Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How @blackenterprise got us on The Michael Baisden show today! #31daysonBE

Morning Pooka family! I am up and ready for another great #31daysonBE!  I think its going to be a good one!  Today we’re sending press releases and products to everyone from Michelle Obama to Joel Osteen!  

We received an email after Black Enterprise from the
Michael Baisden show, so today we’re going on air!  We have been on the show before and one thing I can say about Micahel Baisden is he is very supportive of Black Busineses!  He heard about us years ago and reached out to us!  We’ve made sure to keep the lines of communication open!
Since the 1st day of contact, I’ve made sure to join MB’s
Mingle City social network 
and keep him posted on what we’re up to!  I tweet him
, I’m on his Fanpage, I guess you can say we’re business stalkers, LOL. 
Make sure to catch us on the show today from 3-7pm!
Lets have some fun, count the number of times I say Pooka on the air today and post it on the  the Pooka fanpage! I’ll send some Pooka to the first correct person to post!! Start Counting!!!
Go here to find your local station to tune in to the Micahel Baisden show
If Michael Baisden isn’t in your area listen online here.

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