Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gettin Personal with the Pookalitas!! What household chore do you hate doing?

What household chore do you hate doing?

All of them!! (don't tell my mom, LOL) being single can make you lazy, but i'm workin on it!

I hate ironing clothes! That was my job growing up, I had to iron everyone's clothes in the house! (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Brothers,Where was DYFS when I needed them?) Everyones clothes looked like accordions! I am better now though, my kids clothes don't look bad.........Do they?

IRONING! It's the worst. I have almost never met a wrinkle that I couldn't live with much to my husband's annoyance.

Folding clothes!!!!

Obviously the Pookalitas are a wrinkly bunch, LOL! What household chore do you hate doing!?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Road Trip! Part 2!!

When we were in college Dawn and I became Omega Essences/Sweethearts/Pearls for the mighty mighty Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. This happened our freshman year (Party all the Time, Eddie Murphy) and needless to say there are a lot of stories from college that can't be printed here or anywhere else! Being the beautiful, sophisticated (single) women we are now,(I'm on my own, Pattie LaBelle) we decided to make the trip to the conclave. We are still friends with the brothers we helped cross the burning sands and our fellow Que-E sisters,(That's what friends are for, Dionne Warwick and friends) so we were excited to see everyone. I needed to make the most of my vacation away from my children, so we decided to stop off and see another friend in D.C. (Shout out to Terri!) We went out to dinner on U street the new happening spot in chocolate city. After staying up most of the night (talking and laughing) we hit the road again headed for North-Kack-a-Lack! Our girlfriend Vera came down with her husband who is a Que (Hey Juan, Love ya!) and we were ready to move! We went to a concert friday night (8th row center stage!) and saw EnVogue, ( Never gonna get it!) they were AWESOME!!!! Up next was Brian McKnight(start back with one) who was really good and he brought out his sons who sang and played the guitar with him! Love it! Rounding out the show was Frankie Beverly and Maze! (Before I let go!) We stood the whole time they played, Amazing!!!! The next day was like a family reunion, seeing brothers and sisters some of whom we haven't seen in years! We talked and laughed and hung out until the morning light. I have to say all of the brothers the ones we knew and the ones we had just met all were true gentlemen! We love you Omega Psi Phi!!! We will see you next year at the 100th Centennial!

Gettin Personal with the Pookalitas!! What is your go-to dish?

Honey Lime Salmon, I found this in a Rachael Ray cookbook, it's easy and good! It's a colorful dish that looks like it came straight from a restaurant! So if i'm trying to impress someone, Honey Lime Salmon it is! Email me if you want the recipe, but remember i get the credit not rachael ray, LOL!!!!

My goto dish is Turkey Chili! Everyone loves Chili, its an easy one pot dish.

Topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream! (I'm getting hungry!)

Oh and don't forget the brown rice.

My turkey meatloaf, spaghetti and meatballs, baked fish and veggies (fish packets as Dawn calls them!), chicken potpie and turkey wings are all in my food rotation.

Arroz con pollo and plaintains...my husband and daughter look at me and say, "chicken and rice again Mommy?" Hey, it's quick and easy and it can last for 3 days!

Everybody has a go to dish, what's yours?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Road Trip!

Ah....those lazy hazy summer days....Do you remember when your parents used to take you on road trips? How excited you would get to jump into the car and get away from it all? (like YOU really had stress!) Every summer my parents would pack me and my brothers up and head to North Carolina to visit my grandma. (Dad's mom). I felt like we were gone ALL summer, my parents would stay with us for a couple of days then be gone! I loved the little town my dad grew up in (Ayden, next to Greenville) I thought I was big stuff coming from New Jersey (yah know a suburb of New York) all of my cousins were in awe of me as I spoke of The City and all the places I had seen. So now its my turn to take my kids on their summer vacation which would be back to Jersey! I wanted my kids to experience a good old fashioned road trip full of singing, finding license plates from different states, and really getting to know each other.We were excited to wake up in the middle of the night and jump in the car and ride! We woke up, jumped in the car and it didn't start! What!!!!! This was not the way to start our vacation. While we were cleaning the car out the day before, we left a light on which killed the battery. So now we are sitting in the car at four o'clock in the morning wondering what to do." How come we aren't driving?" " The battery is dead." " I'm hungry." " How did it die?"" We left something on."I then called Triple A which took two and a half hours to get to my house. " I couldn't find it." One word GPS. Triple A gets us going and off we go! Well I can see why riding in the car for eight or more hours my parents were ready to turn right around and go back home without us! I packed all of our favorite snacks, drinks, books and games and it still wasn't enough to keep them from annoying me! "Are we there yet?" "Why are you awake, go back to sleep!" " I'm hungry." " Its four o'clock in the morning, you don't usually eat at this time and your not now!""Mom can you read this to me?" " I'm driving."" What about this?" Okay this is a joke right? "Mommy has to pay attention to the car and drive." " Oh Okay." I don't know how my parents didn't run the car off the road with us in it, or drug us to sleep because I know we were just as bad. Well we finally made it to New Jersey, I stayed for a couple and days then me and Auntie Dawn were out! We had a date with some Ques, The Omega Psi Phi Conclave was being held in Raleigh N.C. and we were going to have some fun!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gettin Personal with the Pookalitas!! What TV show do you watch but would'nt tell anyone?

......jersey shore.....(in the words of donald trump, I'm fired!)!

Okay I was hooked on "The Ultimate Merger" Its about time we see some brothers sweating a sister!

The Kardashians lol! I don't dvr it because I don't even know when it comes on...but if I flip through the channels and its on I'm hooked!

The crazy reality shows i.e. Housewives of NY, NJ, DC and when it was on....The Flava of Love....UGH!

So everybody, come on admit it, what's your show?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Mind

Hey Pooka Family! Isn't it amazing how our mind works? This week my husband had a business trip to Boston. It was just for 1 night that Taiye and I were home alone, but as I was locking the doors it dawned on me..hey, my husband's not here. What if someone tries to break in? Now for those who know me, I'm the tough one! I'm not afraid of anything, but in that split second I felt a little vulnerable. It's not as if I didn't live in this house by myself for 8 years before we got married! So as I was winding down and falling asleep (with Taiye in the bed with me of course because if someone broke in I'd hide her in the closet while I battled them with my nine iron). Then I remembered; my husband put my golf clubs in the attic because it's been 3 years since I've gone golfing! Darn, okay, what can I use to protect me and my daughter? My second option was to grab that thingy that you use for the fireplace to move around the wood. But that's all the way downstairs, how will I make it down to get it without the intruder seeing me? Okay, plan C - I'll hide in the closet with Taiye, then when the intruder comes upstairs and opens the closet door, I'll spray him in the eyes with my POOKA Peppermint Foot Mist to blind him then I'll grab Taiye, run downstairs and out the door to my neighbor's house. Then I'll leave Taiye with my neighbor go back to the house grab that thingy from the fireplace and beat the crap out of him for breaking into my house, violating my space and waking up my daughter! That'll teach him! Boy how the mind works. So ladies, don't wait until you are home alone to devise your intruder alert plan! Do it now, so you can make sure your weapons are near your bed so you don't have to improvise!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well Pooka family, I’m back with another little story to share with you! You know how much I love and adore my parents, well this one is about(oops I mean for) them, LOL! Last weekend I went away and before I left I put my car in the shop with my dads mechanic. (Yes people since no one signed up for the Husband Car Co-op, my dad still has the job! ) I called my parents while I was away to check in and my mother informed me that my car was ready and parked right outside their house. That was a relief, I could really enjoy myself knowing that my car would be waiting for me when I got back. I returned home in a few days and called my parents letting them know I would be over in the morning to pick up the car. That night at about 11:30 my mother calls me and tries not to alarm me as she says, “DAWN!! Your car is gone! Somebody stole it!!” I shot straight up in my bed, “WHAT?!”, I screamed. “Your father went to empty the garbage and the CAR IS GONE!” she said. Now we’re all screaming and trying to talk over each other and I can hear my father screaming in the background, “Ahhhh KRINTE!”( Krinte which sounds like pint with a kr, is my fathers made up word that he used instead of all the bad ones that he would never say around us when we were younger, so when we hear “Krinte”, we knew he was….. MAD, LOL!) “ I can’t believe this Helen!! Who would steal THAT car! Why would they even want the parts for that thing(thanks dad!) That car has been there all week why would they take it now, it barely works, KRINTE!!!!” Now you have to understand my parents live in a very safe neighborhood, they don’t even have to lock their doors but now my mother is on the other line and begins mentally packin the house cause she is moving out of this now “BAD” neighborhood! With my dad ranting in the background I proceed to give my mother all of my insurance and plate numbers so they can call the police. Once the police arrive they begin asking my dad lots of questions, “Mr. Fitch, did you walk around and look for the car? Did the mechanic maybe take it back for more work? Did your daughter maybe pick it up?”. Now the “Krintes” were building up, he’s getting ready to blow, LOL! But he calmly lets them know that the care was there and now it’s NOT! My mother gives them the plate number and they take off and tell them they’ll call if they find anything. Now, I’m disgusted, its been a long time since I’ve been on the bus…. 20 minutes later my mom calls me back just to see how I’m doing and then we hear, “Helen the cops are back and they found the car, I’m going to check it out!”, my father screams. Now me and my mom are nervous, “Where are they taking him? Is it far? Is there danger? Has the car been totally stripped or vandalized?!!!!” Well my father got in the police car and do you know where they took him? To the other end of our block where the mechanic parked my car, LOL! It was a very short ride, as the police asked him, “Mr Fitch is this your daughters car?” Now the “Krintes” were a lot softer, barely audible and more in a tone of disgust……uh krinte………….yup………..thats it. Well it seems that when the mechanic finished the car he parked it right outside of his garage, but my parents saw an “Identical” car parked outside their house for a few days and assumed it was mine, so when the owner moved his car they assumed “my” car was stolen. Now the police just tell my father to get back in the car and they’ll drive him around the corner, but my fathers knees were aching and he couldn’t get back into the back seat so the police had to WALK MY DADDY HOME, LOL! So now my father has to get “walked” home by the cops through the neighborhood and while he was on his walk of shame, 2 young boys walked by and looked at my dad and asked if everything was okay! It’s nice to know that these young fellas were looking out for my dad but all he could say was, krinte……..
So once he gets home, we’re all having a good laugh and my mom says, “but it was the same car it even had the same last numbers of your plate, what are the chances of that?” um mom….NONE, LOL! All in all it was quite a little fiasco and my parents told me to hurry up and get my car, their babysitting days are OVER!