Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When enough is enough

As I sat reading the story of London McCabe the 6 year old with autism who's mother threw him off an Oregon bridge. I can't help but think about the terror he must have been in. Yes, there are different degrees of Autism and London was unable to express himself in many different ways. But I am sure he must of felt something when his mother picked him up and dropped him off of the side of the bridge. His mother Jillian McCabe is on some type of medication (not sure what) and was apparently having problems coping herself. I can't even begin to understand her feelings in that she felt this was going to be the only way out of her problem. Or how about Gigi Jordan who was just found guilty of manslaughter for feeding drugs to her autistic 8 year old son, Jude Mirra.

With the mid-term elections over  there were a lot of re-elections and new faces. I hope that the American people will make them realized that there is far more work to be done and they are accountable for some of the solutions to the problems that plague our society:  Mental Illness is REAL people and we need to be doing something about it.

April Reeves-Mathis

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