Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Not So Sex in the City Day Out!

Well Pooka family I’m here to tell you things have changed! Remember the sassy girls who put on their stilettos and had cosmos and dinner before going to see sex in the city? Yeah, well they’re gone! This Friday April and Wesley invited us to Williams (her 7 yr old) spring concert. So Tricia, Taiye and myself went and it was so very cute.. We decided to go out to lunch at Tricia’s favorite place PF Changs(she also suggested Cuban Petes but you all remember what happened the last time she had the Ricky Riccardo!) Now why we would take 3 children to PF Changs we’re still trying to figure that one out! We sat down at our nicely set table knowing that wouldn’t last. We all ordered and William told me he wanted Shrimp my man! (aka Shrimp lo mein, cute!) During our tasty meal as I was sipping on an Organic Agave Nectar Martini(you heard right an organic martini! Guilt free drinkin) William whispers to his mom “Yuck, I don’t want to see auntie dawns B-U-T-T!(and he had the nerve to spell it out!) Nothing makes you realize quicker that the time for wearing low riders has passed than hearing a “Yuck!” As I slowly tucked my butt fat back in my jeans I quietly ate the rest of my meal. When Tricia whipped out a boob to feed Taiye it was then that I knew we were no longer hip and sassy, no sex in the city here! Wesley drummed on the table with his chopsticks for the entire meal and managed to only poke himself in the eye once before falling out of the booster seat landing under the table. I was tempted to just pass him his plate under there and let him finish, it would have definitely been quieter! I licked the inside of my Organic Martini glass hoping to find just one more drop to get me through the rest of dinner, but no luck! Our table now looked like a war zone it was definitley time to go home. Will, April and Wes had gone to the bathroom, Tricia and I were paying the bill when an older gentleman walked by our table with Will following close behind him. Tricia and I just stared blanlky as William ran after this man, we hear, "excuse me, excuse me" and then William has a quick conversation with him and walks back to the table. We ask him what he said to the man and he says "I told him he didn't wash his hands in the bathroom that's disgusting!!!" Tricia and I exploded with laughter as we were wondered if we were going to have to fight this now angry gentlemen! April returned from the bathroom with Wesley and a toilet paper trail stuck to his shoe. We quickly exited the restaurant. So people while we are definitely not wearing stilettos we're going to make a conscious effort to not throw on our orthopedic shoes just yet!


  1. There is beauty in motherhood as well as stilettos. It's all in how you carry it. Cute picture!!

  2. You have definitely given me a good laugh. Thanks for the medicine for my soul ;-)