Thursday, January 29, 2009

Call me Michelle!

Wow, what an exciting time! I’m sure everyone watched as Barack Obama was sworn in as our president! Amazing! I watched the festivities all day from 10:00am-11:00pm. After the 6th ball and another dragging rendition of “At Last” I had to call it quits. I thought that Michelle Obama was regal and I was so proud of her. It made me start thinking………….Let me first start by saying growing up I didn’t like my middle name. There was nothing wrong with it but I just didn’t think it fit. My parents were into the matching names so we all had DMF initials. Donna Marie, Douglas Morgan and………Dawn MICHELLE. Yuck, I always complained to her “Why couldn’t I be Dawn Marie”, I thought that flowed so much better, “Donna get’s everything great!” I was soooooo dramatic and very much Jan Brady, the middle child! Well I can honestly say now that my middle name ROCKS!! Finally at ___ years old (you didn’t think I was going to put that in!) I love my middle name. When people call me Dawn I quickly correct them and tell them I go by my middle name now, Michelle! I was also thinking that If I can do some investigating in Africa and find out if Barack has a brother and we meet and fall in love and get married, I could be the new……..MICHELLE OBAMA!!!
A girl can dream can’t she!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Am I ready for Motherhood?

Saturday was Wesley's birthday (April's youngest son and my Godson) and we planned his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Plans were all set; after we closed up at the Pooka warehouse we would all meet at the birthday party at 4 PM. Well, let me tell you.Saturday was an eventful day from start to finish! First: Wesley ate some of Auntie Dawn's breakfast muffin which contained nuts. His tongue began to swell and his eyes glazed over. April rushed him home to get some Benedryl. Afterwards he felt better but just to be on the safe side April took him to the pediatrician. After the pediatrician gave him a clean bill of health, April came back to Pooka to pick up William for his Karate School party. While at the Karate School party there was a piñata whereas when one of the kids broke the piñata Wesley was the first one to the middle of the floor to grab some candy. All the other kids rush behind him, leaving Wesley at the bottom of the pile and April franticly trying to pull kids off of him. Thankfully another mother was able to reach Wesley first and pull him out from under the pile whereas he graciously showed April the candy he was able to capture. Finally, we get to Chuck E. Cheese for the birthday party where there appears to be hundreds of kids laughing, playing, and eating pizza. The music was enormously loud and with all the yelling and screaming all I could do is sit at the table with my head in my hands and wonder..Am I ready for Motherhood? The worry, the stress, the noise, the energy of children.did I really think this through before contemplating pregnancy? Don't get me wrong, I know children are a gift from God, but am I ready for this gift? Not that I have years on my side to contemplate the decision, but WOW! Whether I am ready or not, in about 2 months I will be faced the biggest challenge I have ever faced in my adult life. Thank you God..I think

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Day?!

Over the weekend a big storm was predicted, 8 inches of snow! This was on Sat. and Pooka was open, at about noon the snow started coming down and Tricia had a great idea to have a Pooka snow day! Donna, was going to her co-op for some cleaning or better known as her summer home, so she said we could all come over there. I was in charge of getting the videos, Tricia went to Whole Foods to get some food, Donna was getting all the snacks and April should have been giving the boys benadryl so they could calm down (just kidding April!) We all met at Donna’s place at about 3 and set the kids up in her bedroom with their snacks and videos, while we/Tricia started cooking. Now let me say that Donna is trying to rent her summer home/apt, but it’s hard to do that when it’s still filled with your stuff! So Donna starts cleaning and proceeds to make us all take stuff home, she made piles for everyone! I got a porcelain horse, mismatched dishes, old candles and a bunch of other stuff that I didn’t want or need, but when I looked around my pile was a lot better than what the rest of the girls got so I shut up! Now I’m also looking out the window and the snow has stopped, maybe I could make it home and no one would notice! The kids came in and I asked Wesley, “what’s up?” and as he grabbed some popcorn off the table and went back to watch Horton Hears a Who, he said, “the ceiling” ahhh…. My auntie dawn magic is fading. Tricia made the dinner and when we sat down to what I thought would be burgers and fries, she lays out steamed mussels, shrimp, crab legs, honey chicken and salad!!! I will never miss a snow day at Tricias! Well we ate until we were sick and then went over to Donna’s snack table which was filled with every snack imaginable (including some sugar free for me) and started to watch our movies until we passed out. Now here’s how I sum up the snow day.
1. It barely snowed! I think the weather stations have a deal with farmers and grocers to call a snow day at least 3 times each winter to make us run to the store and pack our refrigerators like the world is coming to an end.

2. We collectively spent over $130 on our snow day in a recession!!!!

3. I now have a bag of wooden monkeys, porcelain horses and mismatched dishes for life!(these items will be on sale at Pooka!)

4. If you are going to have a snow day with men make sure they are older than 3 and 7

5. Never eat steamed mussels and kettle corn, they don’t mix!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kids today have it sooooooo easy!!!!

My sister-in-law sent me an e-mail about today kids and I want to share some of that and my own observations.....When I was a kid, my parents used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were when they were growing up! Yah know walking to school for 25 miles uphill both ways! Not having enough food to eat or clothes to wear! It made them tough and MY generation was soft compared to theirs. I remember promising myself that when I grew up, I was not going to lay that bunch of crap on my kids..................................well
ALL OF THAT IS OVER NOW!!!! Kids today have it sooooooo easy!!!!

First of all if we wanted to know something, we had to ask someone who was a lot older than us (even then we may not get the right answer! ) or go to the library and look it up ourselves!!!!!! THERE WAS NO INTERNET!!!!!!!

If we wanted to write to someone we had to write a letter (bad handwriting and all!!!) then find a stamp, find a mailbox or take it to the post office. THERE WAS NO E-MAIL

If we wanted to steal songs, we had to have a radio with a tape player so we could record them,(but of course the dj would be talking all over the record or your little brother would come into the room screaming, thanks Scott!) or go to the record store and steal the record yourself. THERE WERE NO MP3'S OR NAPSTERS!!!!!!

You couldn't get phone calls because somebody important might be trying to call your family and your tying up the line!

Plus you didn't know who was calling you, it could be your teacher, calling your parents to tell them how bad you did on that test in school today! THERE WAS NO CALLER ID!!!!!!

You were the remote control, if your parents or older siblings wanted the channel changed on the T.V. and then you had to stand there and keep changing untill somebody picked something!!! THERE WAS NO REMOTE CONTROL!!!!!!


This list can go on and on send me things that you want to add!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dawn's Resolutions

Well it’s the end of another year and I for one am excited about 2009!
It’s funny how we are all filled with such a sense of hope that a new year brings. Why is it that we only feel we can start over, clean up our finances, find love, correct wrongs, basically change our entire life at the end of the year, what happens during the year!
Every year I make huge resolutions and by March I can’t remember what they were and I don’t even think about them! I think that this year we should concentrate on making the entire year count. Don’t wait until New Years Eve to decide what needs to be done to enrich your life. Make resolutions every day and try to stick to them. (Obviously I’m in a preachy mood, LOL!) This year I really want to make some changes and I’m going to start by working on these things every day so that when 2009 is over I’ll be sad to see it go because such wonderful things were accomplished! So let’s work on it together people, every day!