Thursday, October 29, 2009

We did it!

Well family after much prayer and soul searching,I packed my little family up and we moved to North Carolina! I know that some of you already know, and some of you are like WHAT? I think there comes a time in everyones life that you have to let go of your fears and trust that GOD is going to see you through whatever your issues are.
It sounds easier than it looks, I know but if God puts something in your heart to do, you gotta do it. Moving away from my family and friends, just me and the boys didn't sound right to anybody at the time but now that we did it they can see how happy we are! The boys love their new house! Will and Wes are doing well in school and they are both making friends! I'm happy also and can't wait for everyone to visit. God has a wonderful, fullfilling life for all of us, but WE have to have faith to reach out and grab it. You can do it! And don't worry Jersey we will be visiting often! But if your in our neck of the woods, y'all come on over and see us sometime ya here!

PS Pooka South is getting ready to blow up, LOL!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweaters and Flip Flops!

Greetings family! Yes it is me. The summer has gone by and I haven’t talked to you. I hope you enjoyed it, such as it was. The weather did not cooperate at all!! I feel very cheated. Well now it has decided to become Fall right on schedule. Family I am holding out. I am not ready. My sweaters are packed very far away, my Fall shoes neatly in their boxes. Who are these people that look like they stepped out of a Fall fashion catalog the first cool day of the season. Now, I do plan to look fabulous this winter. I am going to be a frugalista like they say in the Target commercial. That’s right…all my clothes will come from Target much to my husband’s annoyance! (Those who know my husband will completely understand) He does not realize this leaves me more money to spend on shoes and pocketbooks. So for all of you passing me by with your sweaters, and boots and shawls and fabulous coats I say… you look marvelous. I just ask that you not make fun of the woman looking cold, wearing her summer sweater and flip flops. It will probably be me!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the spirit of Sisterhood!!!!

This weekend in preparing for Circle of Sisters I started to reflect on sisterhood! You know what happens when I start to reflect…..I started thinking about all of my “sisters” that I have been blessed to have in my life! Take a moment and just think about all you’ve been through and who has been with you by your side! I love to think about growing up and when I do, I have to think about my sister! I have some funny sister stories that Donna would actually shoot me If I wrote, but let me just share one….
I remember going out to buy a car by myself, now, my father warned me “DAWN DON’T BUY ANYTHING JUST LOOK!!” “Of course dad”, I replied, “I’m just going to do some research.” I thought about this conversation as I drove my new Honda Prelude off the lot! I was almost in tears as I drove home because I knew I shouldn’t have purchased this car, but they really got me and it was all shiny and new! My first call was to my sister in tears I said, Donna! I bought a car, daddy told me don’t buy anything and I did and I think they ripped me off!!!” . I went home a upset, not wanting to call my father and tell him the news and then I heard the doorbell. It was my sister with her overnight bag! She laid on the couch and went to sleep, I didn’t even talk to her, but just knowing she was there gave me comfort. We got up the next morning and she called my father and told him I bought the car. I could hear my father just losing it! Man I was so glad I wasn’t on that phone. Well the next morning I went back to the Honda dealer with my father and he quickly went down the list of all the places I had been ripped off and after they changed a lot and lowered the price, I happily drove off the lot. I have to say my sister has always come through for me and she was also there for me 1 month later when that car was stolen!!! I’ll wait until next time to tell you the call Donna got when I worked as a bank teller and got held up!!! Ahhhh………..I love my sister!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting kicked out of my own bed!

Hey Pooka Family! It's me! Six months into being a new mom and I still love every minute! Okay, well, not every minute, like when Taiye doesn't want to sleep in her own bed! She actually started out good with sleeping in her crib but there was one time I let her come and sleep with me and Wale and that was all she wrote! Now she starts out in her crib at bedtime (between 9-9:30PM) but when she wakes up for her 12AM feeding, she doesn't want to get back into her crib! She wants to stay up and talk and play and sing (yes, sing! I think this chick is going to be an opera singer because she belts those notes out like Kathleen Battle)! When she is finally ready to go back to sleep she screams bloody murder when I gently lay her in her crib. Well I'm exhausted after all that midnight playing so I give in and bring her into our room and let her lay down with us. Now of course my wonderful husband wakes up (only for a second) to ask if I need some water then he instantly falls back to sleep. So I'm left lying on the edge of the bed with Taiye's hand on my boob ready to squeeze out her next milk supply. Ahhhhhh Motherhood...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!