Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City

I'm soooo not a Sex and the City fan so my sisters are putting me on blast for not liking the show. Carrie just annoys me. She had a good man in Aiden, but she let him go. She's soooo in love with Big, but he doesn't respect her enough to make her the number 1 woman in his life. He cheats on his wife to kick it with her. So now that his marriage has fallen apart he comes back to Carrie and proposes?? And she welcomes him with open arms??? UGH!!! Like I said, I'm really not a fan, but I have caught a couple of episodes (while in syndication.)

Soooo, my sisters are dragging me to see the movie this weekend! I'll go... but I won't like it!

Peace & Blessings,


Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well everybody guess what? We're going to be on TV!!!!!! Yup, we got blessed again!

As I'm sitting at my desk and wondering what to do next, I get an email, from CBS evening news and they want to do a story on women of color that become entrepeneurs!!!!!! As I slowly typed, "yes please" on my keyboard my mind starting reeling.

It all happened so fast and before I knew it the CBS crew was at the warehouse and filming! The next day they filmed us at Whole Foods and I just completed a speaking engagement at a school in Jersey City, which they also filmed.

Well, it has been a wonderful, blessed week and we are waiting to find out when the story will run, but don't worry you all will be the first to know!!! Hopefully this video will turn out better than our Howard U video :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

Okay, Pooka Fam, I know age ain't nothing but a number but... doesn't it feel good when folks think you are younger than what you are? Recently my co-workers were engaged in an impromptu conversation about each other's age. They were going around the room trying to guess each other's age group.

Well surprise, surprise, when it got around to me, they thought I was 12 to 15 years younger than I really am! Now, I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but hey, that Pooka must really be keeping my skin smooth! When I told them my age range (notice I said range) they were absolutely shocked! No one could believe that I was not in the 20-something club! Well ladies, I'm here to tell you Pooka keeps you looking young! (maybe that's how I got my husband... he is younger than me!!) :)

By the way, not sure if it makes a difference but I neglected to tell you that I work with all men so not really sure if that has anything to do with their ability to judge a woman's age... regardless, it still felt good!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Long Live The Divas!!

I recently had a birthday (May 2nd happy birthday to me!) and I have decided among other things to make it my mission to enjoy my life as much as possible. So when a friend of mine told me that she had an extra ticket to go see Divas with a Heart, I JUMPED on it! I mean where else, or when would I EVER be able to see four of my favorite women singing my all time favorite songs live and in person! It was like a dream come true... we had excellent seats; good company and the drinks were flowing!

I sat on the edge of my seat as Ms.Gladys took the stage; she looked beautiful and sounded wonderful. She sang most of her classics like "Midnight Train to Georgia", "I Got To Use My Imagination", "'Neither One of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye" and the audience sang right along with her!

Then it was Chaka's turn, Chaka Kahn... Chaka Kahn... let me love you Chaka Kahn... she rocked the house and sang her heart out, "To Sir With Love" " I'm Every Woman," "Though The Fire"... everybody was on their feet!

Next was Ms. Patti... say my name Patti, Patti, with her six inch heels and banging coat she tore the stage up! Kicking off her shoes, rolling all over the floor as she sang "Somebody Loves Ya Baby", "Over The Rainbow", "If Only You Knew", then Nona Hendyx and Sarah Dash came out and they sang "Lady Marmalade". They tore the house apart!

Then the Boss came on, she walked down the aisle to the stage singing, "I'm Coming Out" and the place went wild! I gotta give it to Diana she still looks and sounds great, she ran from one end of the stage to the next singing "Stop In The Name Of Love, "Endless Love", Ain't No Mountain High Enough". It was just fabulous!

Of course, there were many more songs that we would have all loved to hear, but the concert had to come to an end sometime! All in all it was a great time and I think everyone had a lot of fun!

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Oasis...

Well summer is fast approaching. It is my favorite time of the year. The hot weather is my weather! My husband and I agree that we will move to some hot weather destination when we approach our golden years. Still cute, driving through our retirement community with the top down!! But, for right now, we have a summer time project. It is to transform our backyard into the ultimate Oasis [well as much of an Oasis as you can have in Jersey!!]

Now this Oasis idea is really my idea but I am ok with that... I know hubby will enjoy the end result. I am thinking of flowers, waterfalls, hanging lights and an outdoor living room. He is thinking of how much work it will take and how many trips he will make to Home Depot!

I watch HGTV (when not watching the Food Network) and get a million ideas. Who knew rocks come in so many colors?? Marshall’s (my favorite store) will also be the place to find those one of a kind baskets, fabulous dishes and utensils, and indoor/outdoor rugs to put in my Oasis. Our grill area must be perfect to give honor to the great meals that will be prepared. As I told you before…dining outside adds to a Foodie’s culinary experience!!

My Oasis will be the ultimate gathering place or can be a cozy date for two. I will have to remind myself to go inside my house from time to time! I am excited for this project and will keep you posted as the Oasis evolves…

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Going To Be On A Speaker's Panel!!

I have been invited to participate in a panel discussion regarding entrepreneurship during tough economic times [obviously someone has been lookin' in my bank account!].

I'm excited about this opportunity. The panel is part of a conference entitled, "The Economics of Success: A Lesson in Perseverance. Shon Gables, formerly of CBS 2 News - currently host of Black Enterprise Business Report, is the keynote speaker of the conference. The panel includes Craig Treadway from CW11, me and April from Pooka and three other entrepreneurs. The conference takes place at 10:00 am this Saturday, May 17th, at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Newark, NJ.

We have been asked to give the "real deal" on the world of the small entrepreneur, especially during tough times like we are experiencing now. The conference has been designed to educate potential entrepreneurs but also to remind our supporters, clients and potential clients that we need them now more than ever. That support, no matter how small, is the life blood of our small businesses.

On that note, let me thank all of you, new and old Pooka customers, for the support you give us!! We appreciate every time you decide to steer a purchase our way instead of some big company. We know it's tough right now and we try to do our part with giveaways, sales and other promotions to make it easier on you.

Again, I like the idea of this conference and I'm honored to be chosen. I want to do my part to make sure everyone understands what is involved with not only opening a business but trying to keep it afloat when things get tight. We are trying to be as creative as possible and I'm happy to pass on any tips that I can.

So, yeah, it's tough but with your help and our hard work and prayers we will continue. Please don't ever forget, We need you, we love your support and we appreciate you!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summer Time Violence

UGHHHHH!! I am so frustrated and tired!

Why is it that every time the weather breaks or it gets a little nice outside, it's earmarked with violence in our community? Recently, Dawn told me that one of our friends was shot in Irvington. The next day Yolanda called and told me that one of our friends got shot in Brooklyn. I don't understand this! Why does this continue to happen in our community? Why can't we evolve from this cycle of violence?

I'm sorry Pooka family... I know you expect something more lighthearted but today I just need to vent. Do we as woman need to talk to our brothers more to let them know they are loved just as they are? Do we need to tell them they don't need to go out and shoot someone to get a motorcycle or a gold chain or a few extra dollars?

Please someone tell me... what's the answer to getting violence out of our community?

Peace & Blessings,


Friday, May 9, 2008


Hi People,

Is it me or is everyone worried about everyone else’s business?! I, like my sister, am obsessed with this upcoming election. This is the most important political moment in my lifetime!! But can we just deal with the issues? ...of course not! Can we deal with the candidates’ stance on health care, the mortgage crisis, gas prices, the war? ...of course not! Can we deal with the effects of global warming? ...of course not! Can we deal with how our country will be viewed by the global community in the future? ...of course not!

No people, we have to deal with what the political affiliation of your neighbor was when you were five years old! Was all of your jewelry purchased at the United States of America tourist store! What type of book did you take that oath on??!! And my favorite... is that really your pastor?!!!

SORRY, but this is really more than I can take (by the way, I guess you see who I am defending!!) When I watch all of these political programs I sometimes think I am watching a televised issue of STAR magazine!! So much time, and energy and so-called knowledgeable opinion is spent on what I call the, who cares?! category!!

Look, most important is that you support and select the candidate of your choice. That support should be based on their record of service and their platform. The candidates, first and foremost, are human beings like you and me. They have gone though a lifetime (good, bad and indifferent) of everything that goes along with living life. This includes people, family and experiences, sometimes similar to ours and sometimes not. We can try to analyze their actions (past and present) and their every word, to determine their character. But, unless we are going home with them every day we will never really know them like that.

This is one of the most important elections for so many reasons and people are very passionate about their choice for the next president of the United States. It is an exciting time for us all! My plea to you is to focus. Focus on what is real and not fabricated or exaggerated or overrated or unimportant. People, please pay attention to the issues and do not be distracted by the distraction!!
Peace & Blessings,


Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Love Spring Cleaning!!

I got up this week and opened the window and realized Spring is here!!!! In my quest to get ready for spring I decided to do some spring cleaning!

I put on my flowered head scarf (like they do on TV) and grabbed my broom to get started. Now for those of you who know me I do not love cleaning up... let me clarify that before my momma gets to bloggin'... I was taught how to clean and keep things clean but... I can be a little, shall we say, "unorganized" at times.

As I stood in the middle of my apartment with my bucket and mop, I couldn't remember what to do next! I decided to do some dusting... what's the most obvious thing to start with? The TV, of course! I dusted the screen but since I really wanted to see if it was clean, I turned it on. I was so proud of myself! I made sure that I could see at least 3 shows on my new clean TV screen! This cleaning isn't so bad.

After I turned the TV off I figured I needed some motivation so I turned on the radio and blasted some music. While trying out some new dance steps, I got so tired I had to take a little break.

On to the kitchen. I decided to tackle the stove, but just to make sure it was working right I threw in a frozen pizza (soy, of course.) I was relieved to find out that the stove was working quite nicely but realized, "Hey, it's lunch time!" As I looked in the sink I decided to quickly wash the dishes, well, the dish and the glass I needed to drink some juice with my pizza. Okay, now lunch was over, time to get back to this cleanin'!

I went to the bathroom (always a good place to get started.) I knew I needed to tackle that tub and I did... spotless! But, as I did the gleam from my newly polished faucet glared in my eyes, so I decided to turn it on to get the light out of my eyes. Would you believe the water filled the whole tub? Now since I try to be environmentally correct I couldn't waste the water so... in I jumped for a nice mid-morning relaxing bath (with my Pooka of course!)

After an hour or so I was out of the tub and decided to change my linen (always a wonderful way to start spring cleaning.) My fresh new bed looked great but I noticed some bumps in the covers so I pulled them back to remake the bed but had to crawl around to smooth out all the bumps and you won't believe what happened!!! I fell right in the middle of my bed!! Now my window was open and there was a breeze comin' through and you know what happened... so let's just say 2 hours later I was rested, relaxed, cleaned and fed. I love spring cleaning!

p.s. Look out for the May newsletter which includes home recipes for natural cleaning products.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Baby beats the Babysitter!

Hi everybody!
I just had to write a quickie blog. I was so delighted to hear from a good family friend that she got engaged!! Now mind you this young lady was actually my first customer for one of my first entrepenurial endeavors, babysitting! That lets you know how long I've know her and now she's getting married, wow, what does it say when they baby beats the babysitter to the altar?!
Congratulations DeVona! Love you!