Friday, December 31, 2010

The More things change....Happy New Year!

Hello Pooka Family!! As I sat down to write my new years words of wisdom I realized that they are pretty much the same as last year! Not in a bad way, but I read the blog I wrote last year and it really still applies so here it is for your viewing pleasure again, LOL!!! (ps I changed the dates to make it current for you!)

"Well this New Year's Eve I did a lot of thinking. I listened to a lot of people who were overjoyed to get rid of 2010 and I started thinking why is it that at the end of every year we can't wait to get rid of that year because it was horrible, but this was the same year we welcomed with excitement last January! Lets be thankful for every year we are allowed to see. Thanks 2010 for the good the bad and for just being here to experience it all. Now that being said or thought I wondered if I should even make resolutions? hmmmm....Let me think about resolutions past and see how some those turned out.....
1. I still don't look like Halle Barry
2. I didn't do the stairmaster every day, butt still doesn't look like Jennifer Lopez'(remember that blog?!)
3. Will Smith still hasn't called me if you remember my past blog, neither has Danny Glover or Morgan Freeman!
4. I still can't make collard greens and continue to eat free stuff at Whole Foods, just not with the kids, remember how that went....
5. I tried to live by my budget but you all read my ipod blog!
6. I haven't found Barack Obamas brother and married him to make myself Michelle Obama(oh you missed that one!?here it is!)
7. I haven't cleaned up yet.....(yeah there was one for that too!)
8. hair, well I'm leaving that one alone and you should too, LOL!

The list goes on and on, LOL! So this year no resolutions for me, I'm just going to be the best I can be and when 2011 ends I'll be happy for a great year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sister Can You Spare a Car?

Greetings Pooka Family!! I hope that everyone is in the holiday spirit during this time of year. That spirit of being with family and friends. That spirit of giving. Finding that special gift for that special someone. Now I always try to embrace this spirit because the holidays are a wonderful time for me. Well my spirit was momentarily shifted when I viewed a recent Lexus commercial. Family has anyone else seen this?? It shows a white woman and her clearly ethnic husband. She is so excited to present him with a brand new Lexus all tied up in a beautiful red bow. On first view of this commercial I was completely taken aback. Now I believe that you can’t choose who you love. Real love happens that way. But.... yes, there is a but, I have a problem with this commercial. I feel that it feeds into the stereotype of our black man choosing woman that do not look like their mama! And because he chooses this woman he gets a new Lexus as his prize. Family is it me? Am I being the Grinch on Christmas? What message does this send to our young women of color? When black men see this commercial do they wish that was them? I need to hear from my Pooka sisters to see what you think about this. In the meantime maybe we need to get back to the Reason for the Season and we wouldn’t need to worry about what kind of car we are driving on our way to church!

Peace Pooka Family

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dragon Universe!!!!

Ok so everyone knows that I have two boys and I'm always on the look out for something for them to do. A friend of mine suggested joining MommyParties which I did and I was selected to host a Dragon Universe Party!!!! Soon after a large box arrived at my house and I was amazed with the products! I had to hide them from my sons because I knew if they saw them before the party, they would want to play with them right then and there! We live in North Carolina now but we actually traveled with them to New Jersey, where they and us were warmly received. We made fire-breathing bagel melts and enjoyed dragon Scales with Dragon Punch, while watching the Dragon Universe Video. Then it was time to create! Most of the boys picked the Dragons, while a few made the Alliance military pods. They were fairly easy to put together, nobody asked an adult for help! (which is really big!) Then they battled and ran around for the rest of the night! A good time was had by all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Business Trip for Mommy

Hey Pooka Family! Well I'm on another business trip without Taiye. Although I know I will miss her like crazy (oh yea, and my husband too) J I am soooo looking forward to this short trip so I can take some time for myself. The first thing I'm going to do is get a manicure and a pedicure. I haven't had one since the summer so I am looking forward to relaxing and having my hands and feet pampered without the worry of having to rush home to cook or go pick up Taiye. Next I think I'll go and do a little shopping. I love hitting Marshall's and TJ Maxx to see what "good finds" I can get. Afterwards, it will be the "piece de resistance" SUSHI! Luckily my business trip is to the city which has my absolute favorite sushi restaurant, Waraji. This place is like Cheers! It seems as though the sushi chefs and the regulars (customers) all know each other. When you walk in you're sure to hear, "Norm!" "The regular, Norm?" "Yelp, give me a Scary Jerry!" I can not wait to indulge in my favorite dining pleasure! I know I will miss Taiye and my husband, but Mommy needs this time for herself! I'll be back at home before you know it so I'm going to enjoy it! Have a great week Pooka family!