Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are You In?!!!!

Of all black fourth graders, 58% are functionally illiterate

Everyday 1,000 black children are arrested

One in every eight African American males (Ages 25-29) is incarcerated


Greetings Pooka Family!

I need to talk about something that is very dear to my heart. Service. We were all excited when President Obama asked us to do our part as members of this global community. Everyone has good intentions but we sometimes need direction as to how to go about service. I am giving all of you an opportunity to start right now! I have recently joined the Greater Newark CARES Mentoring movement. This is part of a national movement started by Susan L Taylor, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Essence magazine. Her vision for this mentoring movement is truly awesome! The Newark chapter is proud to be the 56th in the country!! This movement is asking for 4 hours a month of your time. That is it!! Four hours of your time to change someone’s life. This is not about adopting a young person. This is about encouraging, being there and just showing up consistently to effect change. Talking is mentoring. We don’t realize the power of our words. So Pooka family I am challenging all of you to do your part. If you are in the Greater Newark area and are interested in mentoring please send an email to with “I Want to Mentor-Pooka” in the subject line. We will contact you. If you are outside of this area you can connect with one of the local National chapters. Visit Put in your zip code and it will locate the chapter closet to you. We want our Pooka family to represent like we know they can. Sign up today!! ARE YOU IN!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bert and Ernie....Fitch!

Well guys you know I always have to share silly things that crack me up! Last week about 7:00 in the morning a text came through my phone and it was from Donna. I rolled over and read it and it was in all exclamation points!!! She said, "I'm on the train and I'm looking at a poster of Bert and Ernie and that's me and you!!!! "Bert is looking very serious and Ernie has his arm around his shoulder goofing off!!! I emailed her back and we cracked up and laughed. For those of you who don't know last week was the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, pictures were everywhere. Later that day I started to think about this...HEY.....Wait a minute!! Bert was the serious, smart, tall and lean one and Ernie was the silly, short, round one, just what was she trying to say! LOL! But growing up we both loved Sesame Street, I think we all grew up on it, then it hit me that Sesame Street was 40 years old!!! I screamed, I'm older than Sesame Street!!! The only thing that gave me some joy was that Donna was a lot older than Sesame Street, so what did I do? Yup, called her right away to remind her of this fact. I told her while, I, Ernie, was laying in a crib napping, she came running home from school (yup old enough to be in school) to announce to my parents that a new show was coming on called SESAME STREET!!!! Now that's old! I asked her if she remembered when Gone With the Wind came out in the movies? She did not find that funny! But people even though me and my sister are both older than sesame street, we have fond memories and we'll always be Bert and Ernie Fitch!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reclaiming the Boob!

One of the many things I was looking forward to when I had Taiye was breastfeeding. The doctors as well as all the information I'd read said that breastfeeding is the best gift you can give to your child. It's loving, natural, builds a strong bond between you and your child and also starts them off on a solid nutritional foundation for life! Coming from a family which struggles with obesity and not eating right I was determined not to set my daughter down that path. I knew from day one of my pregnancy that this is what I wanted to do. Of course, I'd heard the horror stories as well i.e. it's painful, sometimes the baby doesn't latch on correctly, thrust, it's time consuming etc., etc. Nevertheless, I was not deterred. And so when March 23rd came and the nurse put Taiye on my chest to start nursing my hope was validated..she latched right on and began sucking away! Fast forward 7 months and 2 weeks later; Taiye is still sucking! She's sucking in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at midnight, 2 AM, 5 AM! She's just sucking, sucking, sucking! Taiye will put her hand down my shirt and underneath my breast to push it up and start sucking (yes gravity has begun to descend in that area). And she doesn't care where we are! We could be at the restaurant eating dinner and she'll reach for my boobs. Not wanting to deny my child, I oblige and get the arched eyes from Dawn and Wale like ugh.can you cover up a little? I can't help it if she hates having the blanket cover her while she's eating. She's nosy and still wants to see what's going on even though she's eating.

So family, what do I do to get this chick off of my boob! It's past the 6 month milestone and I've tried to introduce the soft solid foods to her but she will not eat it. I don't know if she doesn't like the consistency of the baby food -which by the way I am making myself. I went to William and Sonoma and brought the Beaba baby food maker which does everything in one appliance! And I brought the baby-safe ice trays to freeze the baby food for storage and I bought the book on how and what baby foods to make. I spent close to $200 on all of this stuff and Taiye still will not eat the baby food.she just wants the boob! You know that saying, "be careful what you pray for, you just might get it"? Well, that's how I'm feeling. Nevertheless, I still cherish and love the fact that I am able to breastfeed my daughter. I know that she will be healthier and stronger for this sacrifice. So if you see me at the warehouse on Saturday, don't be surprised if I have Taiye on my lap feeding while I'm ringing up your order!