Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why I like Snow Days!

We have been slammed with a lot of SNOW DAYS lately, it seems like every other week there is a SNOW DAY, WEEK, or MONTH!  It can be very depressing stuck in the house week after week, but for me it's like a mini vacation! I mean when do you ever have a day where you don't have to do anything at all? You don't have to go to work! Yah! Spouse and kids are home from school! (Ok,so we can't get everything) but still we don't have to get dressed, we can wear our pajamas ALL DAY, we can eat everything we want(chips,cookies,cake,burgers and fries with a ton of cheese on them) because all diets and restrictions are off on a SNOW DAY! We can watch television till our eyes fall out of our heads, because it's a SNOW DAY! We can play loud music and dance around being silly because it's a SNOW DAY! We can all take a nap on the couch together because it's a SNOW DAY!

So the next time there is a SNOW DAY, say YES to your mini-vacation!

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