Monday, March 5, 2012

Top 10 Twitter tips that could land you on a cover! #31daysonBE - DAY 4

Well Day 4 was all about R&R! Its been a roller coaster ride since I returned from my vacation on Friday and started riding the BE wave, LOL!! So today was a great day to stay home and just relax! Of course, even relaxing includes my lap top and some work. I've been getting so many emails from folks wondering how exactly I was able to land the cover! First off, I know it was prayer and favor! It was also a direct result of a tweet, so I put together the Top 10 twitter tips that COULD (and I say COULD people, LOL!) land you a cover or at least some great opportunities!

Use hash tags. Hash tags are hyperlinked words preceded by a pound sign, making it easy for poeple Tweeting about that topic to find and meet each other. They are often used for events, so people in attendance (or not) can keep up with each other and with the activities surrounding the event. For example, I just returned from Indie Cruise, and we use #IndieCruise in our Tweets so we can find and ReTweet each other's Tweets, and share photos and blog posts. If you attend an online or offline event, find out what the hast tag is and use it. You'll meet some like-minded people, and your sphere of influence will expand.

Participate in Twitter chats. Twitter chats are online events on Twitter where a host features a guest and/or a guest topic during a specific time frame. Two popular Twitter charts are #SmallBizChat and #BlogChat (note the hash tags, see above). The conversations are always interesting and you learn something new every time. You also meet fun new people and find new friends to follow on Twitter. Note: attending Twitter chats is a nice thing to do, but it won't increase your realm of influence on Twitter. You can only do that by participating.)

Post photos with your Tweets. People like to click things. Text Tweets are OK, but they are not shared nearly as much as Tweets with links to blog posts and especially to photos. People love clicking to see photos of everything from what you had for desert to your family vacation at the beach. Post photos to meet new people and share fun stuff.

Be a positive influence. No one likes a sour puss. Make special efforts to be positive and post positive information. If your Tweets make people smile, they generally want more of you, so be a positive influence and positive things will happen.

Update your Twitter avatar and bio. Be sure to update things as necessary so you don't become stale. People like to see things change a bit now and then. Keep your Twitter page fresh and fun, and you'll continuously appeal to people. Make sure your Twitter bio includes a link to your site, a link to other Twitter pages you use, and a professional description of what you do. It's a lot to fit into a small space, but you can do it!

Follow back! Make sure if someone follows you, follow them! you never know who they know and who they’re connected too’s just polite, LOL!

Re-Tweet! If you see a great tweet from someone, re-tweet it, the more you RT others the more you’ll get re-tweeted! So many people say, “I have nothing to tweet about!” Well Re-tweeting is a least a way to stay current on twitter until you get your own conversations goin!

Check out some lists - Go to some of your favorite tweeters and check out their lists, it will help you to find other great folks you should be following! I found some great folks to follow from other peoples lists!

Connect yourself!
If your looking to grow your brand, make sure your tweets direct folks to other places they can find you! Think of twitter as an airport and you’re connecting to your blog, your webpage, your facebook! Let folks know how big of a social media presence you have!!! Now just make sure when folks arrive at the social destination theres something good going on there, LOL!

and the number one twitter tip for me is.....drumroll!

Build your network! We all have a close network of personal friends, well you should have twitter BFF’s too! The ones who will look out for tweets that are of interest to you, about you, or that you need to respond too! who are my twitter BFF’s you ask? @indiebusiness @themassagemogul @deecmarshall @soapcoach @yumyumcandle @marybphoto @keepingitrich

Day 4 was great, I spent the day remembering my #indiecruise and spreading my toes by the pool, aahhhh....


  1. Great advice, Dawn. I love the Twitter tips, but I have to say the poolside toes take the cake. Hope you enjoyed your time by the pool!

  2. Dawn I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday looking for some inspiration. I saw you on the cover of Black Enterprise and I felt chills running down my body. I remember reading an article online about your business like 3 or more years ago. I'm so happy for you and your company!:)I'm so inspired by you.

  3. Awesome tips. I know I tell you this all the time, but you are truly an inspiration.

  4. Your Tweeter article is pretty good on how to get involved with Twitter and other Social Media. Two hours a day is a whole lot of work. I would like to know are you involved with your Twitter account every day or just on the weekdays?

    - BoastingBiZ