Thursday, April 28, 2016

My new venture for BUSINESS OWNERS!

It's been a while and we're trying to do better but life keeps getting in the way :-) I just wanted to share a new venture for my fellow business owners. You know as entrepreneurs we keep evolving. I've been doing social media for Pooka for a long time and I'm also a graphic artist so it has been a little easier for me than some people. Lotsssss of people ask for help and I help as many as I can but its very time consuming, so I put on my entrepreneur hat and thought about what to do! That's when I came up with my next venture, the Social Media Genie(yes the name is a little corny but it gets to the point, lol) Every month I design 8-9 posts/campaigns and the content to go with them. Now all you have to do is download the graphic and post it on your site, VIOLA! All of your content created for you, I even put in a posting calendar so you know when to post it! I'm proud of my new endeavor! People always ask how or what type of business to start. The most important thing is it should solve a problem! Well problem solved!! Check out how it works and thanks for listening :-)

Click to check it out!