Monday, April 28, 2008

The Pooka World Tour - Howard U.!!

Ahhh… the blessings keep coming our way. We were invited to go down to Howard University for a book signing and product demo in the bookstore… nothing too big but nice still the same.

We were excited… they are already carrying some of our products and we figured it would be nice to get out and meet some of the students. This felt like the beginning of the Pooka World Tour! Getting out among our people at a historically Black college… there would be no stopping us after this. We decided to kick it up a notch and invite Robert from Just1Touch to give massages… y’know make a whole thing of it. We packed up in my trusty truck and the five of us headed down 95 South with a good feeling in our hearts. We went down on Thursday so we would arrive on campus Friday refreshed and ready.

We got up had a great breakfast and made our way to campus. The students were great, the staff of the bookstore was great and everyone who received a massage was overjoyed. It was a really nice event and we were glad to make it.

Here is a quick video snippet of our way into the bookstore:

Here is another quick peek of us inside:

Tour Cancelled!

Okay, so my truck is not so trusty. in fact, right now I am not feelin it!! We broke down on the way back.

Fortunately, Donna has AAA so we called for help. After an hour [during the middle of the night mind you] a tow shows up but can't take my truck, why?, because there are five of us and we can't fit in the cab of the tow truck!!

He leaves... more waiting... next truck comes, it's big and thank GOD, Tricia has AAA Plus which gave us a tow of 100 miles. Fortunately, I have a cousin in South Jersey so I tell the driver to tow us there and we'd pay for the overage in mileage. We figured we'd crash with cousin Chrystal, get the truck fixed, head back to Jersey the next day.

So now we're snuggled in the large cab of the tow truck, April, Tricia, Donna and Robert were all in the back seat, which left, yeah, me in the front with the driver. After about 15 minutes on the road, I looked back and only Tricia was somewhat awake, her eyes warily on the driver, after a minute she hits Donna and says, "Keep your eyes on the driver, he's going to sleep!" and then proceeds to fall into a sleep coma of her own. Donna is now on the job, for about 3 minutes when she pulls at my sleeve and says, "Keep your eyes on the driver he's going to sleep!" and then down for the count she went. Now here I am almost in a deep sleep when I look over at the driver, who now has on his pajamas and night cap!! Okay, I figure, now I'm hallucinating.

I begin to talk to the driver about anything, I don't know this man but realize I must keep him awake. "So, do you like lemon icys?... There's nothing like a pretty rainbow!... Sometimes monkeys eat their young..." On and on I went for 2 HOURS!!!! Talking about anything that would keep me and the driver awake. He finally agrees to stop for coffee and comes back with... A SNAPPLE!!! I'm thinking, "Okay, that's not going to help you!" I said, "Where is the coffee?" He says, "Oh they were out!" "Hmm... a rest stop out of coffee???!!!?!?" I thought to myself, "Does he have a death wish? Are we about to die?" Well that little Snapple kept him fresh for about another 10 minutes and then I was at it again, "Did you know that 4 leaf clovers are rare?" "Do you like alligators?"
Finally, thank GOD, we made it to my cousin's house. We proceeded to pass out [well actually I passed out, the rest of the Pookalitas had their little naps!!!] We got up in the a.m., got the car fixed and got home.

Let's just say the Pooka World Tour will not be coming to a town near you, at least until I get a new truck!

A view from the road (did the tow truck driver have jokes?):

Your girls do this for the love of all of you:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrate Earth Day!

On April 22, 1970, 20 million people across America celebrated the first Earth Day. It was a time when cities were buried under their own smog and polluted rivers caught fire. Now Earth Day is celebrated annually around the globe.

Through the combined efforts of the U.S. government, grassroots organizations, and citizens like us (well, really our parents and our grandparents because we were really just babes at that point), what started as a day of national environmental recognition has evolved into a world-wide campaign to protect our global environment.

There are lots of things that you can do at home, at school, in your community and at work that can make a difference. I personally plan on NOT buying any more paper plates (Yes, I have been known as the PPQ) but you know I have to wash dishes anyway, a few more plates shouldn't t hurt me. I am also going to buy myself a large glass container and carry water around in that instead of buying plastic bottles of water every day (or if we finish eating the jelly first I'll just use that instead :0) and I'm going to learn how to use a sewing machine so I can make clothes for me and the kids... OKAY, Okay that is so NOT going to happen!

The point is to just TRY to do something so we can leave our kids with a better tomorrow!

Monday, April 21, 2008

No Cheese Please!

In the wake of all that is going on in the world - politics, the recession, rising gas prices, unemployment - I need to discuss something of equal importance... my TEETH! Yes, everyone, my teeth.

While shopping at the mall a few weeks ago, a young man (don't I sound old) looked at me and said, "Wow, you have such a nice smile...", as I smiled sheepishly and thanked him, I was feelin' myself a little. I kept walking through the make-up counters with a little extra pep in my step until I caught a glimpse of my smile in the long mirrors. I was HORRIFIED! My teeth looked like I had been sucking on a block of cheddar cheese! Now, don't get me wrong I brush and floss, but as we get a little older sometimes it's just not enough. My teeth were just plain yellow!

I quietly tucked my lips together making sure a smile would not be seen in this mall again and made my way to a drugstore. I decided to try one of those whitening strips you see on TV (yes, this is a testimonial) I bought the Crest White Strips 10-day program, well... can I say FANTASTIC, after about 2 days I noticed a difference and by the 9th day I was almost ready to stop out of the fear of blinding someone with my new white teeth.

I am usually not a big believer in stuff like this, but if you need a little bump in self-esteem and appearance, try these strips! Now of course I never turned the box over to see what was actually whitening my teeth, I'm sure it wasn't organic, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! No more cheese for me!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes...

After extensive independent research, viewing all of the debates and careful consideration, 2 year-old Wesley gives his choice for the Presidential election...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Power To Heal... All Of Us Possess It

Recently, we received an email from a young lady who'd really experienced some trials and tribulations in her life. Without going into the details of her email, it made me think about how many other people are going through hard times whether personally or professionally. It also helped me realize how something as simple as a brief response could uplift someone's spirit.

I thought about what she must have been feeling to send an email to us, four women whom she'd never met, but felt a sense of kinship and how a simple response from us helped to uplift her spirits. Communication among people is vitally important to our health. Whether it is a brief email, a quick text message, or a simple phone call; it is so important to reach out to that person (or persons) who has been on your mind. You never know what someone else may be going through at the exact moment you are thinking about them. Your communication can be the catalyst of turning a bad day to a good one.

Today, I hope everyone takes a moment to reach out to someone who has been on their mind and heart.

Peace and Blessings,


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!!

Okay is it me or is there no where to hang out in Jersey? I mean where do people go? I don't get out often so when I do, I want to I want to make sure that I have a good time.

I had a chance to go out during a recent weekend without my kids (Yeah!) I was sooooo excited, then I was like "Uh, what am I going to do?" So I called my road dog (Dawn) and let her know that I was free to hit the streets. Dawn didn't have any idea of what to do either! (this was so sad).

We wound up going to the movies (more on that later) but besides movies, eating or bowling, where are people hanging out? What are we doing? What's going on? I don't want to be the old girl in the club, nor do I want to meet the old man in the club... but Girls do want to have fun! What's a girl to do?...

Peace & Blessings,


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chip Off The Ol' Block

Hey Pooka Family!

Have you guys checked out the latest reality show? It's called Rock the Cradle on MTV. On this show the kids of singers try their hand at their parents' profession. MC Hammer's daughter is competing as well as Bobby Brown's son (well one of his sons) and Al B Sure's son.

Check it out and let us know what you think. It's not Dancing with the Stars, but it's good for a laugh!

Peace & Blessings,


Monday, April 7, 2008

Ain't No Party... Pt. 2

Here is another quick video...

Ain't No Party Like A Pomegranate Party!!!

Well everybody we had a great time at the party! Everyone enjoyed the music, pomegranate Pookatinis (alcohol-free and good for you, of course!) and the pomegranate Pooka products.

We are looking forward to more Pooka events, so stay tuned to the blog and we'll keep you posted. We've got a lot up our sleeves... Saturday feasts, more parties, spa days and look for the Pooka Book Club coming soon...

Here is a quick video to give you a glimpse of what you missed!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Church Fight

Ok you are all truly family because I am about to share a very personal story...

This happened a few weeks ago at my church... the place where I go for peace, to hear a word that will carry me through the week…the place where I was in a fight!! Well actually a fight involves two people…I was assaulted!

Come with me brothers and sisters to hear my story. There I was in church, seated next to my parents, enjoying the service. I was smartly dressed in my lovely yellow suit. Into my pew walk two strangers that sat down beside me. I had never seen these worshippers before but I attend a very large church and our doors are open to all. We, the congregation, stood with our Bibles to read the word that would be the subject of our sermon. I, "Chrissie Christian", noticing that my neighbor didn’t have a Bible, decided to share. And that, brothers and sisters is when something went very wrong!!

I reached over to lightly touch the arm of my neighbor and motioned that she could read along with me. It was at that moment that she decided that I was no neighbor of hers!! She looked at me like I was new and hit me and my Bible! Now, just to set the record straight, she did not hit me like Mike Tyson. It was more of a tap, tap, tap with an elbow to my arm for good measure... what Dawn now calls the Church Slap. Those of you that know Dawn can only imagine the hours of laughter she is getting from this story!!

But anyway….I was shocked an appalled. I stood there with my mouth wide open because I couldn’t believe it. I remember thinking, "did she just hit me or am I dreaming?!" After the assault, we all sat down and my neighbor looked straight ahead as if nothing happened! Ok, well first I was mad, but then as I looked at my neighbor I realized something wasn’t quite right (if you know what I mean.) My anger then turned to fear. I had visions of her jumping me during the offering! While I wondered how I would make my exit she hit me again! It was a very quick tap, tap to the side of my leg. "Can someone help me?!" "Doesn’t anyone see this?!!" 'Where are the ushers??" "Where are my Mother and Father?!!?"

Well my agitation finally got the attention of my Mother who asked what was wrong. Now, I like to think of myself as a mature woman of the world but at that moment as I looked at my Mother I turned 4 years old! I replied, “She’s hitting me!” "What!"... my Mother couldn’t comprehend, so again I said, “She’s hitting me!” Now my Father wants to know what is happening and my Mom tells him that my neighbor is hitting me. "What!" He can’t believe it either. My Dad quickly tells me to move my seat which I do very obediently like any 4 year old would! Safe beside my Dad I now fear for my Mother’s arm and leg as well!! I tell my Father my concern, who by this time is practically standing in his seat, glaring down the neighbor. Howard replies that "there will be no more hitting as long as (he) is on the job!!" My Mother, who is the sweetest, also does not play when it comes to her “Pookalitas”! She picks up her umbrella that is on the floor, crosses her leg and makes the exaggerated motion of rolling the umbrella up all in the view of our neighbor. Helen was ready, by whatever means necessary!!

Now I don’t actually know what the sermon was about on that Sunday. We were having strife right in our pew!! Our neighbors left before the benediction, never to be seen again. Now, brothers and sisters, I have replayed this story many times in my head. Should I have rolled up my little yellow suit sleeves and fought back? Should I have screamed? Should I have let my parents beat up my neighbor?!! Who is to say? You never know what you will do until you are actually in a situation.

I do know that I am thankful for my parents, and I am thankful to be in my right mind, and I am thankful to have clothes on my back, especially my little yellow suit!