Friday, July 31, 2015

Grape Tomatoes!

Greetings Family!
Well we are in summer now and I love it! A lot of outdoor grilling which is great for this foodie. Wanted to share one of my favorite summer side dishes. Grape tomatoes! You can usually find them on sale two or three packs at a time. I cut them in half and add a pinch of salt, pepper, diced red onion and fresh garlic. Pour in some good Italian dressing  and stir so all the tomatoes get some love!  The last time I made I  added diced smoked gouda which took it to a new level. I usually make a big bowl and we eat until gone. .which is usually fast lol. But the longer it marinates the better it is. Serve as a side, with salad, I put on top of my burger. ..enjoy! 
Peace  Donna 

Monday, July 13, 2015

A series of firsts!

Hey Pooka Family!! Welcome to summer!  I’m writing this blog on a mid-summer July day.  It’s been a great summer so far, filled with a lot of firsts!  Taiye finished her first year of school; we took our first trip to Europe where we visited London and Paris!! While Wale was working, Taiye and I ventured off on our own and went to the London Eye, the Parliament, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben and a couple of museums.  We had a great time.  On the last 2 days Wale took some time off and we took the Eurostar train to Paris and went to the Eiffel Tower!  Another first for this year…..Taiye lost her first tooth!!!!  I mean she literally lost it!  It came out during Music Theater camp and she didn’t even realize it.  The staff and the other kids look all around but they could not find it.  She insists that she didn’t swallow it but it is nowhere to be found.  So instead of a tooth under the pillow, she wrote a note to the tooth fairy, “Dear tooth fairy I lost my tooth today.”  That was it!  Luckily the tooth fairy must have found it at MT camp because he left her a first tooth certificate and $1.00!!!! 

Peace & Blessings!


Just Do It!!

Good Morning Pooka Family!!
Well I have completed another episode of "From the Kitche to the Boardroom"!  I have to say I am enjoying them cause you know I looooove to talk :-)  Hopefully you'll listen and let me know what you gentle family, be gentle... I'm sensative, lol!!