Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Come on Martha!!!

Well Pooka family, being a member of the Indie Beauty Network, a group of us were given complimentary tickets to the Martha Stewart Show! I was so excited when I heard we were going and counted the days! Now you have to understand my excitement, many of you know that I may not be the most....domestic gal (my momma tried but it just didn’t stick) So why would I be so excited about going to the show you ask? GIFTS!!! Come on people its December and we’re going on the Martha Stewart show! I had been watching so many shows and the Holiday give-aways had been fantastic. I had a dual purpose the morning of the show, I had to figure out how I could pay attention to the gifts being given away but also learn NOTHING, thats right people, I didn’t want to mess up my non-domestic record and learning to make a cake or pie might just spoil that, LOL! If I increased my domestic knowledge people would start asking me to cook something besides body butter and I have no time for that! As I marched into the studio audience I was armed with my Christmas List because I had gifts to get and then give away! I had no idea what kind of amazing goodies we would get, would we get ipods? ipads? or maybe even........a CAR!! Now my christmas list wasn’t for items I wanted it was for people I needed to get gifts for! All of my items from Martha were going right to the folks on my list, saving me time and money! The studio was beautiful, lights, cameras and staff buzzing around everywhere! We were taken to our seats and awaited Martha’s arrival! After about 15 minutes finally she arrived and the show began.

The first thing she did was make a cake, I shielded my eyes so that I wouldn’t learn about baking and finally the segment was over. I waited anxiously for them to pass around the cake that she made and....THEY NEVER DID!! Are you kidding me! We don’t get to eat the cake!! I decided to calm down because we were moving to the next segment, I thought about my list and was excited to see what they would be getting. The next segment, Martha had a crafty woman making leather bracelets, she explained how it was done, by punching holes into the leather and then you string the beads. At that moment Martha exclaimed, “Everyone in the audience will be getting my craft leather hole puncher!” WHAT???!!! A leather hole puncher, I quickly, mentally scanned my list, who the heck could I give that to? Alright, I decided not to panic, I knew there were more segments to come and I’d get the latest technology gadget to give someone! So now Martha moves to the next segment where she starts making planters and garden items out of cement, now I was getting worried but I was still being positive and thats when Martha says, “Everyone in the audience will be getting this book on how to make garden gifts out of cement!” WHAT!!!!!!! A cement makin book, really Martha!! So now we move on to the last segment and I’m sweating bullets now, I need to finish my Christmas shopping. Martha starts looking at a bunch of pretty picture frames and announces that we will all be getting gift certificates to an online photo website, where we can upload our pics and print them out. I was floored! No ipod, no computer and definitely NO CAR! NO MARTHA NO!!! Finally Martha ended the show by making Chicken Liver Mousse and something about the whirling of the stupid food processor caught my eye and I was in a trance and couldn’t turn away. So on top of getting no good gifts I now know how to make Chicken Liver Mousse!!!! The devastation!!!!

All in all it was a good time and getting to meet other members of the Indie beauty network was the best! Unfortunately Donna will be getting a leather hole puncher and my mom is getting a cement garden book and I will be making Chicken Liver Mousse sandwiches for my dad and brother, all together now....THANKS MARTHA!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

End of Another Year!

Well Pooka Family….we’ve just about made it to the end of another year! We are so thankful for God’s mercy in bringing us to it and through it! We thank him for his mercy, his love, his gifts and his blessings and lastly we thank God for you! Dawn, Donna, April and I are so thankful for each of you and your continued love and patronage thru this journey of Pooka which HE has bestowed upon us. As we enter into the Christmas season, we hope that you will continue to be a part of our family!! Please make sure you come to our Christmas party on December 17th so we can give a Christmas hug to each and every one of you!!!

Love Always,

The Pookalitas

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pooka Workshops this week!

We've got lots of Holiday Fun Planned this week! On Friday join us for our Relax & Unwind soap making workshop and Saturday its time for our Annual Pooka Girl gift making workshop! RSVP today! Click to RSVP or for more information!