Sunday, March 11, 2012

My next Magazine Cover!!! #31daysonBE

This month is going great!  Today, I was in the boutique working and the door opens and in runs about 12 kids! They just run towards the counter, I’m thinking, “Is this a flash mob? LOL!”.  So I start screaming, “Hey, hey whats going on guys?” One young lady steps up and says, “You spoke at our career day at Park Avenue School and we wanted to say, hi!!”  I was blown away, what a nice start to the day.  They also said that I told them that they could start their own businesses too.  I was touched.  This is what it’s all about, our youth!  What was funny was they saw the cover of the Black Enterprise and one young lady says, “That’s nice but what other covers are you on?!” Wow, that brought me back to earth LOL!! It did make me think about what other covers I’d like to be on one day... so here’s my list and remember you need to put a LOL at the end of each one!.
1. Vogue -hmmm I could represent the new generation of “older, seasoned” supermodels
2. In Style - I'm more than fashionable enough(some days.....)
3. Travel & Leisure - Fresh back from #IndieCruise, surely, I qualify
4. Bon Appetit - I eat enough ...
5. Success - I'm successful, right? I'm on a magazine cover after all ...
6. Spa - I sell spa products, therefore, I'm in!
7. People - I'm a person
8. Real Simple - I love the magazine and this is what I would love my life to be, real simple!
9. Essence - I'm an African American woman so I qualify!
10. Self Magazine - I take good care of myself, as evidenced by the level of success I have achieved despite a health issue. I am thankful.
So, what do you think? What magazine covers would you like to be on?

Students from Park Avenue School, East Orange, NJ!

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