Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ready for my close up!

Greetings family! Hope everyone is enjoying summer. Think about the past east coast winter and get out there and cherish every day. I was able to live one of my foodie fantasies by being on the Dr. Oz show during this summer!  He did a segment on making healthy BBQ choices. The experience was so much fun!  I met Dr. Oz on the way to makeup...very handsome! They selected my wardrobe, rehearsed my segment and out onto the stage I went. I was soooo nervous family. But once the segment started and I said my lines and the audience thought I was funny.....I think I found my calling lol. My segment was probably all of 4 minutes but that was all I needed. I don't think Oprah has to worry or Dr Oz even though I told him to watch my Afro when he was putting an apron over my head!  It did make me realize that I definitely want to explore my foodie path. I am not sure where it will lead but it is very exciting. I recently created an Instagram account...yes that's right...the Pookalita who is not on Facebook. My Instagram account though will be all about food specifically brunch....a favorite meal of mine. Still finding my way but hope you will check me out at @letshavebrunch. I need friends lol! Stay tuned as I travel on my food adventure. Never know where you might see me next. Happy eating!

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