Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gettin Personal with the Pookalitas!! What word do you have trouble pronouncing?

What word do you have trouble pronouncing?!

Massacheutist, see I can't even spell it, LOL! i just say BOSTON!


Lol okay when my husband and I were trying to decided what to call Wesley we couldn't agree on a name. We knew we wanted it to start with a W like William but we couldn't find a name we liked. My mom really liked Warren, for some reason I just couldn't say it! It kept coming out like Warhim, yeah that wasn't gonna work! LOL

Spell lots of words wrong can't think of one I always say wrong??

So what word gets you tongue tied?!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

For the Love of Food!

Greetings Pooka family! Now you know that I am both president and vice president of the National Food Association lol! All things food are right up my alley…reading cookbooks, watching the food network, cooking, EATING!! As a Foodie I have recently encountered an experience that I don’t know how to perceive. It is both perplexing and disturbing to me. If I had not personally experienced what I am about to share I may not have believed it! I was waiting in line outside of the subway station for the shuttle that takes me over the bridge to my day job. A woman, who I had never seen before, came up on line behind me and we nodded good morning to each other. Now I noticed that she had in her hand a very large iced something and a bag which I assumed contained the rest of her breakfast. Now she was juggling this cup and bag in her two hands and as a result she dropped the breakfast bag on the ground. Now family when she dropped the bag the remainder of her breakfast fell to the ground. It was the most delicious looking croissant I had ever seen, it was light and crispy and my fellow Foodies…it was filled with chocolate! We both looked down on the ground at her half eaten croissant and stared at in for a minute or two as we both mourned the loss together of her culinary treat. I looked up at her with empathy and told her that surely that was the best part that was now lying on the ground. She couldn’t even speak but nodded in agreement as she leaned down to pick up her remains. She looked around for a garbage can but none was present where we were standing. She then put the remainder of the croissant back in the bag where it had fallen from. She then shrugged her shoulders and put up her hands as if to say oh well, sometimes things happen or tomorrow I will have to get another croissant. But family I realized that is not what that shrug of her shoulders meant. For at that moment she reached down into the bag and pulled off a piece of that heavenly croissant…….AND SHE ATE IT!!! No kidding family!! I stared at her with my mouth wide open. I wanted to say REALLY???? I understood about not wasting food or the 10 second rule (but remember we mourned the loss of her croissant for at least 1 minute!) Was this the fiercest Foodie I have ever meant or was she just merely disgusting lol! Is there any food that I have such passion for that I would eat it from the ground of the platform outside of the NY city subway. Sorry family…..can’t think of anything. I have pondered this middle aged woman, who seemed polite and was nicely dressed. What would make her eat that and not care that I saw her do it!! Oh well family. I guess you never know what some people will do for the love of food!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Business Trip!

Hey Pooka Family! I am writing this blog while sitting on a plane staring at the back of a man's head (why do men usually go bald at the top of their heads) on my first business trip without Taiye! This is actually my third business trip since I started back to work in March. The first trip, Taiye and Wale went with me to Oregon. Wale wanted to check out Portland because he's mentioned on more than one occasion that he likes the northwest climate and we may be moving there in the next 5 years (yea, right! I can't see Taiye and me going that far away from her Aunties). The second trip was to Atlanta and just Taiye went with me but we have a lot of family there so she stayed with them while I went to my business meetings. Now it's just me...without my baby...away for 3 days and 2 nights. Surprisingly, I'm not too nervous. She'll be at day care during the day and they take great care of her. In the evenings my husband will pick her up and warm up the dinner that I cooked dinner for both of them. Can you guess what I made?..yep, chicken and rice! I told you that's my standby meal and it can last up to 3 days! I laid out her clothes; Miss Erica at Day Care loves to do her hair, so with all that, I'm not too nervous about leaving her. My main concern is for my husband and how he will manage with her throughout the night. You see, Taiye still nurses at night. She is used to turning over and having her milk on demand. So the nighttime will be the challenge for her (not having the boob), for my husband (because she is going to scream bloody murder not getting the boob) and for me (because my boobs are going to swell up with so many milk ducts that it will feel like they will burst). I am prayerful that we all will be able to manage this short trip away for Mommy. Keep us in your prayers Pooka family!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gettin Personal with the Pookalitas!! Do you think the economy is getting better?

Do you think the economy is getting better?

I do believe the economy is getting better despite the media rhetoric of a possible new recession with in the next 3 years.

Actually, I do. Usually at Pooka the summer is a very slow period, but this year was actually pretty good. I think we're in the thick of the recession and people realize they're surviving so they're not as nervous.

The economy will get better when I get a job!

I think it is heading in that direction but we have a way to go. My cost to commute has increased 25%! As most states are feeling the burden it gets passed down to the consumer. I am just more aware of what I am spending.

How do you feel about the economy? Are you still worried?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blogger Buzz Contest! WINNERS!



Blogger Buzz Contest!

It's time for Blogger Buzz!! Win some free Pooka! We're going to start a story below and you finish it in the comment section! The best story wins some free Pooka!!! Get creative people!
Check back at 5:00 and we'll announce the winner!

A Wedding You wouldn't believe!
Okay last week, I went to a wedding for a friend of mine. It was supposed to be a very upscale wedding and I was excited. Not wanting to bring sand to the beach, I decided not to bring a date. The ceremony was amazing so many different things, I couldn't wait until I got to the reception. When I got there a friend of mine stopped me and said, I don't know if you want to go in there because................

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Technology Rocks!

Greetings Pooka Family! Hope everyone is enjoying summer as it seems to be coming to a close. Well we can’t say it wasn’t hot! I am almost looking forward to fall (a little bit!) which is so not like me. Looking forward to sweaters and boots, cooking Sunday dinner in my oven, starting my intense winter work out (ok so maybe if I write it, it will be!!) and snuggling on the couch to watch tv. Now it is possible that I am feeling this way because of something new we just installed in our house. We just connected a DVR!!! Welcome to the 90s people!! I know that this is no big deal for most of you who have had a DVR forever. This is a big deal for me. My Pooka sisters make fun of me all the time for my lack of interest in technology. This is an even bigger joke because I work in IT!! I am a foodie not a techie. Now the DVR is completely simple and does not require that I get a certification to use it. The concept of it though is so fabulous. I will never miss another TV show. Did I mention how fabulous that is? There are never enough hours in my day just like anyone else’s. Sometimes in those hours all I want to do is take a nap. Now I can take a nap and watch that show whenever I feel like it. I can tape my cooking shows! I can tape those shows that I pretend not to watch like the Kardashians. I can record while in the middle of watching a show. The DVR will also let me pause while watching live tv. (Thanks for that tip Nyika!!) Fabulous. I can fit this into my schedule and not the other way around. Just another tool to help make life simple and that Pooka family is truly fabulous!