Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Commuter Life!

Morning Pooka Family,
I'm writing this blog while sitting on a stalled NJT train heading into Penn Station. Now that I am commuting and no longer working from home I thought documenting my commuting experiences could be fun. 
So this is my first experience with being stuck on a train. Let me share some the conversations I'm overhearing. The lady sitting across from me to my left is trying to get an appointment for 17 year old Shitsui who has been coughing for 2 weeks. She is berating the receptionist on the other end because she can't get an appointment to accommodate her schedule. Sitting directly across from me is my neighbor who is trying to catch a nap and tune her out. Next to me is the lady's son who keeps hushing his mom because he is laser focused on reading his kindle and she is interrupting him him with her conversation.
The conductor then announces that another train engine is going to tow us into the station because the brake hydraulic system has failed to work on our engine.  So we finally get into Penn Station and I run to catch my E train only to find out that it's delayed due to an incident at 5th Ave.  After waiting about 5 minutes the announcer informs us that the E train has been suspended on this track so we have to take the C train and transfer at 42nd street. Well, this has happened to me before with the E train so I wait while everyone rushes to to take the other trains and low and behold, the E comes.
I get to work and begin to tell my train wows to one of the admins where she politely asks me, did you have a seat to sit in? I reply yes. Was there air conditioning on the train? Yes. And I'm sitting here talking to you so you made it into the office unharmed. At that point I realized the importance of being grateful.

Stay blessed Pooka Family!