Saturday, February 26, 2011

and the Oscar goes to....

All the votes have been tabulated from Facebook, twitter and email (and you all voted a lot, LOL!) The Pooka Oscar goes to GUAVA MANGO Body Butter!! Congratulations!! In honor of this wonderful Oscar win Guava Mango Body Butter will be on sale today for $8.00!! Online or at the warehouse, don't miss out! Click on the picture to congratulate or order Guava Mango!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting to know the Pookalitas! What is the most embarrassing CD you have in your collection?

What is the most embarrassing CD you have in your collection

Rick Springfield, yup, I'm Jessies Girl (hey, its really old!)

I'm not embarrassed by any of my CDs; however, the girls make fun of me for my love for Journey and BonJovi!

Hmm...... their not embarrassing to me! I am the Disco queen, I love" best of CD's," Diana Ross, Donna Summers..

I still have a cassette of KJ & JoJo because I used to love them hard lol!

What is the most embarrassing CD you have in your collection?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes....

I was speaking last week at Glenfield Middle School for career day! I always enjoy talking to the kids and sharing my story and stories of other entrepreneurs. Usually during my presentation I ask the kids, if they know what an entrepreneur is? I always get various answers and sometimes some of them come close enough and I fill them in on the rest. While speaking at the school I told them the great parts of owning my own business, then I asked them what they thought would be the down side? One little boy raised his hand and said, “When you’re an entrepreneur you are poor and never know if you will get any money, so it’s sad.” Wow!!! I was shocked and all I could do is wonder how this child got access to my bank account, LOL!!!! All in all it was a great day and come next year I’ll do it again, Pooka loves the children!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slayin Dragons!!

This week I am energized! I’ve just returned from a fabulous business cruise with other Handmade Beauty business owners. What a wealth of knowledge, sharing and yes fun! During the Indie Business cruise a friend/business owner said something to me that really stuck. I told her about being overwhelmed and just not feeling like I could get everything done and she said to me! “You gotta line up your dragons, get out your slingshot and start knocking those dragons down!” This has so stuck with me! There is something about visualizing myself in my armor and just taking down dragons one slingshot at a time. Instead of looking at the overall picture and everything I needed to do, I made a list of things I needed to do just for the day, not the week or month or even year, but the day! I started attacking my list one thing at a time, no procrastinating just slinging! By the end of the day I had crossed off everything on my list and I was amazed! I felt such a sense of accomplishment. So now everyday, I set up my daily dragon list and one by one I TAKE THEM DOWN! Sometimes all that we have to do in any area of our life can seem so overwhelming that it almost makes us do nothing. But make your lists people, just a few things and when you’ve done those things add a few more, then at the end of the week look at all the lists and see everything that you’ve accomplished! You will be so proud of yourself! So I am now officially Dawn Fitch...Dragon Slayer!

What are your dragons?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wealthy vs Rich

Hey Pooka Family!!
This saturday I had the opportunity to speak on a panel for the Omega Psi Phi Black Wealth Initiative! It was a great event! The keynote speaker was John Simons the senior personal finance editor at Black Enterprise magazine. He really made us stop and think about whether we’d like to be rich or wealthy? Rich, you have a lot of money but wealthy is money, power and equity! We as a people have to focus on becoming financially saavy and wealthy check out the Black Enterprise tools to do just that!

The Omega Black Wealth Initiative had 2 main parts, managing your finances and becoming entrepreneurs. This is where I came in, I really enjoyed speaking on the panel and answering any questions that I could. All in all it was a great day and I learned a lot! Pooka family this year lets focus on building wealth and not just getting rich or just getting by! Check out Black Enterprises 10 POWER MOVES TO HELP YOU BETTER MANAGE YOUR MONEY

I’m ready! are you?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Afro Power Continues!!!

Greetings Family! Just reporting in that I am still perm free after 14 months and counting!! Very proud of myself!! Sometimes us natural sisters are standing tall and wearing our style proud. Some days well we are just…natural lol! I will say though, that I have met many people and received lots of compliments with my new fro and many seem to happen while commuting. Family you remember my Foxy Brown post!! Well that was a subway story but I must give equal time to the NJ railroad.

There is an older man who I see most mornings while I wait for the train. We have never introduced ourselves but always smile or nod to say good morning. Well my afro must have looked extra righteous this particular day because he walked over and said good morning and made it obvious he wanted to have a conversation. I noticed he had a very heavy accent...

“Gooda morning! I donta mean to bother you.” I returned the good morning as my parents taught me. “I lika your hair!” Oh, thank you. “My wifa, she hasa curly hair too! I wanta my wifa to hava her hair lika your hair! Well family I took the compliment but wasn’t sure how to proceed with this conversation because this was an older white man that I was speaking with. I said, “Well… is your wife African American?” “ My wifa, shes Italian. I wanta her to go where you gotta your hair done so her curls cana looka like you curls.” Well… it is not for me to determine where people get their hair done. I proceeded to give him a card for my beauty salon (Thanks Kenya and Lisa!!) and gave him directions. “Oh thanka you! You see my wifa….shes a fat! Her curls goa out and I wanta her curls to goa down lika your curls. Thanka you so much” And away he went to get on the train. Well family while I stood there with my mouth open I wondered ….will I have to call my salon to tell them a new client is on the way, has he stopeed any other sisters to ask about their “curls”, does his wife know that he thinks that shes a fat! It was all too much to ponder so early in the morning so I patted my fro and decided to just go to work, my work there was done and I had used my Afro powers for Good!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cocoa Baby! Whipped Cream!

hmmmmm..... Cocoa butter or Shea butter? Two great butters with amazing benefits. I’m always torn between which one I love more soo whats the logical thing to do? Put 'em together! This week we’re introducing our brand new Pooka treat, COCOA BABY! Whipped Cream! This wonderful cream is for all of you who have ever asked if we had anything with cocoa butter, without added fragrance, that you can use on your face, that you can put on your kids, use on your entire body, that will help you with stretch marks and that will save the world(okay that was a stretch)! Here it is!!!!! COCOA BABY whipped cream is a natural body mositurizer with Shea & Cocoa Butters, Olive Oil, Coconut & Avocado oils whipped to perfection! Don’t miss this weeks introductory Special 12oz $14.00!! Get your Cocoa Baby! Whipped Cream at or visit our warehouse to try some!