Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sister Can You Spare a Car?

Greetings Pooka Family!! I hope that everyone is in the holiday spirit during this time of year. That spirit of being with family and friends. That spirit of giving. Finding that special gift for that special someone. Now I always try to embrace this spirit because the holidays are a wonderful time for me. Well my spirit was momentarily shifted when I viewed a recent Lexus commercial. Family has anyone else seen this?? It shows a white woman and her clearly ethnic husband. She is so excited to present him with a brand new Lexus all tied up in a beautiful red bow. On first view of this commercial I was completely taken aback. Now I believe that you can’t choose who you love. Real love happens that way. But.... yes, there is a but, I have a problem with this commercial. I feel that it feeds into the stereotype of our black man choosing woman that do not look like their mama! And because he chooses this woman he gets a new Lexus as his prize. Family is it me? Am I being the Grinch on Christmas? What message does this send to our young women of color? When black men see this commercial do they wish that was them? I need to hear from my Pooka sisters to see what you think about this. In the meantime maybe we need to get back to the Reason for the Season and we wouldn’t need to worry about what kind of car we are driving on our way to church!

Peace Pooka Family

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  1. Wow that's crazy!! I haven't seen the commercial but television definitely does have a huge impact in the way people think. And I do think a few black men will view that commercial and believe that white women by Lexus's. Lol. Go figure.