Thursday, March 1, 2012

#31daysonBE - DAY 1

WoooooooHoooooooo!! That was my exact reaction plus a lot of tears when I found out I’d been chosen for the cover of the March is of Black Enterprise Magazine! What a blessing! GOD is good!! So how did it all begin??? Well, years ago my mother gave birth to a baby girl..Okay, we won’t go that far back!! Through a twitter exchange, I was chosen to answer some questions about the use of social media for our business and had a great interview with a reporter and from there it was on! I thought it was going to be an online story, then they called and said they were sending a photographer, then they said I was being considered for the cover! Check out my behind the scenes video of the shoot! This has been a nail biting month, googling and trying to get any glimpse of the issue. Then last week, a friend congratulated me on making the cover, to which I replied, “We won’t know until next week, if we were chosen.” and he said, “Well its on their fanpage!” This was followed by screaming, crying, yelling, jumping and praying prayers of thanks!

I was actually booked on #IndieCruise, for women in the beauty biz and had to leave before the issue came out! I traveled with my Indie/Beauty that Cares Sister Handmade Soap Coach. It was nerve wracking being away, but I got same great support and ideas on how to maximize exposure from my Indie Beauty Sisters! The Indie Beauty Network and founder Donna Maria Coles Johnson have been a great source of support for Pooka from the very beginning! My Indie sisters also had to stop me from swimming ashore to get a copy! It was a long(but restful) week!

So, today is March 1st and I’m at the airport in Miami and I am starting to see all kinds of tweets and texts from friends that they’ve seen the cover on newsstands! I have not seen, nor do I have a copy yet!!!! I CAN’T WAIT! So as I ran through the airport, I stopped at every newsstand in Miami and NO COVER!!!! Do you know WHO I AM?(obviously they don’t know or care, LOL boooo Miami!) So now I’m patiently awaiting the flight to Newark where I know they will have copies of Black Enterprise lining the runway for me!!

So the Pookalitas, my parents, my brother DOUGLAS(who says I never mention him), Cathy and crew have been holding it down since I was gone and now I’m reading all the emails........

Day 1!!
We were featured on! Its a post about Black Beauty Entrepreneurs! Nice!

We were contacted by Black Enterprise to do a live chat! We’ll let you know the details!

We were also contacted by The Michael Baisden show to be on the show!! Michael Baisden has been a big supporter of our Pooka Journey. We’ll be on the show Wed. March 7

We’re planning our Cover/Book signing for this Saturday at the Pooka Boutique, so make sure you drop by for some Cake and Sparklin Cider!

We had a twitter party this week led by The massage mogul! Thanks Robert!

We’re asking all of our Pooka family (that means you) to join our facebook page and check in! We want to see our cover all over the country so pick up a copy, take a pic and post it with your city and state!

Well we’re in Newark the plane.........running through the airport, WHERE AM I?? WHERE AM I??? OMGoodness, there I am, okay now I’m crying! Thank you Jesus, What a blessing!!!!!

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  1. Way to go Dawn. I first heard about it from Black Business Women Online. It really is great!


  2. I can't wait to get a physical copy in my two hands! The search continues! Congratulations! Well deserved!

  3. Wow! This is exciting indeed! Now, I can see what it's like to be on the cover of a major magazine through your eyes and when my turn comes, I'll have ideas about how to leverage the coverage. What a super idea to share your success with us so openly. I am so blessed to know you. Thank you for including me in your first #31daysonbe post!