Thursday, May 1, 2014

Its my Birthday!

Friday is my birthday! Yeah! No I'm not going to tell you what year this one is, but if you want to say Happy 30th! I'm with you! What to do, what to do? I feel like I've had a hundred birthdays! I remember when I was in elementary/highschool and my birthday would come around, all I wanted my parents to do was to give me a big party, sleepovers, new clothes and money to buy whatever I wanted. When I got a  older all I wanted was money and to be able to go out with my friends. Once I became an adult, I was able to do my birthdays the way I wanted, trips to exotic locations, designer handbags,dinners, shows, spa treatments. I feel like I've done a lot but now I need to do something different, something that will last a lot longer than the month of May. Yes it could be age people, but this birthday I'm on a quest for higher understanding. I'm ready to delve deep into the human condition and discover the meaning of life. To grow more spiritually, mentally and physically. And I'm gonna start.......right after the party......heheheheh Happy Birthday to me!

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