Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Love Spring Cleaning!!

I got up this week and opened the window and realized Spring is here!!!! In my quest to get ready for spring I decided to do some spring cleaning!

I put on my flowered head scarf (like they do on TV) and grabbed my broom to get started. Now for those of you who know me I do not love cleaning up... let me clarify that before my momma gets to bloggin'... I was taught how to clean and keep things clean but... I can be a little, shall we say, "unorganized" at times.

As I stood in the middle of my apartment with my bucket and mop, I couldn't remember what to do next! I decided to do some dusting... what's the most obvious thing to start with? The TV, of course! I dusted the screen but since I really wanted to see if it was clean, I turned it on. I was so proud of myself! I made sure that I could see at least 3 shows on my new clean TV screen! This cleaning isn't so bad.

After I turned the TV off I figured I needed some motivation so I turned on the radio and blasted some music. While trying out some new dance steps, I got so tired I had to take a little break.

On to the kitchen. I decided to tackle the stove, but just to make sure it was working right I threw in a frozen pizza (soy, of course.) I was relieved to find out that the stove was working quite nicely but realized, "Hey, it's lunch time!" As I looked in the sink I decided to quickly wash the dishes, well, the dish and the glass I needed to drink some juice with my pizza. Okay, now lunch was over, time to get back to this cleanin'!

I went to the bathroom (always a good place to get started.) I knew I needed to tackle that tub and I did... spotless! But, as I did the gleam from my newly polished faucet glared in my eyes, so I decided to turn it on to get the light out of my eyes. Would you believe the water filled the whole tub? Now since I try to be environmentally correct I couldn't waste the water so... in I jumped for a nice mid-morning relaxing bath (with my Pooka of course!)

After an hour or so I was out of the tub and decided to change my linen (always a wonderful way to start spring cleaning.) My fresh new bed looked great but I noticed some bumps in the covers so I pulled them back to remake the bed but had to crawl around to smooth out all the bumps and you won't believe what happened!!! I fell right in the middle of my bed!! Now my window was open and there was a breeze comin' through and you know what happened... so let's just say 2 hours later I was rested, relaxed, cleaned and fed. I love spring cleaning!

p.s. Look out for the May newsletter which includes home recipes for natural cleaning products.

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