Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting to know the Pookalitas! What reality show would you go on and why?

What reality show would you go on and why?

Do you have to ask?? The Apprentice of course!!! So I can make Donald Trump wear Citrus Basil Elbow Grease!!

Shark Tank (although they canceled it). As an entrepreneur I'm always interested in other people's entrepreneurial endeavors.

I would love to go on the Amazing Race! How cool would that be to go racing all over the world? Dawn won't go with me though! LOL!

Because I am a foodie it would of course be a food related show. I would love to be on Cupcakes Wars. It is not too cut throat and you get to eat the prize!!

What reality show would you go on????

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The most important oil of all.....

Pooka family today I would like to discuss the most important oil of all! i’m always trying to tell you about oil benefits and which ones are best for you, well let me tell you the WINNER! MOTOR OIL!! Yes this is yet another blog about the life and times of my car, LOL! Let me rewind, I said this year no resolutions but after reading tricias’ blog 2011 A New Year I decided, this year my big goal will be to work on my procrastination, I mean really work on it! Now fast forward to my truck, which by the way is overdue for an oil change by 2000 miles! yup, 2000!(don’t tell my dad) So every morning i get into my car and I'm in a hurray as usual, i look at the sticker reminding me that i’m overdue and i say to myself “Dawn, this week oil change!” and then I drive off. Well yesterday morning I started the car and let her warm up, said my oil change speel and peeled off. As i’m driving I look in my rear view mirror and I realize I’ve got to get my car washed cause my window is foggy! But as I drove more I realized the fog was coming out of my exhaust. So what did I do? Drive faster of course, maybe I could burn it out with speed. At the next light while looking in the rearview mirror a driver on the opposite side beeped at me to let me know that smoke was now coming out of my hood! Now i’m in trouble, I didn’t want to stop because I was close to a gas station so again, I put the petal to the metal! Now as i’m rounding the corner I look over at my glove compartment and what do i see, SMOKE! coming out the the glove compartment and I hear sizzling like bacon in a hot frying pan(turkey bacon of course)! Now I’m really panicking, is the car on fire? is it gonna blow up? I finally made it to the gas station and lifted the hood, it looked like an oil explosion under there. The mechanic pulled it into the garage and they let me know that I had a massive oil leak and I wound up paying $450 to fix the leak and clean the engine! Now, If i had gotten my oil change when I was supposed to they may have found the leak and it probably would have cost me about $40 and I wouldn’t have been traumatized driving a burning truck through my city! I also could have pulled over if i had remembered to renew my AAA. Lesson Learned!!! So now when I get into my truck I don’t have to say “Dawn this week oil change” instead I look at the Jan 2011 registration sticker in my window and say “Dawn gotta get an inspection!” I’m a WORK IN PROGRESS PEOPLE!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Daniel Fast

Greetings Pooka Family!

I want to share what has been a truly wonderful life changing experience. It is awesome so I wanted you, my family to have the same experience. A few weeks ago I started the Daniel fast with my Pooka sisters. Tricia’s church began this fast quite appropriately at the beginning of the year. April’s church was also doing the same so Dawn and I decided to join in and fast together. This is not a fast for diet but for spirit! The fast lasts for three weeks. Tricia’s church also incorporated what they call the hour of power. While fasting you spend 15 minutes on the following: spirit (reading the bible, listening to inspirational music), mind (doing a crossword puzzle, learning something new), health (exercising the body) and finance (balancing your check book, make a daily budget). All of the areas we need to focus on to make this our best life (thanks for the phrase Oprah!!) During the fast which is patterned from the book of Daniel you are not to eat sugar, meat, dairy, bread, nothing white (rice or pasta), nothing fried and you only drink water. Basically you are eating all the fruit and veggies you like! We went to the supermarket so we would be prepared to begin our fast. Now family this takes a lot of discipline especially from a foodie like me who enjoys all things food! I will admit that week one was very challenging but then something happened. We started not to think so much about the food. We checked in to encourage each other every day. We shared recipes and daily inspiration and slowly our focus began to change which was exactly the point. Our study of the spirit became deeper and we focused on that word and the areas in the hour of power to help us grow. We are heading into our last week…actually April’s church ends their fast in February. Go April! We each have our moments sometimes. You don’t realize how much we eat, think, and talk about food. How so much of our socialization is centered on food! This fast has changed me for good. I have discovered some wonderful healthy recipes to incorporate into my everyday life. I am not going to become a vegan right now but I am going to be eating like a healthy foodie should because I know I can do it!! More important than the food, this fast has shown me that if I trust and focus on Him then I can do anything I put my mind to family!! This is something I of course already knew but this fasting experience truly helped me to focus living that truth. That is awesome news!! I encourage everyone to give this fast a try to give you clarity for all that you want to accomplish. I also ask my Pooka sisters to share their fast experience with all of you. What a wonderful way to begin this New Year. Won’t you join us Pooka family!

Peace Donna

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 A New Year!

Happy New Year Pooka Family! Welcome to 2011 - A New Year to get it right! As you reflect on 2010 and all the things you've accomplished; what is the one thing you would like to focus on this year? I'm not talking about your standard resolutions i.e. exercise more, eat better, be more organized, I'm talking about that 1 goal you'd like to set for yourself to achieve with 100% success! This one goal is not something which is expected to be reached in 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. Those goals are a lot easier to achieve. This is your Challenge Goal. A goal which you will work on frequently throughout the year then set monthly or quarterly checkpoints for yourself to see how you're progressing. Think about this family. I know a lot of you are waiting for me to give an example or maybe share my Challenge Goal, but I don't want to do that. I think a Challenge Goal is something that you alone should come up with. It may take some soul searching, meditation and praying, but I truly believe that each of us can come up with 1 thing which we can focus on for this year so that on January 1, 2012 you can confidently say that I successfully accomplished ______________ this year! Fill in that blank family and let's focus on achieving our 2011 Challenge Goal!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Shero!

I've always liked Vivica Fox. She always played the roles I would have if I had taken my acting career seriously,(LOL) ya know being Will Smith's girlfriend in Independence Day, a femme fatale in Kill Bill volume 1 or the sassy younger sister in Soul Food. She's been in numerous movies, television shows and specials. She always seems to play the sister who is tough, don't take no stuff and smart as a whip. A person who knows how to play the game and get others to play with her. ( Which is how I imagine her to be in real life!) Now she is about to become a married woman again! That's right! Ms. V who is 46 is marrying a 27 year old club promoter. He gave her an eight-carat ring. (Didn't know promoters were balling like that!) Vivica has brought in her new year the way a lot of women want too; lots of money and a permanent honey! Go Vivica ! I see your work, I gotta make me a couple of Mil first though....Yo everybody buy some Pooka!