all seems so innocent doesn't it? Okay so "Pam" agrees to meet "Stan" at his house and he would drive from there. Well "Pam" gets to "Stan's" house and he comes outside to her car and she's like " Oh this must be his dad or older brother............WRONG it was Stan who was looking way older than his picture on-line. He proceeds to tell her that his car was totaled yesterday (TOTALED YESTERDAY? and Your NOT HURT?) and he can't drive so can she? While "Pam" is trying to wrap her mind around the fact that this guy IS old enough to be her father he jumps in the car and proceeds to tell her how to get to the restaurant. Well all the while he's talking up a storm about how beautiful she is, she's too beautiful for him ( always run from anyone who tells you that) Blah blah blah......finally he's like here we are "Pm" looks and she's like " You've got to be kidding!" they are at Whole Foods! Yes Whole Foods the grocery store, the supermarket, the place where you buy food to cook and eat. "Okay " she thinks to herself, Maybe he is going to buy dinner and take it back to his place". (we are always thinking the best of people.) They go in and he grabs a cart and starts shopping. Yep SHOPPING !!!!
he took a list out of his pocket and starts moving down the aisle throwing stuff in. My sister girl "Pam" is in shock! He must be making dinner for me." she thinks. So she just stands there unable to breath or say anything. He finishes up and they leave, she DRIVES him back to his place and he asks her if she wants to come upstairs for a snack, as he holds up a potato chip bag. A SNACK!!!! This is after he purchased two cooked chickens, sides and other things. (at this point I am laying on the floor rolled up into a ball crying!!!) She politely says, " No thank you." and peals off into the night. I mean if he needed some food, why didn't he call Meals on Wheels? I can't even call this? What is going on? I'm afraid, very afraid!!!!!