Friday, March 2, 2012

#31daysonBE - DAY 2

Well everybody today is the end of day 2!! I acutally did my own newstand tour and hit a couple of newstands and made the cashiers take my picture! A friend asked me, “What did the cashiers say when they realized it was you on the cover?” well the exact response was, “You want a bag for these?!” Celebrity status is not appreciated by everyone, LOL!!!

Today was the first day back to Pooka from my trip and it felt like I never left at all! I spent the day making calls and doing follow up, while setting up for our Champagne & Cake toast tomorrow evening!

I was asked to speak at Dee Marshalls' Win, Rock & Rule Womens Empowerment, so I was very excited! I also had a great conversation with two of my business mentors, Shariff James and Lance Knowling. I think I’m going to do a podcast this month with all of the folks who help Pooka stay on track, so stay tuned for that!

Now its time to settle down and get to my social media tasks including scheduling tweets, which a lot of folks don’t do! Ever wonder how people tweet all day long? Who has the time?! You can schedule your tweets for an entire month if you want. Dedicate one hour and schedule your tweets for the week then focus your time on something else! I use hootsuite to schedule my tweets. You can also try

And lastly, something very cool happened today! Bittersweet Cake Design, LLC surprised us with some cookies for the event tomorrow!!! How cool is that!!

See ya tomorrow!! I promise no pictures of newsstands or me tomorrow!! (well maybe just a few!)

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