Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Stick

Hi Pooka family! So last week I was downtown and parked in a parking lot.  I went for a drink with friends (organic drinks?! of course :-0 ) After a fun evening I went to get my car and head home.  I had pre-paid and I just needed to put my ticket in and wait for the stick to go up.  I did that and when I went to move forward the stick closed really fast!  I just sat there thinking, am I being pranked?!  I chuckled a little then decided to head out again, BUT, I had already put my ticket in, now the lot was closed and I had no ticket to get out!! I thought about all of those action flicks I’d seen and contemplated driving through the stick! (I had visions of fast and furious in my head)  I pressed the button but I was looking at the empty booth knowing no one was there!  I thought about calling 911 so the police could come and shoot the stick or the fire department so they could set the stick on fire and rescue me!  I sat there for about 20 minutes with no idea what to do, now I feel like the stick was taunting me! I actually drove around the lot to see if there were gaps in the gate that I could .....truck through?  I was getting desperate.  During one of my laps around the lot, I pulled up to the booth and saw a very small sign, “In case of emergency call....”  I quickly dialed the number and a person answered, “Hi this is John...”   Now I’m screaming, I’m stuck in your lot, the stick came down, blah blah blah!  I awaited Johns reply, figuring he would tell me where the magic button was to lift the stick but do you know what John told me?  That I had to wait for him to get there and that he didn’t live far! Really!? Is that what you do when the stick comes down on you?! Wait for John to get out of bed?!  Well, it was not the Fireman fantasy rescue I had planned on but John arrived, bed hair and all and let me out!!

To the stick I say.....”We will meet again....”

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