Thursday, June 27, 2013

Each One, Teach One

Hey Pooka Family!  Giving back to our community is so important.  Before I got married and had Taiye I was an avid volunteer.  I was on the board of directors for Jersey Cares, I volunteered frequently at the Boys & Girls club on Avon Ave in Newark, Hudson Cradle in Jersey City, NJ Seeds, and other organizations.  Many times I was the only person of color volunteering at these organizations and I could not understand why "we" did not make the time to give back to our kids.  Of course, now I can understand how challenging it can be to make time to volunteer but I still don't think that should give us a pass at not doing it.  It is so important for these kids to see our faces taking the time to give back too.  If you can't find the time to do at least 1 day of volunteering a month consider signing up to volunteer through your job.  Most companies have a philanthropic arm where they either donate money or organize volunteers for major non-profit organizations.  Do a little homework and see what your job offers with respect to donations/volunteering in "our" communities and sign up or sign on to help.  Many companies have a matching program so if you donate money then they will match your donation.  And though there are large organizations who are more visible with respect to their volunteer/donation efforts, don't forget about the smaller organizations in our communities.  Here are a couple:

Together as One Foundation, Plainfield NJ

S.O.F.I.A, Montclair, NJ

The three Doctors, Newark, NJ

Be a Blessing to someone else!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

We won't go!

Okay so Jaden Smith, soon to be fifteen wants to be emancipated from his parents, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Really Jaden? That is SO OLD we all wanted that! Who wants to live with their parents when they are 11 much less almost 15? Nobody! I bet if we took a pole we would find out that more than half of the adult population wanted out of their parents house when they were teenagers, if fact some of them are adults right NOW and want out of their parents houses.When I was younger and living in my parents house (the first time) I remember wanting to do something but my parents told me I couldn't. I decided right then and there I was going to run away! I packed a bag (I think it was mostly food) declared to my parents that I wanted out of this relationship with them and that I was leaving. They said it was nice knowing you Goodbye and I marched out of the door. Now at 12 you don't really have a lot of options I couldn't go to a friends house because their parents would be there. I went to the park for a while but that was boring by myself. I then decided to sneak back home to see what everyone was doing. And do you know what they were doing?..... Just being a family without ME! While I was out there in the cold (just go with it) hungry world, they were in the house with my siblings just as content as they wanted to be. So after spying on them, then sitting behind the garage for an hour I decided to give my family another chance, so I went on in the house.( Little did I know they were watching me from the windows, but I didn't find out about that for years! ) So No Jaden you can't just leave even if you think you want to, the rest of your friends will be home with their families and you'll just wind up going back home anyway every night for food and company.......

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Power of the Spa

Greetings Family!
I just came back from a mini vacation, a short retreat, relaxation to the max!  Why…because I went to the Spa!  I love the Spa! Really family I do!  Everyone is so nice and speaks softly at the Spa.  Where else can you walk around in public in your robe and not get arrested lol!  I love that Spa music, the healthy snacks..this time I had walnuts and whole figs …with my lemon water.  I got a facial but they always through in an upper body massage and take extra care with my hands and arms.  Do you think it would be strange if I wore those warm mitts they put on your hands while at work?   After my fabulous facial I hung out in the Spa like I lived there.  I had more snacks and checked out the hot tube and sauna.  Ok so I kind of walked past the sauna because that steam is not fro friendly if you know what I am sayin!! Anyway, I found my way to the fabulous Spa pool.  It was there that I settled in to my wonderful lounge chair and proceeded to pass out like I was sleeping in my bed! Don’t worry there was no drooling.  I finally made my way back to the locker room where I started to wrap up my Spa experience.  As a left with a wistful look around I knew I would be back soon.  My goal is to visit every Spa everywhere! Family I will keep you posted.   Say it with me….ahhhhhhhh!