Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Blow Out!

Happy New Year Pooka Family!!!  I hope everyone had a safe and restful holiday with family and friends!  Well family, I’ll get right to it…as you know from my previous blog, Taiye’s been asking to have her hair blown out.  I’ve put it off as long as I could but I had to come to terms with the fact that although I think her natural curls are beautiful, she wanted to try something different.  As a mom, I’m learning that my wants and desires for her should not impede upon hers and that I should be open to her creativity to try new things.  I caveat this statement with the following…”within reason”.  So on Sunday I took her to get her hair blown out.  Unfortunately, the stylist that I’d chosen to do it was booked.  I’d chosen Tia because she is very gently with the kids and Taiye is very tender-headed.  Of course Taiye was disappointed that Tia was unavailable so Supermom to the rescue.  I told Taiye that I would blow out her hair tonight (a feat I was not necessarily looking forward to).  Well suffice it to say, we did it and Taiye is enjoying wearing her poofy hair.  I allow her to do it every morning before school and I don’t interfere (at least I try not to).  I’m allowing her to express her creativity and independence by taking on this responsibility.  And yes, my child may look like Chaka Khan (no disrespect intended) at the end of the day but guess what, it’s what she wants.   I’m learning as a parent not to sweat the small stuff!!
Happy 2016 family!!  Stay blessed!
Peace & Blessings,
Tricia Akinwande