Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When did I lose my rhythm?

Hey Pooka Family! Well I finally made the commitment to get back into a workout routine. It's been a year since having Taiye, so I knew if I put it off any longer I'd wind up getting complacent and that's when the pounds would start piling on. So tonight I went to the gym in Montclair and I took a class call Hip-Hop Funk. I figured this would be pretty easy, I mean hey, me in the girls used to go to the clubs and get our swerve on. Plus, I'm Black, Hip-Hop is in my genes, right? The instructor came in and announced that we would be doing the routine to Janet Jackson's Velvet rope. Okay, I can keep up with that, I love Janet. Well, let me tell you..I was the most un-rhythmic person in that class! She put that music on and started giving us the count 5-4-3-2-1 and the whole class performed like they were part of the video! They were swerving and stepping and worming and what was I doing? I think it was the okey-doke! At one point, I found myself scooting behind this little Jewish lady trying to follow her lead with the steps. I couldn't believe that I (one of 3 Sistas in the class) was in the bottom percentile of getting the routine. At what age did I lose all my rhythm? I used to be the bomb on the dance floor! Well I don't know when I lost it but I need to get back into the groove of it. I don't want Taiye thinking that her mom is a cornball. I'm going stick with that class until I get all of the moves! Soon you'll be checking for me on the videos!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well Pooka family we had a great time in North Carolina! Women's Empowerment was just that, empowering! I got to NC early so that I could do the pre-event set up. April and the boys picked me up at the airport and we were off to run our errands. Around noon the boys got hungry so April suggested Chick-fil-A. Now you know I’m thinking, “Yuck, fast food!” but I decided to be optimistic maybe they had organic fries, LOL. Well let me tell you about Chick-fil-A, North Carolina Style!!!! We started to drive up to the drive-thru and immediately a woman wearing a crossing guard type of thingy and head phones walks up to the car, of course my jersey skepticism is thinking, “great we’re gonna get a ticket or maybe April’s registration isn’t current (what faith I have in my friends!LOL)” , but she just smiles and says “welcome to the chick fil a drive thru. do you need help with the menu?”, “hmmm…..that was kind of Nice”, I thought. As we’re directed to the end of the drive thru another nice young man greeted us and told us about the menu and our payment options, he had a credit swiper and said we could pay right there, but not before we discussed the benefits of kids meals, the type of chicken sauces or the different types of drinks that would be best for the kids! Okay now I’m a little impressed. As we drive through to pick up our food, the kids spot the indoor playroom and start losing it, “mommy, pleasssse can we go in?” We decided to let them play, so when we went to pick up the food we would have to take all the food into the car, park and take the bags inside, well the chick fil a drive thru lady heard us and said, “Don’t worry, park your car, we’ll set your food up for you here at a table so it will be waiting when you come in! “What!” alright cut it out Chick-fil-A , this is too nice!. When we got in we were escorted to our table like royalty. People came to our table with smiles bringing us straws and checking to see if we needed anymore of their special sauces or just to see if we were….HAPPY! I was amazed at the VIP treatment but when I looked around I realized everyone was getting it. Well people I have never had such great treatment at a “fast food” place or even some restaurants. I decided to try it when I got home. I drove up to a chic-fil-a and my order was taken by a girl who was mad because she had to come to work! “I got better stuff to do, angie always gets off when she wants….(this is what I hear over the intercom as I try to cut in to order some fries). When I got to the window she didn’t even say HI! I gave her my money and when she gave me the change she dropped the quarter under the car!!! Welcome Home Dawn!!
I’ve decided when it’s time I’ll be having my wedding reception at Chick-fil-A in NORTH CAROLINA!

Women's Empowerment!

We had a great time at the 2010 Women's Empowerment, check out the behind the scenes action.....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Relax.....we've exhaled!

Well Pooka Family, last week was our Relax & Unwind soap workshop and it was great!! Now, It's not that I thought that it wouldn't be, but it was really obvious that we needed some time to just have a glass of wine and unwind. My blog for this week is make some "Me" time for you and your girls. It might be a movie, drinks or just coffee at each others homes, it's so important to just sit and chat with the girls, it makes life a little more_______________ fill in the blank, LOL!
Check out our video from the workshop below, I'm getting the hang of my flip video, look for my name in the credits of the next great movie, LOL!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Go Government!

Well Pooka family today I am somewhat of a happy camper! You know I was a “political expert” during the Obama campaign but I have to admit I’ve been following the healthcare trials and tribulations but have started getting a little turned off! Its easy to get turned off because so many of the changes we don’t see. But that all changed this week!! I got my credit card statement! Now usually this is never a good thing but because of the new bills passed credit card companies now have to reveal on the statement how long it will take you to pay off your card if you pay the minimum amount, the interest rate and overall make the bill easier to understand, well….I GOT IT!!! With my new information I realized that my credit balance (which I can tell you cause we’re family) of $1500. Would take me 30 YEARS to pay off if I paid the minimum!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!! That’s the length of time to pay a mortgage and for $1500!!!! Well when I kept reading my now easy to understand statement, I realized that my credit card interest rate had gone up and I didn’t even know it!! It was 30%, “WHAT!!!” Now I’m losing it so I quickly picked up the phone and called the bank and they said because I was late 2 times, 2 TIMES people that my rate jumped to 30%!!! Well now I’m furious, but, I opened my next credit card statement, yeah, yeah there was another one and I realized I could pay that balance off in 36 months and the rate was only 13%, so I quickly transferred my stupid credit card to my good credit card and have saved myself a mountain of cash. We’ve been fighting for so much in government and it feels good to actually see something that really helped me out! So I say kudos government, your political expert is back! Now…..I must tackle health care!

Ps I don’t like to name, names but….CHASE you stink and Bank of America Thanks! LOL!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Pooka Family, I cannot contain my excitement! Do you remember my very first blog? I was soooo excited about the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof appearing on Broadway with James Earl Jones, Phylicia Rashad, and Terrence Howard & Anika Noni Rose. Well, if you think I was excited about that wait to you hear this! Denzel is back! He's back on Broadway appearing in my most favorite play of all..FENCES! I remember seeing Fences years ago at the Shubert Theater in Philly. It starred James Earl Jones (I'm obviously a fan) and Mary Alice. I must have only been about 15 or 16 yrs old when I saw it but it left a memorable impression on me. Well, I just purchased my tickets to go see it this spring in NYC. I got the best seats that we could {not} afford because you know I need to be up close and personal to see Denzel! J I am excited! I told my husband that this will be my Mother's Day present. If you are a fan of August Wilson's or Broadway or Denzel, make sure you go and get your tickets. It's a limited 13-week engagement! See you there!