Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I told you so!

So recently I took my boys to the park and they wanted to bring their scooters. I said ok, because I  was coming with them, I usually don't let them take them if I'm not with them because I feel that they will leave them or somebody will take them. So of course as soon as we get to the playground they drop their scooters and run off to the swings. I go and sit down with the scooters and before I could get comfortable a little boy walks up to me and asks me can he ride a scooter. I thought for a second and then said yes, just stay in the playground. I mean what could happen? I was there its not like he was going to run off with the scooter, when he so politely asked to borrow it. So the little boy starts riding the scooter around the playground of course my youngest sees this and goes tearing after the little boy, "Get off of my scooter!" I say to Wes "Its okay mommy said he could ride it, I'm right here." Wes is steaming but he lets it go and goes back to play. Meanwhile the little boy is riding all over the playground, making bigger and bigger circles moving further and further away. So I'm watching him close and he shoots out of the other side of the playground moving like a train. I'm like @#%$! I know this kid is not stealing the scooter from me! Just as I get up to chase after him, he zooms back in, and circles the playground again. I call out to him " Don't go out of the playground." In a stern mommy voice, which he doesn't acknowledge. "I'm watching you," I think to myself and as I am he zooms out of the playground again and keeps going! So now I gotta get up and run after this kid without letting my kids see me!  I run over to the other side of the playground and out I'm about to go into a full sprint when the little boy comes zooming back almost getting past me but I stop him and I'm like "Ok you are done, off the scooter." Next thing I know Wes is next to me like what happened? I say "Nothing" just time to go home. I can't be running after people,we will not be bringing scooters to the park anymore.

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