Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 cool people in March @blackenterprise #31daysonbe

Well I don’t even know what day it is anymore, LOL!  Today was good!  Yesterday I was on Michael Baisden and just in case you missed it he’s going to play it again today.  We had a contest on Facebook to see how many times I said Pooka on the air but it was a quick interview so the answer :-(   
Great news we found a great place for our Black Enterprise NY Cover Party!  Save the date, March 23 at Katra Lounge, NYC more details to come. 

Things have been busy and the website orders have been good, so its perfect timing that today we hired a full time production manager #excited!
Lastly, as usual while stalking newsstands to see if I’m still on there I decided to actually read from cover to cover since I was standing there hoping to be noticed and 5 people stood out to me in this months issue: 

Todd Pemberton! He’s doing amazing things through his company Bugs are Gone! @BugsAreGone His motto, “Everyone deserves a second chance!”

@MarioArmstrong A digital lifestlye expert! Inspires and educates people on how to use technology to change your life and business!

Sree Sreenivasan @sree Great insight into small businesses and social media!
“small businesses have a rare opportunity to play on the same field as the big names, thanks to social media”
Techy Marcia Wade Talbert @thetechgyrl Gives a small business a hardware makeover! Great hardware reccommendations for your brick and mortar! Where do I sign up?!
Sakina Spruell @keepingitrich Shows you have to build wealth for life! I need to read this at least  6 times, LOL!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more great news!

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