Monday, October 13, 2014

My BFF Oprah! #lifeyouwanttour

Well pooka family, by now you’ve all seen my photo with my new BFF, Oprah!  I also want to say that I may have to stop writing quickly if Oprah calls or needs me, so be prepared!  

2 weeks ago I had an amazing experience.  I was able to attend the Oprahs, LIFE YOU WANT weekend and it was AMAZING!!  I was blessed with a VIP opportunity to the weekend and it was more than I could imagine.  The Life you want tour was 2 days, Friday evening was day 1 and this was Oprahs night!  It was 2 hours of her telling her story and sharing her journey.  She was so transparent and forthcoming.  I had a 5th row seat, close enough to see the sweat on her brow!  As I’m staring at her mouth wide open, in walks Steadman and sits only 2 rows in front of us!  Really! 2 rows behind Steadman, I must be family!  The touching thing this was, that Oprah stopped in her tracks and said, “Steadmans here!”  She was actually excited and at that moment she seemed just like any one of our girlfriends excited to see her guy.  She proceeded to chat with him, like we werent even there and she smiled and giggled a bit too!  Wow, Oprah is just as goofy as the rest of us, I thought!  Once she was content with her Steadman chat, she started telling stories about him and how he is in her life and just the fact that she chose to share that with us,, said volumes about her.  

The next 2 hours went by fast, her telling stories and sharing.  I can say that she is totally AUTHENTIC, she really wanted us to get it.  She wanted us to know that we can live the life we want, the life we are supposed to have.  She said, You can’t live my life but you can live the best life that you’re supposed to live.  It was very powerful.  The entire weekend was filled with wonderful anecdotes and positive affirmations about how to live your best life. 

Once she was finished on friday, my group was ushered to another room where we had dinner and champagne, (Yup, I’m fancy) The group was small, maybe about 150 people and then casually, Oprah walks in!  She starting talking to us and hoping that we knew the importance of the weekend and getting our Best Life on!  I just couldn’t believe that she was just right there, chatting with us!  She told us that she was going to take a picture with each one of us and that the picture should symbolize the shift that will happen during the weekend.  I was soooo excited, as I waited for my picture, I just kept thinking about how cool I was going to be and what I was going to say when I talked to her.  I definitely wanted to talk about President Obama and her school in Africa, maybe some womens rights issues or some popular investment opportunities, the possibilities for our conversation were endless.  As I rounded the corner and entered the room, she turned and looked at me, as I walked towards her she said, “I love your dress!” Well people that’s when all my cool went right out the window and I screamed, OPRAH!!! Yup, just like that, I screamed her name and went in for a crazy bear hug!  Why wasn’t I saying all of my planned conversation points, when was I going to ask her about our mutual friend, Michelle Obama?  Well as you see in the picture, her name was about all I got out, the funny thing is, I was hugging her across her shoulders and she took my wrist and held it down in front of us and said, “you want to get a good picture!”  To which I replied, “OPRAH!!!!”  So if you look in the picture, you actually can see Oprah holding my wrist down with her hand, so I don’t tackle her, LOL!  So much for coooooool Dawn! 

It’s all good though family because in those few moments me and O bonded (thats right, I call her O, thats what BFF’s do!) I’m sure she’s going to be calling me soon and I know for a fact that I’ll be getting a dinner invite next time she and Steady(why are you shocked, thats what I call him because we’re friends too!) are in town!

My Next blog post, I plan to share the powerful affirmations I received during day 2, so stay tuned!

Wait.... that might be her calling??   Gotta go, Bye Pooka family, Bye!

hey steadman!

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