Friday, October 24, 2014

Dear Teachers.......

Dear Ms./Mr. Teacher,

                                    Thank you for teaching _______everyday because he/she is learning a lot and you are viewed as an authority on all things. There is one thing that I would like to bring to your attention that I wish we could change. Projects, yes do it at home school projects. Over a period  of ten years, I have made everything from a map of the world to a dinosaurs foot print. I have made costumes for a five minute speech (which was really only one minute long!) I have drawn, glued, stapled, plastered, play doghed, painted and run out to the store in the middle of the night to  make a project look like we spent weeks on them. Now it could just be me, or maybe its my kids, but my boys are not the most hands on when it comes to creating works of art for school. I have spent plenty of nights sending them off to bed, exclaiming what a wonderful job they did on a project, only to have to tear it down and build it back up again. I can't help it, I know they are supposed to do it themselves but when I see the pieces falling off and words spelled wrong I just can't stop from fixing it!

Case in point, last night Wesley reminds me, that he has to have a shield by tomorrow, (yes tomorrow) Ok, so we go scrounging around our house looking for cardboad and whatever else we can get our hands on to make this happen. So we get the cardboard and I don't know what he is drawing  on it, I'm like let me draw it, then we have to cut it out, (let me cut it out), until we have a reasonable facsimile of a shield. Then we have to cover it with foil and then,cut out his initials from an old Happy Birthday banner and add some pictures. Simple right?  Wrong! Glue is all over the paper, he's cutting letters out wrong,pictures are hanging off the shield. I'm like just go to bed so I can get this project done! So he finally goes to bed, I stay up late to finish his project (which by the way looks great!) He gets up and exclaims that he did a great job, then leaves for school without it! So I run back home get the shield run back to the bus stop as the bus pulls up, he gets the shield and all is well. I smile as I limp back home, yes we got it done, but I would be ok if I never had to do another project again!

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