Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Snow Day!

Happy Snow Day Pooka Family!  Our first blizzard of the season!  I am thankful for the snow.  It reminds me that we truly are blessed to experience God’s miracles.  Think about it, only God can create an atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals which falls in light white flakes to the earth.  Amazing!!!  I truly enjoy living in the northeast where we experience all four seasons.  #2015enjoyeveryday #2015livelifetothefullest #2015blessedtoexperienceGodseverydaymiracles!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Daniel Fasting


Happy New Year family!  I hope that 2015 is treating everyone well!!  As always the Pookalitas begin the year with our Daniel Fast.  It is a 21 day period to fast and pray. Eating restrictions are no meat, no dairy, no sugar, no white flour/bread/pasta and only drinking water.  The purpose is to do without to focus on your relationship with God.  To read more of the bible, to pray and to silence out everything to hear His voice.  Now when we first started it was extremely hard for the foodie in me!  My Aunt Gloria says you shouldn’t “live for” things but family you know how I feel about food.  But you know…a funny thing happened.  As we do this each year the focus is less about the food and what we can’t have but more about the true intention of the fast.   The mind is a powerful thing but the spirit is more powerful.  Once your spirit decides what is important and what is not, everything falls in line.  Refocusing my attention to reading or to praying really does work.  I want to come out of this fast with clarity on the things that God knows I am praying about. I will not say it has been 100% easy but there is definitely a shift this time.  Life still happens with all the ups and all the downs but I feel covered and protected!  I feel like I am truly in the world but not of the world because fasting has set me apart.  I can be still and pray!  That has been powerful for me.  I guess this is my fasting testimony and I am proud to share it with my family.  The fasting officially ends this Sunday but I want to keep as much of the word and peace with me that I can.  I am a little anxious to jump back into the world.  I will not beat myself up if I fall off of the eating wagon but will make better choices.  I have also decided to fast the first week of every month because I can.  That will guarantee for me to start out and set a positive intention for each month.  God had big plans for me.  I just have to pray about it!
Peace Family!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 The Year of No Fear!

I have decided that this is the year of No Fear. In order not to have fear we need to learn the truth about ourselves. A couple of months ago a co-worker of mine who I have had many great talks about life and love, gave me a book called: Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts. Womanly Arts? Okay I thought what is this going to be about? Ain't I a woman? I already know how to get and keep a man, this is not what I need. Let me just say its not about getting a man but its about how to free yourself in order to have more fun in life.  No who couldn't use a little more fun.I always been known as an upbeat person, but the things she talks about in the book made me feel like I wasn't taking advantage of all of my "Arts." I had to ask myself was I having fun in my life? (Yeah I guess) What was I doing to have fun? (Stuff). Was it really fun? (Not as much as I would like). After reading the book and doing the exercises, I have learned about some of the things that have been holding me back and I am now ready to take on the world! I will not let fear stop me from being who I am and what I want to do. So I'm doing the Daniel Fast, working on a new financial plan courtesy of the "The Budgetnista"and I even joined a dance troupe where we are learning a dance routine that we will be performing this summer! This is the year to take a chance, get out there and live your life! Have Fun!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Table!!!


Well Pooka family, I have to admit I wasnt as excited for 2015 as I usually am.  So much going on that the years sometimes blend into each other...BUT.... I found my, rejuvenation, for this month anyway, lol!  Now, you never know where your inspiration is going to come from for me it was............a TABLE!  Yup, lol!  I know it sounds odd but a table has revitalized me for 2015!  Let me explain, I work so much that I don’t really take the time to enjoy my apartment, I go home, get on the computer, slide over to the couch then roll into the bed!  Thats my home experience.  A friend of mine dropped by and said, why don’t you get a small dining room table, it would really do wonders for your space.  I, of course just rolled my eyes, why do I need a dining room table when I don’t dine! So we just dropped the subject but everytime I walked by that space I thought maybe I should.  Last week I was talking to April and I told her about the conversation and she said, let’s go get one!  We went to a furniture liquidator and I found a small round table and some beige leather chairs.  Well let me tell you, I have a NEW apartment!  I love my table!  When my mom calls, I’m at my table!  The girls wanted to go for breakfast but I my Table!!  I even spent New Years my TABLE!!  It has done wonders for me, I tried to figure out why and I realized that I don’t have a space.  At Pooka I’m all over the place, sitting, shipping, on my computer but no designated space for me.  At home I was always working on my laptop on my couch because my apartment is small!  Well my new table has given me, MY SPACE!  I had my first breakfast in my apartment, reading the sunday paper, with a vase of flowers...on my TABLE!!  I say all of this to say, you never know where you might find some inspiration or rejuvenation, It could be something very small that gives you some encouragement, some joy!  So take the time to appreciate the small things, they could turn into bigger things than you realized!  Well good people, it is time for me to get back to my TABLE!  Happy New Year!!