Friday, May 29, 2015

The End of the School Year

Morning Pooka Family!!! Well, the end of the school year is fast upon us.  Taiye has completed kindergarten and she will be in the 1st grade in the Fall!!! Where did the time go!! Today I went to my last parent volunteer in-classroom learning event.  I was told that in 1st grade the parents aren’t needed as much in the classroom; only for library days or field trips or class parties.  I look at this little girl every day and wonder what she will be when she grows up and am I doing everything that I can to shape and mold her in to a loving, conscientious, smart, confident, respectful, assertive human being.  Prior to having a child, I never knew how much responsibility there is in being a parent.  I could be molding a future President or a future dancer.  Whatever she decides to do with her life I just pray that I’ve instilled in her the very best of me. 

Peace and Blessings, Tricia

Monday, May 18, 2015

The letter!

Hi pooka family!  I know I've been mia! I've been consumed with pooka but I know I can't forget my family! 
Recently I had some issues with someone and the communication had gotten bad.  I was feeling annoyed and frustrated so I did what I always do,  I wrote a letter!  I've always been a journaler, I love documenting my life!  I have journals dating back to 5th grade. I always laugh when I read how much I loved the paperboy (do they even have paper boys anymore,  lol! I feel old) or when my mother wouldn't let me wear my favorite jeans to school.  I love seeing my handwriting at that age or just remembering what I was feeling at some point in life.  So back to current day,  the situation of course, involves a man ( ughhh, I'm sure 5th grade dawn still didn't think she'd be dealing with this stuff,  I should have married that damn paper boy!)  After poor communication with him,  I was frustrated and couldn't sleep.  So I prayed on it. But I just tossed and turned.  I prayed some more and it came to me clear as day,  write a letter.  So I started writing and boy was it good!  I realized writing is therapeutic for me.  I was able to write everything I felt and the best part?  Letters don't interrupt you,  they don't correct you,  they don't wanna tell their side,  they don't bring up your past,  they don't give you silly analogies,  they just let you express yourself,  uninterrupted AND in your letters you're always right! !!
As I was writing this, letter I felt my spirits lifting,  this letter was flowing,  I was in the zone, watch out Shakespeare!
 I was using where for art thous and everything!  It was pure literary genius (to me anyway! )   The best part was I said everything I wanted to say,  it was out of my system and off of my plate.  After a frustrating evening,  I slept peacefully. 

I wanted to share this so that whenever you find yourself in a frustrating communication situation,  pray and write a letter.  I promise you'll feel better.  You decide if you want to send it or not, but at least you've gotten it out of your system . The worst thing for your physical and emotional health is too have bottled up thoughts and emotions.

Starting today write your letters!  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring!!! (Yes I'm still on that high!)

Morning Pooka Family!!! Yes, I’m blogging about spring again because I am still so excited to have this warm weather after that continuous winter we had!!!  So I’m sticking to what I said last month with respect to getting outside and being active.  Last Sunday I walk/jogged 7 miles, I’ve also been consistent with attending Ms Angel’s Dance and Fitness classes twice a week and next month I’m hanging out with the girls
 and going to Harlem eats! My next goal is to find someone who wants to play tennis with me.  Any takers?