Thursday, April 29, 2010

Becoming a healthier me!

Hey Pooka family! Its that time of year where I start thinking about my weight. The holidays are long gone so there's no more excuses for me about indulgence. Summer is right around the corner so now I need to focus on healthy eating. I've never been a fan of those fad diets because I'm a foodie...I like to cook, bake and eat. And I've never been one to deprive myself. For me moderation is a lot easier than giving things up cold turkey. Unfortunately, I didn't stick to that mantra a month ago when I was over-indulging in Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, but that was then, this is now! My goal beginning May 1st is to reduce my white intake. White flour, white sugar, white rice, white pasta. After seeing Dr. Oz this morning and learning that so many Americans are borderline diabetic because of our belly fat; my goal is to reduce that statistic for myself. I learned today the calculation for a healthy waistline: take your height and divide in half. So I'm going all out and sharing with you what my waist should be, I'm about 5'3" so 5X12+3=63÷2=31.5 My waistline should be 31.5" By May 31st my goal is to get as close to that waist size as I can. I'm going to measure my waist to see how far I have to go. I estimate I'll have about 10 inches to lose, but I'm determine to get to my goal! Who's with me! I won't get there by giving up the white's alone. I've already started excercising so that will help and I'm going to start back walking in the park on Sundays after church like I did before Taiye was born. This time I'll just be pushing her in the stroller. Join me Pooka family in reducing the diabetic statistic and becoming a healthier you!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

For the love of….. Hair!

Greetings Pooka family. We have not chatted in a minute and sometimes it only takes a minute for something to change. Well maybe that is not entirely true. I guess in reality it has taken me a lifetime to decide what to do with my hair! Our hair. “Good”, “bad” or just trying to be in a pony tail minding its business. When I think of how many hours I have spent in my life worrying about my hair it is absolutely insane!! I have let so many hands touch my scalp; I have gone to places I had no business going to get my hair done! I have cut, curled, dyed and fried my hair. It is a miracle it hasn’t protested by deciding to walk straight off my scalp. Although after that one bad dye job, when I wanted my hair the same color as Beyonce’s before Beyonce even thought about it. Some of my hair did decide to take a hike! I have finally decided…..ENOUGH! Family I am six months and counting with no relaxer. My name is Donna and I am perm free!! I am giving my head, hair and mind a rest. I have a curly, twist thing happening right now. It is definitely different and I am still getting used to my new natural look. It is going to be fabulous to be fuss free for the summer. But most important I am giving my hair a much needed break. What will I do with all of these free hours that I used to devote to my hair? Hmmm…..the weather is changing. I think it’s time to get back to working on my backyard oasis!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My first steps!

Hello Pooka Family! This week I woke up and the sun was shining through my window and I was INSPIRED!!! I usually do a little morning yoga but today I decided to throw on my sneakers and go to the park and RUN!!! Just RUN!! I wanted to feel the wind on my face and feel the fresh air in my lungs!!! I did a little stretch, put on my ipod and started my sprint…Ahhh…………..I’M FREEE!!!!!!!!! FEELIN GOOD!!! I’m …….TIRED!! Okay I made it maybe the equivalent of half a block and thought I was going to pass out, LOL!! I guess I figured well I walk places and run across the street sometimes, so this is one form of exercise I wouldn’t have to train for, WRONG!! I was out of breath, sweating and my legs were hurtin! As I looked around I saw lots of other runners, I was a little embarrassed to let them see me stop, so what did I do?? Of course, pretend I had a leg cramp!! As I hobbled to the side of the street, other runners passed me and yelled words of inspiration, like “Stretch” or “Happens to me all the time, just warm up a little more”, I was such a FRAUD, LOL!! I felt bad but just started again this time walking, I made it around the corner and when I reached the top of the hill I started a light jog, just as I was about to quit a truck with some construction workers rode by and whistled at me, well that’s what I needed, as I smiled at them I picked up the pace and pretended that I was a world class marathon runner and by the time they were out of my eyesight I threw myself down into the grass and just layed there, staring up at the sky, LOL!!! Tomorrow when I look out the window I hope it’s raining so I can stay in my house and do my little yoga!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Trails to you!

Pooka Family, after working hard for many years my mom is retiring! My mother has been in the banking industry for as Iong or longer than I have been alive! My mother is all about the numbers baby, she can count the money in your piggy bank just by looking at it. She knew how much change she should get before the cashier gave it to her and they better not be wrong either way because she would let them know. My mom is superbad when it comes to math, everybody was always coming to her when they needed help with anything dealing with money or numbers. But alas we all have our achilles heel, one of her hardest jobs was trying to get her kids to learn it! You would think that one of us would be born with her amazing ability to count in our heads?..... Not. But that doesn't stop my mom from giving up hope though, even to this day. I talk to my mother about helping Will with his homework, and she would say, "Oh your helping Will with his math? " Yes mom,...... (I just use a calculator now, WHATEVER!)

One of my favorite memories was when I was in the fourth grade and we had a career day at school. I asked my mom to come. (No disrespect to you Dad, but mom's job sounded cooler.) I sat there proudly as my mom, looking and sounding professional talked about working in a bank. There were lots of questions afterwards and my mothers time was up, but I hadn't been able to ask my own question. "Mom,mom what is money made of?" I blurted out. Mom said," I'll tell you at home." Well my mother never did tell me, I don't know if I forgot or she did! (I now know, I goggled it). She has always been right there when her family or her job needed her, so we salute you mom, thank you for loving us, taking care of us and showing us that hard work and determination do pay off! We love you!

(P.S.) I think the math gene skipped a generation, all of the grandkids are better at math than we were!