Saturday, March 31, 2012

We need your help! @indiebusiness

Hey Pookalitas! It's the weekend, and I am so ready, but before I
go, I want to help you end your week with a little small business
inspiration -- and a request to help Donna Maria Coles Johnson,
a women's entrepreneurial coach and my own mentor,
by leaving a quick comment at her video blog post meeting
with the editor-at-large of Black Enterprise Magazine!

The deadline is March 31 (tomorrow), so please comment short
and sweet!

If she gets enough comments on her blog post, she will win a trip to
the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur's Conference where I'll be speaking.

So, could you swing by her blog today and watch
a bit of the video and leav a comment? Please? Pretty please?
Not only it is a great blog post and video, but if she wins,
I get to hang out with her in Chicago in May. Selfish, I know.

OK, so ready, set, GO Post!

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