Friday, March 28, 2014

Acts of Kindness!

Greetings Family!  Hope everyone is keeping warm.  I wouldn't think I would send that wish by looking at the calendar but Mother Nature has another plan in mind.  Because of this we are still dressing the, hat and gloves.  Which leads me to my actual blog topic today.  Yesterday I left my gloves on the train. My expensive leather gloves that I was so proud of not losing during this long winter.  I thought I almost made it ...and then yesterday the train took off with my gloves!  I got on the train this morning and asked the conductor if he had seen them.  He face said...are you really asking me this...but his mouth said.... check lost and found.  Now I thought that was a lost cause but I checked anyway.  The woman behind the counter was very pleasant.  I told her about my lovely gloves and the train that I caught the morning before.  She left her desk to check...and she came back with my gloves!!!  It was my birthday all over again!!  Family this was such a big deal for me!!  I was so appreciative that someone took the time to take my gloves to lost and found.  Most people would have left the gloves or taken the gloves...just keeping it real.  This made my day and changed me as well.  I have been praying for that person all morning, that they receive something they need today and that they continue to have many blessings.  So I will continue to pay it forward and will always turn things in to the lost and found.  It can make a huge difference to the person even if it seems a minor thing in your world.  It can truly make someone's day.  That's what it did for me!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Morning Pooka Family!!! Guess what?  We made it through the winter.  Thursday is the first day of Spring!!! YAY!  Yes, the weather doesn't quite feel spring-like but I'm optimistic that a change is coming soon.  I can't wait to get out there and plant some flowers..wait a minute, I don't like gardening. Okay, well then I can't wait to get out there and watch my neighbor plant her flowers or ask Grandma to come over and plant some flowers with Taiye.  Spring also brings about the constant sneezing and high pollen count which affect allergies; the dogs pooping on the grass and owners not doing the responsible thing by picking it up, the groundhog in my backyard living under my shed who comes out and digs holes all along our back fence; the raking of the leaves, the mowing of the lawn, etc., etc., etc.  But you know what, with all that said its better than another 10" snowfall.  Yes, I am looking forward to Spring!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You look FABULOUS!!!

Hi Pooka family!  I wanted to start this post off today with a compliment!  And you know what? you do look fabulous!  I've been trying something new and that's GIVING COMPLIMENTS! Now, I always give compliments but I've been trying to give at least 4 a day to random strangers!  It is so powerful! We see people every day and think, "that looks great on her" or "nice hair cut" or "he smells greeeeeat!"  SO...why not tell people.  I've been on a mission with my new compliment experiment, I've been in the supermarket, the bakery or just walking down the street and If I see someone who catches my eye, I compliment that person.  It's the funniest thing to watch their reaction, people are so surprised to be noticed and especially by a stranger.  It's always a look of surprise and then a huge smile.  I have to admit, it may be a little selfish because doing this makes ME feel good! After they smile, I smile and keep on my way!  It has really turned my day around when I've been having a rough one.  So I challenge you to try this compliment experiment and lift someones day!  DISCLAIMER: Don't be too aggressive or you may be labeled as the creepy, odd, happy person around your neighborhood, LOL!

p.s. I LOOOOOVE your outfit today!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 years old!

Hey Pooka Family!  Okay, you'll have to indulge me with being a little emotional with my blog this baby will be 5 years old in 18 days!!!!  I can't believe this little person who was in my belly is now preparing to attend kindergarten in the fall! We are truly blessed to have her in our lives.  I thank God every day for her.  No truer statement that I've ever heard is, "the days seem long but the years go by quickly!" Every time I look at her I'm amazed at how quickly she has gotten to this point in her life.  So Pooka family, as I sit here typing this blog and listening to her sing the songs from the Frozen soundtrack for the umpteenth time, I smile and pray that God will continue to watch over her as she grows into what He has in store for her life.