Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Career Woman Turned Mom

Morning Pooka Family!  Hope everyone is staying warm during these first few days of autumn!  Today I realized that I have transitioned from career woman to mom!  You would think I would have known that by now considering Taiye is 5 yrs old but I guess part of me was still holding out on giving that part of my life up (for now).  This realization came when I looked at my calendar and realized that this month I have a lot of “Taiye activities” scheduled.  I have to bake a cake for her school fundraiser, I signed up to be a parent volunteer in her classroom, I have to organize her playdate crew for a day at the farm to pick pumpkins, I promised her I’d make her Halloween costume this year and I have to take her to her new musical theater class.  Wow!!! My calendar no longer revolves around me.  My calendar used to be consumed with business trips, getting my hair done, going to the gym, planning date night, and hanging out with the girls.  Complete 360 now!!!  However, I am going to have to try and maintain some kind of balance because I need to focus on me time too but as every mother out there knows, it’s not as easy as one thinks!


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