Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Time!

Greetings Family!!  I think we can say that summer is finally here!!  Amen! After an unforgiving winter I cherish all the days of summer.  No matter how hot or humid or muggy…I am grateful.  I was driving to the train station this week and noticed the kids walking to school.  They were getting in those last days before summer vacation.  It just made me think how fortunate they are.  They have their whole summer off!  Oh how youth is wasted on the young.  I really get what that means now that I am not a youth lol!  A whole summer off!  Can you even imagine family?  We could sleep late every day, hang at the beach or pool, and read all those books you never have a chance to read.   I would travel or simply take walks in my neighborhood.  I guess I could finally give away the clothes and shoes I no longer need and really clean my closet.  I could volunteer at a hospital or shelter to help however I could.  I would finally create my backyard oasis…you remember that don’t you family!  I would re-learn Spanish  (whatever Dawn!) and learn French.  I would visit museums and attend every free art and music event in New York and New Jersey.  I would work my way through the wine trail at the vineyards in New Jersey.  I would have picnics with my husband.  I would take a cooking class and invite everyone to my oasis to sample my homework!   Or…I could simply sit on my front porch all day long. So family, as we head into summer remember when,  and try to fit some of those things into your schedule.  But I guess if we could really live on summer vacation we wouldn’t have a schedule.  Enjoy your summer family!!

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